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I am developing an unhealthy obsession for desiccated meat snacks.


The wife has ordered that I start teaching my 6 year old daughter Italian. For shits and giggles, I’m also teaching her some pretty vulgar Sicilian dialect expressions, because she should know her heritage.


Happy Birthday.... America.


Highly toxic individual gave his notice today at the office. No one seems broken up about it.


I stepped outside briefly this afternoon and immediately regretted the decision.


I’ve been seeing this ad at the World Cup for 5 days now and I can’t help seeing a beautiful ass. Anyone else?


From one dad to all others, hope you’re having an awesome Father’s Day. May your ding dong be touched by your baby momma tonight.


My company doesn’t offer summer Friday’s, but my client’s company does. I assure that I will use the rest of the day supporting them and totally not watching the World Cup in an empty conference room.


I found a white nose hair today. Getting old is chuck full of fun little surprises.


I really enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding today.


It’s not too late to swing by and wish mother a Happy Mother’s Day.


I’m not a wine drinker, but I had to have it.


The nanny is off today, so I’m on daddy duty. Got one dressed, fed, and off to school. The other changed and fed and now napping. My current status.


I found a way to cut out that unfresh bad dad feeling I get when playing Dad of War alone. I take my daughter to soccer practice first and cheer her on, we then come home and play Dad of War together. Problem solved.


Someone left a dozen donuts in the break room. I ate half of them. Took the choicest ones too. Fuck anyone who complains as I had a rough week. DON’T JUDGE ME!!!


Someone needs to let the Deputy know about this. All his hard work was for naught.


Last night, I was so busy playing a bad dad in God of War, that I skirted my fatherly duties becoming an actual bad dad in real life. Thoughts?


A Spieler Dad project with my pop, closing up an unused basement window. Found two mice in the process. Tried to do the humane thing by capturing and release, but they did not cooperate. So we went with The Cask of Amontillado method. Rest In Peace.


I was expecting a calm and enjoyable Friday at the office. Everything on schedule as of Thursday night. What could possibly go wrong between Thursday night and Friday morning?


So I’m in a bit of a conundrum. I just need to make a decision that will affect my entire professional career. This calls for only one thing.


So the new Jurassic World is about a man and his pet dinosaur saving the world.


Konami is making a new Castlevania game.... for iOS. I read the title too fast and thought it said "Gilmore Girls," which I thought was odd and totally awesome at the same time. That's a mash-up I'd like to see happen.


Got the new issue of Game Informer. Had to add my own caption. Couldn’t help myself.


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