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Why RE1 to me is the greatest RE

The most awesome game i have ever played, also the first game to scare me, make me realise i was a gamer and made me nervous to play it. It wasn't because it was a great game but quite the opposite, it was horrible. The script was crap, t...


PS3 homebrew:the creators create

Okay after a few weeks since the bd-lava homebrew start the games are starting to roll out, with no hinderance of firmware updates. The people who do the co...


Linux is in the house! But...

I just got linux installed and am ready for some free gaming goodness except i've ran into a problem when trying to install the emulators, they just won't show up in the add/remove app. Don't know what it could be and some help would be muc...


Holodeck copiers.

With all the crap concerning copying and stealing consoles,controllers,cell phones and more that i forgot where the true inspirations came from.Well, i remember and we really owe star trek in ways we'll never understand.The holodeck is virt...


Which 360 are you on?

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th?Because i think we all know that first one broke,probably due to blowing smoke directly in its tailpipe.But the real question is how many more will you purchase before finally giving up and trying the competition ou...


I'm only buying it if it has trophies.

That's the words many people right now on psn are using and mine are "fuck that"! because of this new trophy system that only ONE game has right now alot of people are thinking that only leveling and unlocking trophies are gonna be worthwhi...


Megaman9? More capcom whoring indeed.

What's the big deal about a new (but not) megaman game? Have we not played them at one point and not realised its the same game different title? I just don't get it, a bunch of c-blogs and people just can't wait for this game. How about pla...


The coolest video i've seen today

All i can say is wow! Just wow! I wish i could embed videos and add links with the ps3 browser but until i get linux installed you're gonna half to enter this info yourself if you want to watch a herd of buffalo, pride of lions and 2 crocod...


My nephew and pain.

So my brother and his 5 year old boy came over today and we played a bit of everything but when i turned pain on and started playing laughter filled my house, all i kept hearing was go slingshot! He was totally into it and when he started t...


Gamesharing FTW!

Just did my second gameshard with a good friend and have pretty much everything good on psn now, and i mean everything. We both have now 34 titles on our hdd's and not one fncking demo. He and i have a plan worked out so its an equal exchan...


Leveling up, PS3 style (w/o viagra).

So as it turns out the ps3 trophy system has a nifty leveling aspect to it. I love rpg's and this couldn't be better...wait, yes it could, we really need more games w/ trophy support and i have a feeling PJ eden is the next to be. But that'...


Getting ready for 2.40

I am in a puzzle, should i erase my metal gear4 save data because of non-retroactive trophies, i've already gotten some good ones and if i have to, will get again. But there lays the issue, should i before i get to deep in my 3rd indeaver o...


Soul Caliber4 tag team and details.

Soul Caliber, my favorite fighting game of all time will incorporate a character swapping feature in its story mode, no word on if this will be in the versus mode but i don't care at all, whatever they put in is a bonus for me. Also is a cr...


psn friends limit now capped at 100!

Finally no more deleting to make room for more people (at least for now). This is awesome news and its been tested as well. Ha ha. The ps3 is really making some great headway this year and with firmware 2.40 maybe coming out on july 2 this ...


destructoid error report.

this last site change has severe problems when viewing on a ps3, when i try to go into a c~blog most of the time now the page will load then go blank with just the header still there, i haven't had this problem with the front page articles,...


My mgs4 boss battle gallery.

These are all ingame pictures i took while on 3/4 of the b&b boss battles. i can get these ladies to strike poses left and right.( and behind! ) i'm gonna take more now that i have found out the second controller can be used to take sho...


The greatest game i've ever played. (spoiler free)

I have been playing video games since i was 4 (now 26) and i have never given a game a standing ovation let alone a movie but after beating MGS4 i absolutely felt like i had to (and i did) because it was a no-frills experience, not one part...


Fails of etrian odyssey.

I want to win this contest so bad that i don't give a shit about this game.In fact i've never heard of it till a contest was announced and now its the greatest game i've ever played!How can i go on living without winning a signed copy?Easil...


Start of the affair: DOOM

Doom,a game that literally captivated me for years.I was about 12,13 years old when i made my first venture into the original space marines game and it was so good i had to go and play it on every difficulty setting and option.In fact i use...


Start of the affair: destructoid video game blogging.

My first venture into destructoid was thru a news link, i'm a news junkie so i fiddled with d~toid a bit but it wasn't until i downloaded a toidcast that i fell head over heels, then i joined, fiddled some more then realised this site has a...


European mgs4 limited edition is pretty to behold.

Dammit man, 25,000 people will be getting this awesome collection including the 6inch Snake figure! The 6inch Snake is a must for me and i hope we americans are getting this awesome collection. I already dropped my money on the limited edit...


Kojima in the guinness book of world records!

According to game focus, Kojima was in europe not only for autographs but also to receive certificates for my personal favorite mgs games. The first record is for the first game to fully utilise the stealth as a part the primary gameplay(m...


the video game toilet.

Nearly every game has one, some can be flushed, some can be destroyed, some can be a codec conversation but none are ever really used for the purpose they're made for=#1 and #2. Why do developers add these toilets? We'll never drain the int...


About Qrazeone of us since 6:23 PM on 01.12.2008

my favorite games are and in this order until after gta.
the Metal Gear series as a whole.
the final fantasy series as a whole.
the gta series as a whole.
the first resident evil.
the first suffering.
the castlevania series as a whole.
some super mario world of course.
a few zelda titles.
the aqua teen hunger force as a whole.
the soon to be announced rob zombie game (my breath is held).
contra 1,2 and super.
streets of rage.
soulcaliber series as a whole (soul blade included).
some game by the name of chronic the hemphog.
burning the trees.
barak obama: the anti-chr...
the devil my cry series as a just the first two.
chrono trigger and cross.
kotor 1 and 2.
gran turismo.
ssx tricky (its tricky,tricky!).
sim earth.
sim ant.
lake and ocean odell.
evo:the search for eden.
star ocean snes.
front mission as a series.
r.a.d.(robot alchemic drive).
frequency (due to the fact i was into eating beans a few years ago and you could easily create awesome blow-up beats and fuck like a rabbit with a horse cock).
that one where you did that thing that was cool and shit.
mario kart64.
and oh so many i can't remember but they were good games i think.

greatest video game/related movies:
silent hill (just for mirroring the source material so well)
brainscan (way ahead of its time)
and i think thats about it for the movies.

music: i love all kinds of musak but my favorite is hardcore and hip-hop. but i also listen to reggae, bluegrass, punk, old rock and roll, jazz, blues, fucking everything we as humans can perform well. My favorite band is AC/DC (Bon Scott era). And Tupac Shakur (The best fucking ever) and A Tribe Called Quest (smooth shit, like real smooth).

my greatest inspiration: Nicola Tesla.
i slowly turn the heat up in the shower until it doesn't go no more.
fire it up.

message me to play whatever psn id: Qraze
Xbox LIVE:no box for me
Mii code:i pii on the wii


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