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I haven't been gaming much aside from The Messenger on my laptop, but uh... Let's just say I've been a bit "busy".


I've been playing The Messenger. This game is pretty darn amazing, the first few hours I was like "huh, this is neat", then it changes aesthetics, "wow, that's great!", then the whole game changes genre and it adds a new gameplay element, "HOLY SHIT".


This is a great retrospective on the first Dead Space, its inspirations (which are darn obvious by this point), its mechanics, sound design and even what it took to make one of the shortest and most memorable scenes in the game. RIP Visceral. Fuck you EA.


Nvidia will FINALLY unlock their Gsync support for Freesync monitors, meaning that if you already own a Freesync monitor, you can FINALLY make use of silky smooth adaptive refresh rates without spending an arm and a leg for a Gsync monitor.


The Octo Expansion guy in AGDQ was a bit douchey, but his run is easily one of the most entertaining and funny ones thus far. He's managed to get like 20 $100 donations in less than 6 minutes. #flossingforcancer


Today in Daughters of Ash: "How can we make the Stray Demon harder?", "Just put a bunch of Torch Hollows in it's room and rename him to Asylum Tyrant".


I'm trying out Daughters of Ash and THIS is exactly what the Remaster should've done, a Master Quest of sorts to shake things up a bit.


Happy birthday SoulBow, you're my favorite new addition to the site in 2018, may your birthday be full of cake and Siege.


Working on my GOTY blog, despite not playing or even finishing many games this year, I have quite a bit more to say than I thought I would, I'll probably publish it tomorrow or after. Have a wonderful New Year, may you all have a great and amazing 2019!


Brought my Xbox controller to the office, this week is REALLY slow, but at least I'm having a blast with Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.


Belated Merry fucking Christmas to you fine folks! I've been busy celebrating with my family since last Saturday. As for gifts, I got a scarf (that's actually darn useful with this cold) and a chocolate bar, it wasn't much, but it was fucking delicious.


I bought the first Hitman back in january and barely played the tutorial, went ahead and bought Hitman 2. It's a shame Sean Bean is no longer available though, but I'm absolutely hooked with the first game's missions, I'm really digging it.


Just as a heads up, if you already have the first Hitman, you can play Hitman 2 for free... Sort of. You can access the first game's missions on Hitman 2, even if you haven't bought the second game yet. At least on PC.


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Star Fox Zero for $15, new and sealed. Yay or nay?


Some reviews of Aquaman are in and it looks like fun.


On the one hand, it's shameful that iBuyPower has such awful and condescending customer support and they're actually doing something about it, but on the other... Did they really needed a random YouTube video to realize that? At least Dell weren't dicks.


This is so wholesome, Macaulay Culkin seems like a legitimately cool dude :D


Looks like I'm gonna hit that screenshot key quite a bit with Subnautica.


Just FYI, Subnautica seems to be DRM-Free from the Epic Launcher, it seems like the game runs perfectly fine without it.


This pretty much mirrors my views on SFEX3, I wasn't impressed with it back then and I still think it doesn't look that great, but boy oh boy, those are some beautifully badass combos. Ignore the clickbaity title, the video is actually pretty fun IMO.


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