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"Genndy Tartakovsky presents..." SOLD! "... A caveman riding a T-Rex" I SAID SOLD! "And he commands a pack of raptors and there's lots of blood" STOP!!! My penis can only get so erect!


I absolutely loved 28 Days Later, but I definitely ain't a fan of 28 Weeks Later. I love how intense and harrowing it's chaos can be, but I definitely hate HOW it got to that chaos; complete and utter stupidity and more plot holes than a Swiss cheese.


Welp, Sigil is basically impossible in Ultra Violence for a Doom noob like me, even in Hurt Me Plenty it's still quite the challenge. I'm still torn whether I like it or not, but at least it looks amazing and the MIDI soundtrack sounds surprisingly good.


Out of curiosity, I installed the latest Candy Crush on my phone, just to see how sleazy it would get with it's mtx. I got to level 69 (yes) and... GIVE ME MORE LIVES YOU FUCKS!!!


Fuck you Activision. Seriously, reviews should reflect this sudden change and probably peg down a point or two in their scores for being such scumbags. Heck, they got away from not printing the ESRB and PEGI listings about it having In-Game Purchases.


I know its fairly popular to rag on Doom 3 nowadays; sure, it has a much slower pace and an unfortunate tendency on relying over too many monster closet jumpscares, but personally I still really like it and I still think it's still worth playing nowadays.


While most have been complaining about the heat wave, I have to deal with this shit. Not my car, but it is (or was) my road to get home.


This week has been extremely exhausting for me physically, but I've been playing lots of Okami. Also cocks.


I don't mind kids playing Fortnite or whatever current fad obsession they have, but for some reason, kids playing GTA get on my nerves.


This week we've been moving to a new office, by the end of the day I end up so exhausted, I don't feel like turning on my PC, let alone play anything. But I've been playing lots of Dr Mario World, its actually good once you get past its mobile annoyances.


I only had 2 hours of sleep, I'm awake since 5 am and I'm gonna move a ton of heavy boxes by noon. I need all the coffee.


Oh hey! Dr. Mario World is pretty nea- *Disconnected* ... I have a particular burning hatred for mobile single-player games with mandatory online requirements. "Oh but it has VS modes!" I don't care, use the internet on those modes, not on single-player.


And that's Super Lucky's Tale finished. It's a surprisingly solid, charming and cute little platformer. It's not A Hat In Time, but overall, It's okay, I liked it. I'd recommend getting it on a sale or just playing it through the Xbox Game Pass.


One of my local TV News stations is starting to broadcast Siege tournaments on saturdays. IT HAS BEGUN.


And thats Gears 4 finished. As a game, I really liked it, freaking solid gameplay and fantastic set pieces, although I felt a bit underwhelmed by the ending. As a PC port, if it wasn't for the constant crashes, it could've been a fantastic port.


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Hey there!, I am a Mexican gamer in my early 30's and welcome to my little corner of nonsensical rants!

Add me to Steam or Discord as Rad Party God#5799 if you want, I'm fairly easygoing, I love to talk about nerdy stuff and maybe play some games! ^.^

My current platform of choice is the PC, contrary to popular beliefs, I'm not part of the infamous PC Mastah Rice, I just enjoy playing stuff there and I can afford it, simple as that.

I grew up in the 90's, so naturally, I love to post as many 90's references as I can. Many of the most influential games I've played are from the 90's, specifically from the 5th generation (PS1 and N64).

I'm not listing an arbitrary list of "best gaems evah", but I'll definitely include some of the games that pretty much shaped my tastes and what I expect from a video game nowadays, also they're pretty darn good:

-Super Metroid
-Chrono Trigger
-Super Mario 64
-Anything from Rare on the N64
-Every major 3D Zelda game (yes, even Skyward Sword)
-Crash Bandicoot 1 ~ 3
-Halo 1~3
-Metal Gear Solid 1/Twin Snakes ~ 3
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
-Castlevania Rondo of Blood / Symphony of The Night / Chronicles
-Silent Hill 1 ~ 3
-Resident Evil Remake/2/3/4
-Dino Crisis 2
-MediEvil 1/2
-Devil May Cry 1/3/4 (2 sucks)
-Turok 2
-Half-Life 1/2
-Doom 1/2
-Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
-Eternal Darkness
-F-Zero GX
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Fallout 1 ~ 3 / New Vegas
-TES: Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim
-Thief Gold / 2
-Guild Wars 1/2
-The Secret World (Legends sucks)
-Sonic Generations
-Sonic Racing Transformed
-Wolfenstein: The New Order /
-The Old Blood
-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
-Dark Souls 1 ~ 3
-Killer Instinct 2013
-Axiom Verge
-Doom 2016
-Titanfall 2
-Sonic Mania
-Hollow Knight

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