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If you're a fan of the new Hitman games or need a bit of convincing to play it, check this video out, it pretty much spoils the entirety of the Miami mission in Hitman 2, but it's a perfect example of what the entire game is about, which is quite A LOT.


I'll just leave this here. You're welcome.


Just finished RiME. I have mixed feelings towards it. It's absolutely fucking gorgeous, but I feel like that ending wasn't justified for what the game was building up to. I also hated how slow and obtuse the puzzles were. I'm glad that it exists though.


Oh? This is gonna be interesting, a new short movie from Oats Studios about Anthem. I still don't care much about Anthem, but anything from Oats Studios definitely gets my attention. The video releases in February 14th.


Tried out Apex and so far I'm really digging it, I lost my last match, but oh boy, it felt great to work as an actual team with my squad, we managed to down a few squads and we got each others backs by healing, reviving and pinging out the enemy location.


Y'all should be playing Pikuniku, ESPECIALLY if you're feeling down. This game is FUCKING. ADORABLE.


Splash Damage (Brink/Dirty Bomb) asked about people's interest on Enemy Territory in 2019 and they got quite an overwhelming response, both from active players(!) and people wanting to get back into it and they're actively seeking to somewhat revive it.


Welp, this has got to be the shittiest luck ever.


Zoinks! It's that Scorpion gh-gh-ghost! Like, rip his heart out Scoob! Yes Raggy, Scooby Doobie Doo!


It's been a while since the last time I had a fun little dungeon romp with my guildmates.


KH3's performance isn't great on any of the consoles, not even on the Xbox One X. It's possible to play at 60 FPS on a PS4 Pro, but you have to fiddle with the console's settings instead of in-game. Considering it's Squeenix, it's kind of baffling TBH.


Remember kids, don't do drugz. Not even if you crave for heresy.


Huh, my Rise of The Tomb Raider save file was pretty close to the end. I'm only disappointed with that anti-climactic ending. Overall, the game is okay I guess? Didn't do much for me TBH, but the action set pieces were cool, especially towards the end.


And The Messenger is finished. Dang, I love this game to bits! I know it's not perfect, the backtracking was pretty tedious at times, but other than that, man what an incredibly neat little game. I just loved everything about it!


I couldn't have thought of a better way to end the trip, a night headbanging with my friends and family at a rock bar.


Last night, I went to a taco restaurant where, I shit you not, they have racoons as pets and they'll actually steal your taco if you're not careful, they did steal a burger from some guys at the table behind us. It was a lot of fun. Happy Bday Wes!


I haven't been gaming much aside from The Messenger on my laptop, but uh... Let's just say I've been a bit "busy".


I've been playing The Messenger. This game is pretty darn amazing, the first few hours I was like "huh, this is neat", then it changes aesthetics, "wow, that's great!", then the whole game changes genre and it adds a new gameplay element, "HOLY SHIT".


This is a great retrospective on the first Dead Space, its inspirations (which are darn obvious by this point), its mechanics, sound design and even what it took to make one of the shortest and most memorable scenes in the game. RIP Visceral. Fuck you EA.


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