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Finished Black Mesa, I like it about the same as the original, which is to say, somewhat. Some cool additions but too long spent in tedious environments before Xen, and a little lengthy overall for me.


Nice little documentary on the making of Samorost 3.




Me and my bf got AC New Horizons this week. As a long time Animal Crossing fan, it makes me happy to see a new player getting into it. Going to visit his island at the weekend to chat to his hippo and stuff.


Many do just look like ripped guys in costume... #Comicstoid


My favourite Alphadeus track. Happy birthday!


I love that after all these years and unofficial patches, Skyrim still has some funny glitches. Saw a guy swimming in mid-air, Delphine lit a brazier with no torch in her hand... still very pretty though at times, even without mods.


Sorry, but you'll have to take my #selfietoid with unwashed hair and unshaven.


2nd game in my Splinter Cell replays is done. Pandora Tomorrow improves a fair bit on the original; more varied and (mostly) better designed levels, nicer lighting effects etc. A lot of trial & error gameplay, but stealthing is still fun.


On @Roager's advice I'm using a different SNES emulator and having a much better time with it. Side note: I would be so frustrated with these old Castlevania games without these save states; so many bullshit deaths that send you back to the start.


Had my first try of emulation this week to play Super Castlevania IV. Can't seem to play in anything above 640x480 without glitches, but otherwise works pretty good.


It's about 9 years since I played Half-Life, so I started Black Mesa. The only improvement seems to be the graphics. Platforming still sucks, and it still has mid-level loading which breaks up the flow. Maybe it'll be more fun when I escape the offices..


Finally finished Amnesia Rebirth. A mixed bag; some good creepy hide-from-monster parts, some great world designs, depressing, convoluted story. Decent, but no Descent.


Maybe someone could make a politics forum thread? It would help out those of us who come here to try and get away from that kind of stuff.


Ubisoft really sucks. Forcing their shitty DRM onto their games on Steam, causing more pointless problems and needing another launcher open to play them. Glad they were called out about all the other shit this year.


Oh I forgot I also got this amazing Dark Souls print from Fangamer. So cool to see the game world in this perspective. Think I'm going to need a frame for it...


Happy holiday time Dtoid! I don't really do the gift thing, but I got myself a couple of things in the Steam sale. Rounded off a nice day by playing Tie Fighter while a bit drunk.


Played Splinter Cell for the first time in many years. A bit janky by today's standards, but still fun overall, certainly more my thing than Metal Gear. Not very forgiving either, thank fuck for quicksaves.


Amanita are making a really creepy-looking game and I am very much into it


Had a go playing MGS3, haven't laughed so much while playing a game in a while. I dunno what's going on but it is some strange nonsense. Some guy wearing boot spurs made a cat noise to summon his squad. Made the 20 minutes of cutscenes worth it.


Congratulations to Last of Us Part 2, which won my "game that made me consider antidepressants again" award.


Been playing Age of Calamity co-op and while it's a pretty fun time, god damn the frame rate dips and texture pop-in spoils it. hopefully they can patch it.


Beat Lady Butterfly after about 8 tries. Really cool fight, was so pleased when I finally won. Next, back for round two with that bloody snake...


Started playing Sekiro, man does this game have quite a learning curve. 6 hours in and gradually getting the hang of it, taken down a couple of (mini?)bosses. Hopefully there are some more weird and wonderful enemies than just soldiers.


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