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As a non-owner of a Nintendo Switch (or a PS4, still wanna play Yakuza 0, Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn... *sigh*), it's gonna be pretty tough to write my GOTY list this year. Not impossible, but just a bit tough :P


Holy crap! The Living World Season 3 starts out with a bang! Quite literally!


I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I hope y'all have a legitimate great day. Have a rad GOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLE *Ahem* Happy Thanksgiving!


Some smug douchebag "analyst" who's self-proclaimed "gamer" says that gamers and media outlets "Overreacted" over EA's SWBF2 fiasco and actually says that we're "undercharged". Source in comments. I like to think it's this guy:


I'm so fucking ready for Okami HD. Can't wait to play it in 3 weeks! :D


I've been trying to knock down all the games I got from these past Humble Bundles, that's why I played (and liked) Bionic Commando. On to Zeno Clash 2! And... What a fucking mess. I mean, I love the art style and that's the best thing I can say, but...


I liked Bionic Commando a lot more than I expected, truly underrated. It's not great mind you, but it has its fair share of badass moments, good controls, great music and solid level design, although a brick wall has more character than the protagonist.


Of all the games I'd love to see on the Switch, Civilization would be a perfect fit for it. The NDS version is really limited and kinda crappy, but I loved to play Civ on the go without the need to hook up a laptop. Xcom would also be really nice too.


So how do you stop an all powerful dragon that covers half a continent? BY TEH POWAH OF FRIENDHSIP!!! Whatever, at least the final boss fight was absolute epic insanity with a badass theme playing. Man, it's been a while I fought a final boss like this :D


Yesterday I finally got Dishonored 2. Although the story is decisively weaker than the first one, it's still Dishonored alright and sometimes that's more than enough for me- spent almost 6 hours playing it. Gonna go Ghost with Emily >:)


"Which multiplayer N64 games should I download?", "well there's Mario Kart 64 and many Rare games, but for the love of god, DO NOT even think of downloading Mario Party 1, EVER!", "so I should download it then!", "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING! DON'T DO IT!!! D:".


Huh, I haven't tried RE7 with my new graphics card, let's take it for a spin! *3 hours later* Huh, didn't realize I played it for this long, I was only gonna test it... Oh well, time to finish it again I suppose :3


If you play TERA Online, STOP PLAYING IT! Not for the reasons you might think, but because your PC is literally at risk. There's a massive vulnerability in the game that can potentially put you at the risk of locking your PC and getting a ransomware.


It is sad for me to write this, but just now, I'm reading that The Escapist laid off ALL of it's paid staff two weeks ago, with the exception of Yahtzee. *sigh* How the mighty have fallen. More in comments.


I kinda wish I could've saved my videos and screenshots from Xfire, especially my World of Warcraft screenshots. Most of those videos were a bit cringey, but I kinda miss my Doom multiplayer videos. Also wrote a few blogs in there, but I don't miss those.


So uh... Watch Dogs and it's "iconic" generic guy with a cap is gonna be free on Uplay for a few days. Haven't played it myself and I really don't know if I should but hey! Free is free, right? *Glares at Assasins Creed 3*


So, COD WW2 decided to not include swastikas in multiplayer AND have non-white males playable on the Axis side. Don't want those loot boxes to be tarnished by swastikas I guess. At this rate, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is way more historically accurate.


Remember, remember, the 5th of November, for it is Chris Moyse and DeScruff's Bday.


Finished watching Stranger Things 2. Just as good, if not better than the first season, everything just ramps up to 110%, both in action and (GOOD) drama. Everything wraps up nicely in the end, but they left a hint for a possible third season. I LOVED IT.


"Incels" sounds like a shitty made up slur you'd see in a B grade sci-fi flick or a Deus Ex wannabe game.


Today is twice the awesome, Dia de los Muertos AND Churro's Bday! :D


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