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I made a game based on Darius! Judge me on it!

So, I made a visual novel for Glorious Trainwrecks' (the Pirate Kart guys) special SPAAAACE themed game jam. Okay, it might not be a game in the traditional sense, but I have absolutely ZERO coding experience. None. So while this migh...


A short thank you [Update Raffle Items giveaway]

UPDATE Alright, now that I've had some time to think things through, I'm going to return all the codes for this event to their proper owners. That is all except for my game codes. These are all the codes that I personally own, and I thin...


Stuff...but more importantly, Charity

Wow, it's been a while. I'm not even sure if I remember how to do this...whatever this is. Brain Dump? Yeah, I think that's what it was. It's been a long time coming for one of these. I've been busy at work, my kid is now fully aware t...


RE: Big Bang Bust

This post is a direct response to the super awesome Stephanie K and her blog titled BIG BANG BUST. I just got a bit too wordy in the comments. Read hers first for any kind of clue as to what mine is kinda about. You can watch the episode ...


I'm tired and other stuff...

Ugh...I am tired. I left the hospital not too long ago because my Mom is having chest pains and her PCP refused to see her. EKG/Bloodwork shows nothing serious, but they are keeping her overnight for observation purposes. She's kinda p...


It's the end of 2011

The year that was 2011 has come to pass. Gaming has taken many great leaps forward this year (and some backwards), but overall the year has been another smash hit for the industry. With all the amazing things that happened this year,...


Stuff...but more importantly, Happy Holidays!

So I guess we are in the thick of the Holiday ramp up. I celebrated Chanukkah a few days ago and now I've got Christmas around the corner. I haven't celebrated the full 8 nights because of my wife's schedule, but we've still had fun time...


Modifications: Xenophilia

There are mods that can do anything and everything you want with a game. Some are as simple as a nude patch for your character while others change the game in to something revolutionary. Every mod is made with the will to show a new wor...


Comics in Games: Games in Comics

Comic books have been able to easily bridge out to other mediums to showcase their stories. The film industry has grasped the superhero genre so tightly that it would be odd not to have a summer blockbuster superhero film. The video ...


The Answer: is Metal Gear Solid 5 necessary?

Is any game truly necessary? Since gaming is meant for nothing more than entertainment, it would be easy to write everything off as unnecessary. To do so would potentially abandon the many great things that gaming can bring to a person's...


Stuff...but more importantly, Summer is over!

For a lot of you, summer has been long gone for awhile. In Houston, we've just really started to have the weather turn in to some actual Fall type weather. I've been in a bit of a rut with all the seasonal change stuff and it's personal...


Halloween Raffle for Extra Life

I've won a free copy of FLOCK on PSN and I don't know what to do with it. I could use it myself, but I've been looking at Destructoid's totals for Extra Life and I want a bit more. We're just shy of $7,000 raised as a community and I wa...


Rant: Uncharted 3 and Euro Gamer

I had this written up late last night, but wasn't planning on doing anything with it because it's pretty ranty and not that good. However, this issue bled on to the front page and I figured I'd post it instead of deleting it. So apparent...


Online Passes: Nickels and Dimes

In the games industry, a trend has started up that honestly shouldn't be all that surprising. Maximizing profits are the name of the game for any business and what we're seeing follows that. Whether it be online passes, cut content fo...


Extra Life: The Good, The Bad and The Awesome

Sorry guys, I had intended to post this blog yesterday, but sleep happened. I want to thank you all once again for everything you did this month to help hospitals in need. I'm not sure if this will cure cancer like some of the Destructo...


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