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Tried Transistor since getting it free from the EGS. Played a couple of hours but couldn't really get into it. Started Hyper Light Drifter (also EGS freebie) and it seems more like my thing.


Think I'll skip the Godmaster stuff in Hollow Knight, kinda seems like a boss rush thing? Not really for me. Besides after ~45 hours I'm ready to finish off the last boss. What an experience it's been. Looking forward to the sequel.


Finished Bloodstained with 99.60% completion at ~40 hours. Must be a super hidden room somewhere. Such a great game.


Started a new day job this week. Less time for music producing and games, which sucks. Gotta be done I suppose, at least I'm getting some money.


Metroidvanias are like crack for me. I've barely played anything other than Bloodstained lately, and now I'm close to completion I kinda don't want it to end... gonna grind some more and farm for more metals and delicious meats.


Thanks to this video I only just got the unsubtle reference in the character name "Roivas"... spelt backwards.


Another mod available for Bloodstained is the "Sexy Monsters" mod. Example in the comments...


If you're playing Bloodstained on PC I'd reccommend using ReShade and the Bloodstained%20 preset mod. It gives the shading more vibrance and makes it generally nicer to look at, as I found the default to be a little bland.


Heh, EA likes money.


I did a rare thing (for me) and bought Bloodstained at launch, I'm so happy this game got made. That it crashed to desktop within 20 minutes kinda spoiled the beginning, but I'm enjoying the rest so far.


RE2 was great, fuck those plant zombies though. Now back to finishing up Spider-Man. Unlocked the cartoon suit which is now my favourite.


I hang out with some very mature people.


The only E3 conference I watched in full (I tend to just watch the trailers) was the Devolver "Direct". It was entertaining, and the end credits gave me a laugh. Carrion looks pretty good.


Really bugs me when this happens. The player character could clearly climb over something in the environment and avoid dangers, but they're not allowed. Happened twice in RE2 so far, saw it in RE7 too. Just put a full wall or fence there. #VideogameLogic


Huh. Resident Evil 2 is actually as good as everyone says. Haven't been this tense and jumpy playing a game since... well, RE 7. Mr. X's hat looks a bit silly, still a scary dude though.


Over the past few weeks I've had two dreams about playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and one about playing Runescape. I haven't even bought RDR2 yet and I stopped playing RS years ago. Is my subconcious teasing me? Dreams are weird.


Currently waiting for Resident Evil 2 to finish downloading after getting it on sale from Humble store. Not been so excited to play a game in a while.


I don't usually do selfies, but this is a fun idea #VGTwinsie


The people of NYC just take it in their stride these days huh...


I treated myself. Everyone praised it to high heaven so expectations are high. Just have to wait 7 hours for the bloody update to download...


Sadly I'm not playing any recent big releases, because money. But I have been playing the original Shadow Warrior (free on GOG), which is tiding me over with it's fun shooting and cringy, edgy 90s humour. I also like the bit where you can breed rabbits.


I just watched Batman Ninja. Ridiculous and silly but in a very good way, with some cool ninja battles and I really liked the art style and animation. Also, Monkichi.


I'm back into Chrono Trigger after another break from it (It's been over a year since I began this playthrough!), and nearing the end. Hopefully I can finish it this time, I tend to give up at the final bosses in JRPGs.


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