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So uh... My grandma passed away in her sleep last night. She was the last of my grandparents from both sides. She was stern but kind-hearted and I'm gonna miss her greatly. I think I'm gonna take a few days off from the site, take care, everyone!


Happy Birthday, Occams! May your magnificent cat beard never falls off and always stays awesome dude!


So... That Xbox One back-compat thing might be the closest thing I've ever seen to playing old PC games on modern hardware, down to the faster loading times. But without fiddling with community patches and fixes to get it working. Thats Nice. Really nice.


The only good thing that's come out of the Channel Awesome kerfuffle is Larry Bundy Jr's tweets.


Xbox One controller support and prettier textures? Why yes, please!


I was bored, so I Googled my name The Hedgehog. It's surprisingly okay, if a little unremarkable, but it could be worse I guess.


Just finished watching A Quiet Place. It's damn, damn, DAMN good. I wish more movies encouraged people to actually stay quiet in the theatres, the screening was packed and surprisingly everyone DID stayed quiet.


Happy Friday the 13th! Friendly reminder to you beautiful bastards to stay safe and have fun for the weekend!


Well then. I hope this humbles them a bit and make them want to strive to actually make better things down the line.


This is an accurate depiction of how I've been using my Raptor in Guild Wars 2 lately.


Age of Conan might have never been that popular and it was extremely flawed, especially because it's a clone of World of Warcraft, but good God, that soundtrack will forever be etched into my mind as one of the greatest I've ever heard in any video game.


One of the shittiest perks of living near a forest is a forest fire; I have to sleep with EVERY window closed, try to ignore the heavy smell of burn while having every single fan turned on to their max because of how hot it gets in here. Yay.


The Sega CD is infamous for its catalog of cheesy FMV games and unnecessary ports with Redbook audio music, but it definitely was a much more capable piece of technology that was severely underused to it's fullest capabilities at the time.


Fun fact: When I was a kid, I was obsessed with DOOM (and still am), so I rented a game called Doom Troopers for the SNES, thinking it had anything to do with the actual DOOM. It didn't, at all, but it still might well be, because it was friggin dope.


Channel Awesome is no stranger to controversies, but just a few weeks ago, former content producer Allison Pregler has been exposing some nasty stuff and the site is bleeding out content producers left and right. Doug Walker isn't acknowledging any of it.


I know Super Adventure Box is really cool, but this is a bit ridiculous.


I used to think I'd need a 4 TB hard drive soon, but I've been finding myself either clearing out my backlog (that's why I've been posting these lately) or just uninstalling games I don't care about anymore. I think I've cleared a little over 300 GB now.


I have a terrible headache, but fuck it, this is the best thing I've seen all week and it's barely Tuesday.


The Darkness 2 is actually pretty darn fun in coop, I only wish it lasted a bit longer or it had a few more levels.


Finished Spec Ops: The Line for the first time. I've never played it before, until now. What a fucking masterpiece of storytelling, at least for shooter standards. I think I need to lay down for a bit and watch cute puppy videos for the rest of the night.


Jotun is a flawed gem. It has absolutely beautiful visuals, an amazing sense of scale, absolutely epic boss fights, a wonderful soundtrack and masterful sound design. But the gameplay is incredibly slow and sometimes tedious if you want to explore around.


DOOM's 4k Patch is now live on PC, consoles (PS4 Pro / Xbox One X) should follow suit around the same time. Windows 10 is also getting a new Spring Update that adds native HDR support for compatible monitors and TVs, so this patch is certainly welcome.


Max level boosters. If you're an altoholic, they're a blessing, although they give you a rather shitty equipment, it's better than nothing, but for a noob, you basically skipped months worth of content, you don't know shit and you're still a fucking noob.


I'm not quitting GW2 anytime soon, but just to branch out a bit, I want to start getting into Elder Scrolls Online, but it's a bit daunting with so damn much DLC. Is there any way to get all of that DLC through a single compilation or something?


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