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It felt great running 10k this morning, but this is how I feel now.


I found $5 on the floor today at work.


I leave for a 1 week business trip in 6 days. A lot of important meetings planned. Will need to pack accordingly. Most important item will be my Switch. Any new games I should pick up before I leave?


Today I’m having some Sicilian treats. Tomorrow I’m going to run until I puke. It’ll be worth it.


Looks like Alaska is going to be screwed this weekend.


Today I learned two things. 1) I can speak Spanish. 2) I speak Spanish poorly.


I just got an invite to my 20 year High School reunion. I now feel old.


I think people should have seen this coming earlier.


Getting ready to leave for work just to find out we’re out of coffee.


Oktoberfest debauchery. 5 beers in and plenty of pork based sausages. More beers to come. I’m going to have a wonderful headache tomorrow.


For the low price of $5, you can have this nightmare inducing doll in your home, secretly plotting to kill you in your sleep.


Plans are locked in for a festive Oktoberfest this Saturday. The wife and kids are also out of town. What can possibly go wrong?


The lizard person pretending to be a human that is my client sat in a conference room for an hour waiting for me alone before sending a nasty email. She forgot that she cancelled our meeting yesterday.


I love watching all the goody two shoe parents lose their shit in church when their perfect kids misbehave. Makes me feel better as a parent.


The Lizard People are here to enslave all of us.


The Lizard Person pretending to be a human that is my client does not know how to read a timeline, and yet, she claims to be a certified project manager. Ohhhhhhhhhh, so impressive.


I’ll never look at Toad the same way.


The great thing about marathon training, is that I’ve slimmed down so much that I can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years. The bad news is that those clothes have gone way out of style.


Trying to think of a funny caption. Don’t think it’s necessary.


It’s been a week from hell. Just want to go home and start drinking heavily.


Gave blood today at work. The phlebotomist complimented me on my veins. Feeling buff.


I thought I escaped the Lizard People when I left my last job. Alas, they have infiltrated my client’s IT department. Stay tuned.


The most disturbing mini golf hazard ever. It shall haunt my dreams forever.


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