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I don't mind kids playing Fortnite or whatever current fad obsession they have, but for some reason, kids playing GTA get on my nerves.


This week we've been moving to a new office, by the end of the day I end up so exhausted, I don't feel like turning on my PC, let alone play anything. But I've been playing lots of Dr Mario World, its actually good once you get past its mobile annoyances.


All the cherry Slurpees for this cinnamon roll.


I only had 2 hours of sleep, I'm awake since 5 am and I'm gonna move a ton of heavy boxes by noon. I need all the coffee.


Oh hey! Dr. Mario World is pretty nea- *Disconnected* ... I have a particular burning hatred for mobile single-player games with mandatory online requirements. "Oh but it has VS modes!" I don't care, use the internet on those modes, not on single-player.


And that's Super Lucky's Tale finished. It's a surprisingly solid, charming and cute little platformer. It's not A Hat In Time, but overall, It's okay, I liked it. I'd recommend getting it on a sale or just playing it through the Xbox Game Pass.


One of my local TV News stations is starting to broadcast Siege tournaments on saturdays. IT HAS BEGUN.


And thats Gears 4 finished. As a game, I really liked it, freaking solid gameplay and fantastic set pieces, although I felt a bit underwhelmed by the ending. As a PC port, if it wasn't for the constant crashes, it could've been a fantastic port.


I don't play FFXIV, but I'm always eagerly awaiting for their latest graphics benchmark on PC, even though I already know it runs great, each new benchmark brings something new or different visually speaking. And I love the fanfare at the end, haha.


I managed to convince my buddy to buy Siege from the Steam sale. We got to play a few matches last night and although he just started playing, it seems like he really liked it! Besides, I did my best to carry him through :P


Gears 4 is pretty darn solid, great at times even, but good Lord, I can't recommend it in good faith solely as a PC game, it seems like it has some severe crashing issues with ANY Nvidia card, I've been reading that it even crashes with RTX 2080 Ti cards.


Finally playing Gears 4 and so far I'm enjoying it more than I though I would. It runs at a silky smooth 60 FPS, even with tons of shit going on. And the triggers on the Xbox One controller have rumble!?? How the fuck have I lived without knowing this!?


I'm gonna try out the Xbox Game Pass for PC, so while I wait for Gears 4 to download (133 GB!??), I'll be playing Super Lucky's Tale. Only played it for 30 minutes or so and it's pretty decent! Nothing mind blowing, but I find it entertaining and cute.


New graphics pack for StarCraft Remastered coming in July. I'd definitely replay StarCraft looking like this, nothing spells doom more than a swarm of cute little Zerglings munching the enemy's base.


Apparently, the guy who was constantly cheering in Bethesda's conference was legitimately excited for their announcements, especially for the Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Online and Commander Keen stuff. For some reason. Good for him I guess.


As if Shin Godzilla wasnt terrifying enough as it is, there were a few deleted scenes that got disturbingly close to the victims and Godzilla's flesh chunks with fucking teeth and eyeballs. Also it must be a lot of fun to be an extra for a disaster movie.


For those that have OG Dark Souls 1 on Steam and haven't bought the Remaster yet, your 50% discount will add up with the current 30% discount, bringing it down to a whopping total of $8 American Rubles. Daughters of Ash at 60 FPS? I'll take it.


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Taking a peek at politics, it seems Britain now has its own Trump to lead it as well as appointing to the anti-Semitimism committee the guy who wrote a terrible pamphlet about Romani and Never change,


Glad I don’t live in Madrid anymore! I remember the « squeaks » you hear while walking because your shoes get so hot that they start to be sticky lol


retrospect, its not THAT weird to have people look at me


I am actor and i like my profession because i feel happy and enjoy during some of my friends are doing acting work for games but i just like to play video games in my free Zelda is my favorite actor in the game of legend of


I am actor and i like my profession because i feel happy and enjoy during some of my friends are doing acting work for games but i just like to play video games in my free Zelda is my favorite actor in the game of legend of

Riff Raff

Very important post for everyone with Joycon drift problems and paid for a Nintendo will refund you and moving forward all drift problems will be fixed for free!!! Link in Pic

CaimDark Reloaded

A based company used to the anything goes legal system fails to enforce its predatory non-compete clause in Sweden

able to think

Amazon really dropped the Im painting a board of wood for my new TV to sit on so I ordered primer and sandpaper with same day shipping and black paint with next day Both orders are late a day so I have no TV until


For people who owns a Switch: do you still play with your 3DS? If so, why? Do you play it more or less than the Switch?


I just woke up from a sex dream with Valak from The Is that weird?



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