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My internet has been sucking big time these past few weeks and a new episode of Guild Wars 2 just came out. *sigh* At least I have Hollow Knight and A Hat in Time to tide me over until it gets fixed. Actually... That's not a bad thing. At all.


The RTX cards are already out and while they seem to be quite an improvement over the 1080 Ti (4k60 Ultra is now possible with the RTX cards), there is the overwhelming amount of ZERO games compatible with Ray Tracing, not even Windows supports it yet.


No DualShock controllers (at launch) is a huge deal breaker for me, I HATE that ugly ass OG PS controller, it's also uncomfortable as fuck. What's next? Memory Cards not included?


This fucker gave me quite a bit of trouble, but his attack patterns become predictable after a few tries. Also the Quick Focus charm helped a lot, he leaves very little room to heal.


If you're bummed out by the lack of a Virtual Console of sorts on the Switch, or you just think that NES games just don't cut it, here's a neat guide to get the most out of your WiiU in 2018, assuming you didn't throw it out the window to get a Switch.


The few videos of PS4 Spider-Man cutscenes I've seen are far better than most Spider-Man movies since 2007.


Dog Soldiers deserves a lot more attention. It's pretty much like Aliens (or the first Predator), but with scottish soldiers and werewolves. It's fucking brilliant.


A cell phone accessory shop just opened right next to the office and it seems like they're not too worried about money if they can afford to just open 6 to 7 hours a day. They're hiring and the wage seems reasonable enough... I'm tempted to apply for it.


Got Battlefield 1 and played a match before heading out to work and... I actually had fun with it? Maybe it was because it's too early for dumb kids or trolls but there was actually a fair amount of teamwork in my squad and I managed to score a few kills.


I was instantly in love with Guacamelee 2, but Hollow Knight has been slowly growing on me. I definitely get that the game isn't for everyone, but stick a bit longer and you'll might find something to love. I'm definitely enjoying the heck out of it.


WildStar is going to shut down and it's developer Carbine Studios has already shut down, which means 50 people have been laid off of it. I loved the game's art style and humor, but the dungeons were a miserable slog. A damn shame by all accounts.


Geez and here I thought fixing and modding New Vegas was already a nightmare.


So, those dumb allegations of PS4 Spiderman being downgraded? Unless these people get easily triggered by the lack of water puddles, the final game is actually HEAVILY improved upon compared to the E3 presentation. 100% artistic choice, NOT tech related.


That RIP AND TEAR ain't right, I tell you Hwat. *sips*


Hollow Knight reminds me a lot of Dark Souls. I know its cliché to compare something to it, but this time it truly feels like this game was inspired by it, from its desolate setting, the soul system, death penalties and the map system is especially great


And Thumper is now done with every single level in S Rank. 100% Accurate depiction of the last couple of levels.


If you were an NPC, what items would you drop when killed?


Hot take: Ray tracing is a dumb gimmick, just like HDR.


I dunno if this has been posted before (I'm not THAT omnipresent), but this seems like an interesting project to properly fix and enhance the PC version of Silent Hill 2 to it's fullest potential. Heavy spoilers in the video if you haven't played it yet.


Yesterday I saw The Ritual and I think it kinda got me. Not the scares mind you, although it was creepy as heck and the monster design was AMAZING, but the underlying theme of no longer feeling closely related to your friends as you all get older.


DrinkBox Studios are not Mexican, but Goddamn, they definitely did their homework. I've only done the first dungeon, but I already LOVE Guacamelee 2. EVERYTHING is spot-on with the Mexican culture especially if played in Spanish. And it has TONS of cocks.


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