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Sorry for not posting for the whole week, its been a crazy one and quite an emotional roller coaster. New opportunities have opened up short-term and although the crisis has not been completely averted, at least Im hopeful again. I love you all. Seriously


[Morning Bump] After much pondering now... I feel like I'm running out of options. I'm positively desperate. Even if I changed to a new job right this instant, it's gonna take a while to save enough for the bills. Ladies and gentlemen... I need your help.


This is december is going to be bitter for me. We did everything we could to cut costs and for a while I thought everything was going to be okay, but the bills are still piling up on each other and now we can't even pay the electricity bills this month.


Woah! Who knew that this shameless and shlocky Alien knockoff ended up being the blueprint for future James Cameron films and even Aliens itself! I need to hunt down this film and not because of the giant maggot scene, it genuinely looks interesting!


Normally we don't celebrate Thanksgiving and it's not even considered a holiday here, so it's very much a normal day for me. But still, have a happy (or at least tolerable) Thanksgiving day!


This new expansion seems strangely compelling due to how it balances out the typical cartoony campus wackiness expected from these expansions and the depressing realities of college life. That or LGR just knows how to tell good stories with virtual dolls.


One of Steam's best new features: Steam Remote Play, is out of beta testing. I can say with confidence that IT FREAKING WORKS! Got to try it out with my bud with both lightweight games and even with fighting games and he had very little input lag in both!


"So, Mobile games are kinda bullshit, right?" See Blizzard? THIS is how you announce a Mobile spin-off of your games without being condescending to your core audience. I also love the many subtle (and not so subtle) jabs at Blizz themselves :P


I randomly decided to give Yooka-Laylee another go this weekend and I ended up completing it 100%. I'd still recommend A Hat In Time over this any day of the week, but... I dunno, I still like it very much and I still had a lot of fun completing it.


Sheesh, the PS2 era wasn't kind to SNK.


Picked another pupil to teach the ropes of Guild Wars 2. He's 10 years older than me, but he seems genuinely excited to see what the game offers. I got a little nervous at first, but he sounded like a chill guy when I talked to him over Discord.


At least I managed to get back into the gym, but oh boy, after a month or so without going it's gonna take me a while to return to my previous routine.


RDR 2 on PC seems like an absolute shitshow. Horrible optimization that harkens back to the early GTA IV PC days and people who purchased it on Rockstar's own launcher are dealing with iffy refund policies. Right now it's pretty much a $60 Early AAAccess.


I decided to change my desk a little bit last night.


Happy Birthday Chris Moyse! You're always bringing us good vibes to this place, sometimes when we REALLY need them, I always enjoy your writting in the front page and you're one of the few people around here who actually deeply care about Killer Instinct.


I genuinely believe that Alien Resurrection on the PS1 is a technical marvel considering the hardware it was made for (framerate greatly improves on an emulator) and the atmosphere is a thing of beauty, but GOOD LORD THIS GAME IS FUCKING HARD!


Well... They did the thing. Take it or leave it, but personally... I think it's a start, but they didn't adress the elephant (Winnie Pooh?) in the room; the three big words that got them into trouble in the first place: Blitzchung, Hong Kong and/or China.


Gonna rewatch The Void for the day of spooks and spoops, good ol' cosmic horror to ponder upon our insignificance. And speaking of existential dread, SOMA is free in the Epic Store, go grab it if you haven't.


As a fan of "choose your own adventure" style media, this is deeply satisfying to watch. 31 endings and an ARG? I seriously didn't expect this much effort put into something so silly. It's also genuinely funny and witty at parts :P


It's crazy to think that The Thing was critically lambasted when it originally released.


My internet is a bit iffy at the moment (one of the perks of living near a forest), but I ain't complaining, I can focus on my backlog some more. Currently focusing on Blasphemous and while I do have some minor complaints, I'm definitely loving it.


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Hey there!, I am a Mexican gamer in my early 30's and welcome to my little corner of nonsensical rants!

Add me to Steam or Discord as Rad Party God#5799 if you want, I'm fairly easygoing, I love to talk about nerdy stuff and maybe play some games! ^.^

My current platform of choice is the PC, contrary to popular beliefs, I'm not part of the infamous PC Mastah Rice, I just enjoy playing stuff there and I can afford it, simple as that.

I grew up in the 90's, so naturally, I love to post as many 90's references as I can. Many of the most influential games I've played are from the 90's, specifically from the 5th generation (PS1 and N64).

I'm not listing an arbitrary list of "best gaems evah", but I'll definitely include some of the games that pretty much shaped my tastes and what I expect from a video game nowadays, also they're pretty darn good:

-Super Metroid
-Chrono Trigger
-Super Mario 64
-Anything from Rare on the N64
-Every major 3D Zelda game (yes, even Skyward Sword)
-Crash Bandicoot 1 ~ 3
-Halo 1~3
-Metal Gear Solid 1/Twin Snakes ~ 3
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
-Castlevania Rondo of Blood / Symphony of The Night / Chronicles
-Silent Hill 1 ~ 3
-Resident Evil Remake/2/3/4
-Dino Crisis 2
-MediEvil 1/2
-Devil May Cry 1/3/4 (2 sucks)
-Turok 2
-Half-Life 1/2
-Doom 1/2
-Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
-Eternal Darkness
-F-Zero GX
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Fallout 1 ~ 3 / New Vegas
-TES: Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim
-Thief Gold / 2
-Guild Wars 1/2
-The Secret World (Legends sucks)
-Sonic Generations
-Sonic Racing Transformed
-Wolfenstein: The New Order /
-The Old Blood
-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
-Dark Souls 1 ~ 3
-Killer Instinct 2013
-Axiom Verge
-Doom 2016
-Titanfall 2
-Sonic Mania
-Hollow Knight

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