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Fallout 76 really doesn't seem like it's for me. Not really fussed though, gonna look more into mods for Fallout 4, some interesting fan-made expansions coming up.




Doom Eternal looks pretty sweet. Doom 2016 was my first, and I'm ready for more of that.




Another one from the backlog (since 2013!) finished, Tiny and Big: Grampa's leftovers is very indie; short, weird, janky but charming and pretty fun. SPAK!


Finished Dishonored 2 and DLC. Pretty fun time; story and writing were bleh but easy to ignore. Corvo's generic gruff guy voice was funny. Apparently I'm still bad at stealth games.


It feels good to finally be out of a major creative slump. Started something new, again retrowave-inspired but more energetic than my last one. Having fun with arpeggiators.


This my shelf of Cool Stuff. What Cool Stuff is on your shelf?


Am I too late? I rarely do selfies... I use this pic for my Grindr profile. Maybe I'll get laid here too? #Selfietoid


Writing on the walls in games is always amusing. Especially when it's in blood, though silver dust is a new one. Who would take the time to do that? Your back's broken, stop doing a graffiti and go lie down.


Anyone played Dishonored 2 on PC? Debating whether to get it since I've read a lot about performance issues.




I think I broke Uncharted...


One cool thing I love in AC:NL is when you have music playing in your house and you play along with an instrument, the notes are in the key of the song. Pictured: me at my piano, playing along to K.K. Disco.


Reigns 2 has a good dog who is definately not the Devil. #BorkBorkBork


Google Play gave me £4 credit out of nowhere, so I didn't hesitate to get Reigns 2: the woman one. I like free stuff.


A friend has a Switch and BOTW, which is great since I don't have to buy one now. Started playing it today, it's pretty fun and gorgeous to look at. The stamina and weapon breaking is annoying. Also I kept Link without clothes for as long as possible.


Finished Killer7 again for the first time in many years. Still weird, fascinating and unique. Damn those loading times though.


A friend suggested I replay Killer 7 to aid recovery from a break-up induced depressive breakdown. It was a good idea; this fucking game is a gem. A bit clunky and jaggy, but a gem.


5 hours in and Dead Space 3 is actually still pretty fun, if you ignore the story, which I do anyway. Enemies seem a bit faster than the previous games. Crafting is still confusing.


Started Dead Space 3. Gosh that intro was full of dumb, action movie nonsense. Crafting system seems overly complex. Still love the aesthetics and designs of the suits and ships, and floating around in zero G is still cool. Cover-based shooting is not.


Well, I am good at taking care of male members...


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