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I'm really not sure about having Animal Crossing characters in Smash. Except maybe Resetti, he was great as a trophy. But Isabelle? Too pure. I don't like seeing her beaten up (this pic is great though.)


I don't have a Switch and if I wanted to play Smash I'd just get Melee out... but my friend has a Switch so I will probably play it when he gets it (just like I'm doing with BOTW).


My guitar was dirty as heck, so we had a good hard cleaning session. I don't remember it being so shiny and twangy. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


I think the video in my last post had embedded playing disabled, so here it is again but fixed. My WIP remix of Industrial Mill Zone (@SrChurros) by @Alphadeus


There will be no wubs in this song.


So I've been working on a new track, I'm rather excited about this as it's a remix of Industrial Mill Zone by @Alphadeus. Here's a little WIP preview:


I still don't know what "thot" means. Not sure I want to. Is there a browser extension that turns dumb internet slang into sensible words or pictures of turtles?


Sat on a bird friend.


Probably my favourite screenshot so far.


Misty Mountains


Beat a big metal dino


Wasn't that literally what Neon Genesis Evangelion was about?


For the people who had birthdays:


Everyone's on about Smash this and RDR that, meanwhile I'm here finally playing Horizon ZD and loving it a lot. They took the best bits of Ass Creed and Shadow of Mordor, put in badass robots and made it SO PRETTY.


Think I need Tech Help; I can't seem to mute people or see who I'm following. Flushing coookies didn't help. ʘ︵ʘ


Damn this game is pretty


I saw a Brut and got a shirt. YEAH.


Gosh darn skeletons...


Took too long, but finally finished another song. Heavier than my other stuff, feels like I'm steadily finding my feet in terms of genre. Edit: BUMP - Heavier, grittier, synthier + guitar solos.


Recently been discovering more cool chiptune artists, can't get enough bleeps and bloops.


Aww yiss.


Recorded a guitar play-along to a short section of one of my favourite Mega Drive (not the game console) songs which has a sweet sweet riff. Also messed around with video filters, because why not.


Very relatable video. New Leaf helped me a lot a couple years ago.


New season of Free! started in July and I hadn't even noticed. I missed the swimboys.


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Played them since the mid 90s, pretty much as soon as I could properly coordinate my thumbs.

I also do music. It's rather good.

Some all-time favourites:

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