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SEGA's Make War Not Love event returns on february. They usually hand out free games and DLC, so it might be a good idea to register to it =)


I'm okay with Nintendo Labo. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like it, so much so that I'm starting to think it's a MUCH better idea than Amiibo or Skylanders because you actually get to use the things and not just buy and stare at them.


YOOO! Happy Bday Wes and Larx! You both are amazing beyond words!


DUSK runs flawlessly in 1440p at 144 fps*


TASbot is always a delight, but it's disappointing to see it reduced to a donation incentive and they had two 10 minute segments, of which, one of them was a bunch of replays, not an actual run. At least it's satisfying to see them breaking SMB again.


DUSK is silly, lovely and surprisingly hard; it feels very much like playing Quake on a Voodoo graphics card, or a modern Quake source port if you like fancier graphics. It's still in Early Access and this might be my first GOTY runner-up already.


My young Padawan (he's okay with me calling him that :P) has gotten me into playing more PVP, it's not something I'd frequent, but I kind of enjoy it in short bursts. Managed to get some cool gear and cosmetics out of it, like this snazzy new rifle.


Remember the "girl" I was teaching the ropes on how to play GW2? Turns out it's a dude. Whatever, he seems to be committed on making his character pretty and badass. At least he says he's having a ton of fun playing with me and that's what matters =)


I'm not so sure if I'd double dip on Dark Souls Remastered for PC; graphical overhauls are great and all, but OG DS1 on PC doesn't look bad at all when using DSFix. Maybe the more consistent framerate is a good incentive, but it's a tough sell for me.


Every day we stray away from de wae.


Microsoft has put up on pre-order this nifty looking Sea of Thieves themed controller. DO. WANT.


This is a really neat idea! To turn your phone into a full-fledged PC/Laptop! I wouldn't use it as I'm intimately familiar with Windows and I don't see this outright replacing PCs/Laptops, but I can definitely see this as a really neat alternative!


Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my GW2 playtime helping a newbie from my guild, took her (female character, so it's a she to me) to a world boss, taught her how to modify the camera and controls and she seemed nice enough, I kinda liked helping her :P


Continued through the Living World Season 3 in GW2 and- OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH, THAT'S ADORABLE!!! *ahem* You literally get to train a newborn dragon.


So... The Last Jedi. I've seen it. It's fine, it's not the best SW film, but it's definitely NOT prequel material. I didn't love it, but I really liked it. I also didn't found the Porgs annoying, just harmless fluff to sell toys, exactly like the Ewoks.


I didn't bathed since last year (hehe) and the road was dirty as heck due to a tourist caravan of buggies, but the view was absolutely worth the trip :)


I have a terrible hangover, but yesterday was a ton of fun, the fireworks were synched to the actual Fireworks song and later we hanged out in the gay zone of the town and they sure know how to throw a party. I wish you all an amazing 2018 :D


Muh 2017 GOATY List is up! If it seems a little sloppy, that's because it is, I don't always get to carry my laptop around and I finished it in short bursts. I'll be busy the whole day partying around. Enjoy!


Muh 2017 GOATY List!

Greetings! Another year, another list; normally I like to begin these by reflecting upon some of the good and bad highlights from that year, especially with an optimistic air, but this time around, I feel like 2017 had a lot of lows; ...


I'm still on vacation, but that won't stop me from finishing my GOTY list ;)


Had this last night; local brewery, not too expensive, tastes amazing and the place itself is awesome. More pics in comments.


Gonna leave to the beach for the whole week to spend New Year's Eve there with my sister, she doesn't have internet yet, so I won't be around here for a bit. Take care my beautiful people and Happy New Year! :D


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