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And now, here's Doom 3 running on a Voodoo graphics card, because why the heck not? For contrast, the Voodoo card's closest console equivalent was the Nintendo 64. Indeed, "Doom runs on everything". *Nightmares not included.


Levels 1 through 8 completed in S Rank. Only level 9 left and oh boy, it looks like it's gonna be a doozy.


You can't get more 90's (and early 2000's) than the Sony Mini Discs.


Never played Forsaken before and although it really feels like a fun and solid late 90's shooter, I gotta say, I'm not too impressed with it, I think Descent was much better, especially the third one. Unfortunately, D3 is a lot harder to run on modern PCs


Rip and tear those boxes, until it is done.


Just finished watching Exctinction. It's okay- not great, but definitely not terrible. The acting was pretty solid, but I highly disliked the lead role of Michael Peña, a cardboard cutout has a higher emotion range than him. And the twist was kinda neat.


Okami HD is a port that's pretty much perfect on whichever system you wanna play it. The Switch port runs at native 1080p (docked) and with 4xMSAA, that brings it pretty darn close to 4k resolution territory.


Oh STFU EA. If it wasn't goddamn Star Wars, you wouldn't care at all.


As far as I'm concerned, this is the only legit way to use DosBox on Android, by plugging an actual Floppy Disk drive, with an actual floppy disk AND a Model M keyboard into your phone!


Tried out AMID EVIL and I REALLY like it. It's more Quake than Heretic, but I still really liked how it plays; it's fairly polished and optimized despite being on Early Access. I like how every episode has it's own set of new enemies. I want more dammit!


Slowly but surely conquering Thumper.


So... Star Fox Adventures or how I like to call it, Dinonsensical Planet. The internet has taught me to hate it, but... I just can't hate it! Sure, its a bit rough in certain places and the voice acting is Tommy Wiseau worthy but I actually kinda like it!


I'm gonna play Star Fox Adventures tonight. Plz send help.


Not only does it seem to have an excellent cast of actors (aside from the obvious Stranger Things pandering), but everything on this trailer already looks like a HUGE improvement over the first film. Also Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah? FUCK YEAH!


Sometimes, even a deadly wyvern needs to get laid.


I've been moving my smaller Steam games into my SSD, instead of having just 4 big games on it (DOOM is still on the SSD) and man, I think I actually like the SSD library more now, lots and lots of great smaller games.


Ray is too freaking adorable and I love his gliding ability.


I'm home alone taking care of my sister, I need to fix my (other) sister's boyfriend laptop (he's gonna pay me for it), do a bit of laundry, clean the house, cook my meal, maybe learn a bit of programming... Where should I begin? Ah, I know the thing.


Okay... I guess I shouldn't have been too harsh with Overgrowth. Yes, the main campaign sucks, but there's a third campaign called "Therium-2" and it's actually a big improvement over the level design, more open spaces to explore and not just fight. Huh.


Let's see what 10 years of development has done to Overgrowth. *2 hours later* Ugh, that was tedious, but this place looks cool and the story seems to finally pick up, maybe it's finally going to be fun- "THE END" Oh FFS...


Well, thanks a lot Digital Extremes, now I got this song stuck in my head.


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