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The Tenchu comparisons to Sekiro are not that far off, as the game was indeed initially being developed as a new Tenchu, but as development progressed, it very much became it's own thing and, oddly enough, Activision gave From permission to push a new IP.


To GIT GUD at Sekiro, you need to unlearn a whole decade of SoulsBorne practice.


Because we all need something silly and wholesome every now and then.


My mouse scroll wheel was getting all jumpy and jittery, I was about to open it to see how I could fix it, until I saw someone mentioning a video about a kid just... Blowing into the mouse scroll wheel! I'm beyond flabberghasted that it worked flawlessly.


The day that we all get 100% stable internet connections that don't turn into shit the moment someone decides to binge watch something on Netflix on the same household, is the day we all get STD. Wait...


Got to play and finish DMC 5 this past weekend. Absolutely amazing! V should get his own game, I loved that guy and his theme is great.


I'm not big into FGC tournaments or even Tekken for that matter, but holy crap, this is literally the plot of Kung Fu Panda, but in Tekken. Amazing.


But Rodd Boward told me to buy it- DAMN IT!!!


DMC 5 on PC seems to be just as well optimized as the RE2make.


Im fairly certain that most people around here has at least dabbled into animation one way or another, this is a great interview with the guy who animated almost the entirety of Pitfall The Mayan Adventure for Genesis, he also did Ferngully and even Tron!


Got to play Vermintide 2 with indigit4l. He's a pretty swell guy for having to endure with my broken English for an entire afternoon. It was a lot of fun!


Been watching a few previews of Sekiro and it seems like it uses the same engine from Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, but the gameplay seems like a combination between Tenchu and Bionic Commando, but with demons, samurais and monks. PUT IT IN MY VEINS!!!


Rumors of the Master Chief Collection coming to PC are starting to bubble up, some even claim that the port is so far in development that Microsoft might even plan to do a simultaneous announcement and release on E3 this year.


Here's a crazy thought. *Clears throat* SIEGE... Ain't that bad.


The lenghts that Reynolds had to go to voice Detective Pikachu knows no bounds.


I've been playing the GC version of Twilight Princess in Dolphin these past few weeks. It's a lot better than I remember. Sure it loses a bit of it's sense of adventure in favor of more linearity and scripted moments, but the dungeons are still top notch.


One thing that doesn't get covered much around regular gaming sites is how shitty NCsoft is as a publisher, they're basically Korean EA, shutting down games and firing staff at the slightest sign of faltering, even if the game is actually doing alright.


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