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Upgrade time, wow graphics cards are huge these days huh? Also gonna do a deep dust clean first.


Well, Blaphemous was great... until I got a "bad" ending since I hadn't done some obscure steps earlier in the game. Bit of a kick in the teeth.


Nioh (1st) finally finished. Bit too long, and could've done without the terrible epilogue mission. Fun combat and mechanics. Overall, a good fun samurai time that I'll never play again.


Welp, was gonna upgrade my PC but now there's stock problems for the parts I want. Might hold of on DoomE until I can get that sweet sweet 1440p...


Oh cool. Nioh (first one) is making me fight the earlier bosses again before the final boss. This is becoming even more of a slog. Why do games do this.


Gonna hold off on getting AC and go for DoomE instead, as well as making some more progress with BOTW and the backlog. I like seeing everyone elses towns in the meantime, gives good feels.


Not been in the best mood so haven't posted much lately, #selfietoid is a good excuse to get back to it.


Thinking about PC upgrades and wanna do a survey to help me decide on monitors so, PC people; who has 1440p and who has 1080p? If you have 1440p, what made you decide on that and was it worth it?


I had a feeling Blasphemous would be my kind of game... now a few hours in and I can confirm a Metroidvania with freaky monsters, gore and lovely pixel art is my kind of game.


I think I'm going to drop A Plague Tale for now. Up to chapter 13, but it's just not keeping my attention. I suppose its main strong point is the story, but the rest just isn't that fun. Gonna start Blasphemous instead.


Happy new year Dtoid, my go-to haven of games and weirdness that keeps me informed and entertained pretty much every day.


Early xmas present for meself. Tomorrow is Odyssey time.


Been playing A Plague Tale. Not really impressed; such a slow, by-the-numbers beginning. Only a couple hours in, hopefully it gets more engaging. PC version has dodgy frame rate issues too.


That's Dusk finished. Whole lot of pure, silly, sometimes scary shooter fun in that game, loved it.


Turns out Big Blob Boy in Nioh is stupidly easy if you use the hyottoko mask. I should experiment with different items more often. Thinking about using odachis rather than kusarigamas as well...


Hit my first real progress block in Nioh, that big oily blob boss. So many one hit kill attacks. Going to back and do some other missions and level up a bit. These bosses just aren't as fun to fight repeatedly compared with Souls games.


I think I love Dusk.


So, The Exorcist stage show was really good. Mostly well acted, cool effects (her head span round and everything), legitimately got chills when she did a (sort of) levitate. And Ian Mckellen played the demon, which I didn't realise at first.


Is my birthday, spending most of it in work with a cold. BUT going to see a stage play of The Exorcist later. And I might buy a Switch as a present to myself...


Apparently I collect pins now. I just think they're neat.


Did I buy Dusk now that it's out on GoG? Heck yes I did buy Dusk now that it's out on GoG.


Minit is free on Epic store. I've gotten 14 free games from there now, some of which are awesome and I might never have played otherwise. If I just take the free stuff and never buy anything on the store, I am winning right? Feels like I'm winning.


Finally bought Nioh, been in my wishlist since it came out. Hasn't made the best first impression though; starting area is kinda dull, visuals look PS3-ish in some repects. Still, looking forward to getting further into it and fighting some cool demons.


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