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Lots of of footage of DOOM running on the Switch. We all know it won't look as good as it's PS4/Xbone/PC counterparts, but it still looks glorious IMO, especially on handheld mode.


Wanted to spice up my boring game icons a bit. I'm not done yet, but how does it look thus far?


F.E.A.R. was one of the very first physical PC games I ever bought that was on DVD (Spanish version with godawful dubs). One of the perks of the DVD version was that it was jam-packed with a bunch of extras. This was my favorite clip of the bunch.


"Oh God, another Sabrewulf? And he's a similar level as me..." A battle of equals, Sabrewulf vs Sabrewulf. He even picked a similar skin to mine. Lots of tension, he knew how to counter me and I knew how to counter him. A pretty close match IMO.


Neill Blomkamp should already make a game if he's capable of doing this in Unity. It would be amazing if Studio Oats actually released these short films to render in real time on my PC, it would be a treat to watch these in the future at 4k and 60 fps :D


Remember that Traveller's Tales founder channel I mentioned a few days back? Well, the guy plans on releasing a "Director's Cut" patch for Sonic 3D on the Genesis, he'll fix and add a ton of stuff to it on his own spare time, without Sega's consent. Neat!


As if loot boxes werent scummy enough, Battlefront 2 is now allegedly Pay 2 Win. I hate to use that term but that's exactly what it is, it's the ONLY way to progress and the ONLY way to actually win matches fuck skill, the one with the fatter wallet wins!


Here's a short film made entirely in Unity by Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios. Enjoy.


Because it's the month of spooks and spoops, I've been watching Junji Ito narrations on YouTube. I think I need to lay down for a bit. I need an adult.


Green Man Gaming now has localized pricings for Latin America. This means that, well, stuff shouldn't be too expensive for us now. Except for Shadow of War, no fucking way I'm paying the equivalent of $75 USD for it, WB is out of their fucking minds.


Now that Sonic Mania and Cuphead are a thing and both are popular enough... Whom do I have to kill to get an HD remake of Alien Soldier?


My KI Shadow is no longer number one, but I'm okay with it, the current number one indeed has more wins, but has a horrible defeat ratio, almost 2 defeats for every victory. I'll just beat the shit out of him to reclaim my spot >:)


Man, these Sonic fan projects look amazing, that Sonic 2 HD remake looks absolutely rad and... Is someone trying to remake Sonic 06 in Unity? God bless those poor souls, for it is a noble effort indeed, but a futile one.


*sigh* What a rough week, the universe seems to be hellbent on pissing me off this particular week. At least I can beat the shit out of complete strangers in KI. Maybe that's why I'm improving at the game lately.


This channel is kind of brilliant. Apparently, it's from the founder of Travelers Tales and he's constantly giving lots of insight about prototypes, canceled projects and actual releases of his studio's previous works, especially from the 16-bit era.


Shovel Knight PC just got an amphibian update. Speeder bike helmets not included.


My KI shadow has been getting a lot of matches lately, turns out it's the current number one Sabrewulf shadow on Steam. Either not many people main Sabrewulf... Or I'm just THAT good. I'm leaning on the former.


Let's see how my KI Shadows have been doing while I was away *30 matches, 20 won*.


Got KI on Steam, predictably so. It's the exact same game as the Win 10 version, both in content and performance, but curiously, despite having it installed on my SSD, I noticed it loads slightly faster. And it weighs ~10 GB less for some reason.


Finished watching The Mist series. There's a good show buried underneath all the drama bullshit and that ending was nervewracking and satisfying as heck. It's a shame it won't get renewed, they clearly had bigger things planned for the future of the show.


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