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Gosh darn skeletons...


Took too long, but finally finished another song. Heavier than my other stuff, feels like I'm steadily finding my feet in terms of genre. Edit: BUMP - Heavier, grittier, synthier + guitar solos. https://soundcloud.com/voexmusic/bornmachine


Recently been discovering more cool chiptune artists, can't get enough bleeps and bloops.


Aww yiss.


Recorded a guitar play-along to a short section of one of my favourite Mega Drive (not the game console) songs which has a sweet sweet riff. Also messed around with video filters, because why not.


Very relatable video. New Leaf helped me a lot a couple years ago.


New season of Free! started in July and I hadn't even noticed. I missed the swimboys.


I am ill as fuck, but it won't stop me writing a cool guitar solo for this song (ง •̀_•́)ง. In other news: I went to Germany and fingered a metal horse in the mouth.


Can't justify sepnding £50 on Spider-Man right now, so I got the Homecoming film to watch instead. Not watched one since the Raimi trilogy. Also that Holland boy is goddamn adorable and I want one.


Puppy Sif. That is all.


Well I just woke up from a dream about playing Spider-man so I guess I have to buy it soon.


Finished Donut County. I was a bit underwhelmed at first, but by the end I was smiling a lot. 7/10, would raccoon again.


Tried out Fallout Shelter, been a bit addicted to it the past few days. It's not the kind of mobile game I want though; a bit too demanding of my time, prefer something I can just dip in and out of. Time to cause a disaster and send everyone out to die!


Har har, cum.


This made me laugh, points for creativity to this modder.


Inspired by Seymour's cool riffing, for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday here's a cover of Killswitch Engage I did a while back.


Fallout 76 really doesn't seem like it's for me. Not really fussed though, gonna look more into mods for Fallout 4, some interesting fan-made expansions coming up.




Doom Eternal looks pretty sweet. Doom 2016 was my first, and I'm ready for more of that.




Another one from the backlog (since 2013!) finished, Tiny and Big: Grampa's leftovers is very indie; short, weird, janky but charming and pretty fun. SPAK!


Finished Dishonored 2 and DLC. Pretty fun time; story and writing were bleh but easy to ignore. Corvo's generic gruff guy voice was funny. Apparently I'm still bad at stealth games.


It feels good to finally be out of a major creative slump. Started something new, again retrowave-inspired but more energetic than my last one. Having fun with arpeggiators.


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I also do some music.



Some all-time favourites:

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