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Platinum Games should block everyone and their mum- oh wait.


Blasphemous is a game that makes me uncomfortable on a personal level. I was raised pretty much surrounded by Catholic iconography and the Spanish Inquisition was a huge part of my country's past. I'm not squeamish, but some scenes makes me cringe a bit.


Um, sir? The FromSoftware auditions are over there ->


First impressions of Gears 5 thus far: Friendly AI is kind of shit, I don't like the Chainsaw being mapped to the same button used for reloading (RB), every cutscene is now rendered in realtime and HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS AMAZING!


Xbox Game Pass is still being offered at $1, so I left Gears 5 downloading all morning. I haven't seen any reviews or previews of it, pretty much going in blind. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I just hope it doesn't crash as much as Gears 4 on PC.


Prediction for Nintendo Direct: *AHEM* VIDYAGAEMZ!!!


To become a real boy, I must consume your soul.


I know most of you are knee deep into WoW Classic, but last week, Adventure Quest 3D had a live concert with Korn. Not only you got to headbang virtually, but you also had the chance to fight against literal Freaks on a Leash. That's fucking metal dude.


RIP AND TEAR those sales projections.


"Genndy Tartakovsky presents..." SOLD! "... A caveman riding a T-Rex" I SAID SOLD! "And he commands a pack of raptors and there's lots of blood" STOP!!! My penis can only get so erect!


I absolutely loved 28 Days Later, but I definitely ain't a fan of 28 Weeks Later. I love how intense and harrowing it's chaos can be, but I definitely hate HOW it got to that chaos; complete and utter stupidity and more plot holes than a Swiss cheese.


The wholesomeness is off the charts!


Welp, Sigil is basically impossible in Ultra Violence for a Doom noob like me, even in Hurt Me Plenty it's still quite the challenge. I'm still torn whether I like it or not, but at least it looks amazing and the MIDI soundtrack sounds surprisingly good.


This is your mind on GFuel. Please don't do GFuel.


Out of curiosity, I installed the latest Candy Crush on my phone, just to see how sleazy it would get with it's mtx. I got to level 69 (yes) and... GIVE ME MORE LIVES YOU FUCKS!!!


Fuck you Activision. Seriously, reviews should reflect this sudden change and probably peg down a point or two in their scores for being such scumbags. Heck, they got away from not printing the ESRB and PEGI listings about it having In-Game Purchases.


I know its fairly popular to rag on Doom 3 nowadays; sure, it has a much slower pace and an unfortunate tendency on relying over too many monster closet jumpscares, but personally I still really like it and I still think it's still worth playing nowadays.


While most have been complaining about the heat wave, I have to deal with this shit. Not my car, but it is (or was) my road to get home.


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Sayonara Wild Hearts"You only have one chance to make a first impression"


Utawarerumono: ZAN"Cut from the timeline"


Shantae and the Seven Sirens Part 1"Genie in a portable bottle"


Frogger in Toy Town"Mr. Toad's Mild Ride"


Untitled Goose Game"Tactical Goosepionage Action "


Overcooked 2 - Carnival of Chaos"This can't be the end"


What the Golf?"Are you too good for your home?"


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Have a Ravenclawesome birthday!!!!!!!!!

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A lot of people talk a lot of shit about how open, supportive, all-accepting and caring they Theres a lot of performative motherfuckers out there, and theyre making out like bandits because of

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Part 7 is about to come out shortly, but t Parts 4-6 5: 6:


One of the first blogs I ever wrote here was an idea I had for a direct sequel to Links So here is my shameless plug for that blog! Full spoilers for LA contained


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Happy birthday to the unbelievably talented Ravenclaw!



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Happy Birthday to a great person, a dedicated community member and a brill Have a great day Ravenclaw!


Happy Birthday to Ravenclaw! Youve made some wonderful art comissions for me, including this avatar! Have a great day my man, and hope work doesnt stress you out!

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Anyone have any good game time with D:Original Sin 2 on Switch? In particular portable Impressions? I have it on PS4 but having it portable would get me to actually play it more as its a bit hard for me to read the text on my



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