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Oh hey! I dropped 5 more kilos! *A week later* Huh? I gained almost double? *Another week later* Back on track huh? *Yet another week* What's it gonna be? Am I losing weight or not!? FUCK YOU SCALE!


Ever wondered how Spyro 2 would've been if he retained his sass from the first one?


Welp, it seems like Luigi is in trouble with the IRS. Oh and those look like some decent deals I guess.


Finally got to play Destiny 2 in co-op with my buddy and he seemed to like the game almost instantly and I'm also kinda liking it the more I play it. We both agree that the story sucks, but it feels so darn good to kill stuff in this game!


Ugh, I hate that in Destiny 2 you need to finish the Prologue to even start playing in Co-op, my buddy and I are used to the Borderlands series, where you can start in co-op right away, but apparently not in Destiny 2 for some dumb reason.


I always had a deep respect for Chris Moyse, he always manages to get the warm fuzzies with most of his posts, despite going through some REALLY hard stuff. Happy Bday Chris!


Bask in the glorious silence and awkwardness of out of touch developers getting ridiculed by their own audience. It's like they didn't learn a thing from EA. This is SO. DAMN. GLORIOUS!


Just finished watching Coco for the first time, what a beautiful movie. And I just took this photo from my backyard. ¬°Feliz dia de los muertos!


Never played any Destiny game before, I've heard mixed things about it, but for free, I guess this is a good chance as any to try it out.


I insist, the Spanish dub of Castlevania is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I especially love that it's basically becoming into Game of Thrones with vampires and Dracula has way more screentime this season, so I can listen to his somber, menacing and sexy voice OwO


Still feel like shit, but at least I'll be staying home watching Castlevania ^_^


Having no internet wasn't as bad as I thought, we celebrated my dad's bday early (he's from the 31) and I forgot I had The Observer installed, it's a lot better than I thought it was; atmospheric, noir, surreal, trippy and spooky, my favorite combination.


Brought my home PC to the office just to have a bit of internet on it for a day. And it's not a small case, it's a Cooler Master tower from 2012, it's BIG and heavy, imagine the look on the faces of my workmates and my sister. GIF semi-related.


And that's Undying done. Man, what a fantastic game, I loved how multifaceted it is, the first 3 hours is this dark horror game with a good mystery and fairly solid FPS elements thrown in, once you reach Oneiros, its a full-on FPS with horror imagery.


I've never played any of the Skate games before, but they look REALLY neat and it infuriates me that EA currently doesn't want to do anything with it, simply because it ain't FIFA.


Remember that cell phone accessory shop next door I talked about a while back? They hired an actual street artist to paint this. More in comments.


When you have a high degree in robotics and you're bored out of your mind.


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Hello there beautiful people!, I am a Mexican gamer in my early 30's and welcome to my little corner of nonsensical rants!

Add me to Steam or Discord as Rad Party God#5799 if you want, I'm fairly easygoing, I love to talk about nerdy stuff and maybe play some games! ^.^

My current platform of choice is the PC, contrary to popular beliefs, I'm not part of the infamous PC Mastah Rice, I just enjoy playing stuff there and I can afford it, simple as that.

I grew up in the 90's, so naturally, I love to post as many 90's references as I can. Many of the most influential games I've played are from the 90's, specifically from the 5th generation (PS1 and N64).

I'm not listing an arbitrary list of "best gaems evah", but I'll definitely include some of the games that pretty much shaped my tastes and what I expect from a video game nowadays, also they're pretty darn good:

-Super Metroid
-Chrono Trigger
-Super Mario 64
-Anything from Rare on the N64
-Zelda OoT / Majora's Mask / Wind Waker
-Crash Bandicoot 1 ~ 3
-Metal Gear Solid 1/Twin Snakes ~ 3
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
-Castlevania Rondo of Blood / Symphony of The Night / Chronicles
-Silent Hill 1 ~ 3
-Resident Evil Remake/2/3/4
-Dino Crisis 2
-MediEvil 1/2
-Devil May Cry 1/3/4 (2 sucks)
-Turok 2
-Half-Life 1/2
-Doom 1/2
-Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
-Eternal Darkness
-F-Zero GX
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Fallout 1 ~ 3 / New Vegas
-TES: Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim
-Thief Gold / 2
-Guild Wars 1/2
-The Secret World (Legends sucks)
-Sonic Generations
-Sonic Racing Transformed
-Wolfenstein: The New Order /
-The Old Blood
-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
-Dark Souls 1 ~ 3
-Killer Instinct 2013
-Axiom Verge
-Doom 2016
-Titanfall 2
-Sonic Mania

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