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That's Dusk finished. Whole lot of pure, silly, sometimes scary shooter fun in that game, loved it.


Turns out Big Blob Boy in Nioh is stupidly easy if you use the hyottoko mask. I should experiment with different items more often. Thinking about using odachis rather than kusarigamas as well...


Hit my first real progress block in Nioh, that big oily blob boss. So many one hit kill attacks. Going to back and do some other missions and level up a bit. These bosses just aren't as fun to fight repeatedly compared with Souls games.


I think I love Dusk.


So, The Exorcist stage show was really good. Mostly well acted, cool effects (her head span round and everything), legitimately got chills when she did a (sort of) levitate. And Ian Mckellen played the demon, which I didn't realise at first.


Is my birthday, spending most of it in work with a cold. BUT going to see a stage play of The Exorcist later. And I might buy a Switch as a present to myself...


Apparently I collect pins now. I just think they're neat.


Did I buy Dusk now that it's out on GoG? Heck yes I did buy Dusk now that it's out on GoG.


Minit is free on Epic store. I've gotten 14 free games from there now, some of which are awesome and I might never have played otherwise. If I just take the free stuff and never buy anything on the store, I am winning right? Feels like I'm winning.


Finally bought Nioh, been in my wishlist since it came out. Hasn't made the best first impression though; starting area is kinda dull, visuals look PS3-ish in some repects. Still, looking forward to getting further into it and fighting some cool demons.


Hyper Light Drifter is so good I almost feel bad getting it for free. This happened when I got Papers Please free and then bought it anyway cos I wanted to give Pope some money.


Platinum games should make love.


Tried Transistor since getting it free from the EGS. Played a couple of hours but couldn't really get into it. Started Hyper Light Drifter (also EGS freebie) and it seems more like my thing.


Think I'll skip the Godmaster stuff in Hollow Knight, kinda seems like a boss rush thing? Not really for me. Besides after ~45 hours I'm ready to finish off the last boss. What an experience it's been. Looking forward to the sequel.


Finished Bloodstained with 99.60% completion at ~40 hours. Must be a super hidden room somewhere. Such a great game.


Started a new day job this week. Less time for music producing and games, which sucks. Gotta be done I suppose, at least I'm getting some money.


Metroidvanias are like crack for me. I've barely played anything other than Bloodstained lately, and now I'm close to completion I kinda don't want it to end... gonna grind some more and farm for more metals and delicious meats.


Thanks to this video I only just got the unsubtle reference in the character name "Roivas"... spelt backwards.


Another mod available for Bloodstained is the "Sexy Monsters" mod. Example in the comments...


If you're playing Bloodstained on PC I'd reccommend using ReShade and the Bloodstained%20 preset mod. It gives the shading more vibrance and makes it generally nicer to look at, as I found the default to be a little bland.


Heh, EA likes money.


I did a rare thing (for me) and bought Bloodstained at launch, I'm so happy this game got made. That it crashed to desktop within 20 minutes kinda spoiled the beginning, but I'm enjoying the rest so far.


RE2 was great, fuck those plant zombies though. Now back to finishing up Spider-Man. Unlocked the cartoon suit which is now my favourite.


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