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Dealing with the real-life energy vampire on my team. Today's challenge. It requires detailed instructions on how to do a simple task. It's just easier to do it my self.


Gaming is my Remedy  

For anyone who has been reading my posts during the past few years, it is easy to say that I am not a well man. Yes, there’s something off about me, and I have embraced it personally. I feel that this community has...


Has anyone ever taken a dump that smelled so bad it made you gag? Doing a cleanse, eating super clean, and this is how my body reacts.


So SharePoint is experiencing major issues. My company uses SharePoint extensively and the majority of my files are now not accessible. There is only one option.


The new Sonic trailer reminds me of a time back in college when I dropped bad acid and had a terrifying 24 hour trip... but worse.


Here’s a deep thought. If pollen is tree jizz, then all the trees in my neighborhood bukkaked on my car last night.


Great. All that acid I dropped when I was younger has finally caught up with me.


That’s a bold statement, given that you never met my wife.


Going to a wedding today and it’s also 4/20. Doobies (Check), flask (Check), stack of singles for tipping bar tender at the open bar (Check). An apology prepared in advance for my wife tomorrow (Check).


After years of peace from the Lizard People pretending to be a humans at my work, I have encountered a new scourge. An actual Energy Vampire on my team. More to come.


I know 4/20 is 2 days away, but I’ve had a shitty month, so I’m starting early.


Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Oh shit, he looks old.


Get to work and I encounter this when starting up my client issued PC. Went and took a 30 minute dump and still see the below. I’m charging the time of my dump and coffee break to their time.


This is me driving home after working a 12 hour day of hell, where I will eat dinner, go straight to bed, knowing that tomorrow will be more of the same.


For the first time in a very long time, I’m not getting a tax refund. Matter of fact, I have to pay the government a substantial amount more. Apparently, this is my award for working my ass off to get a raise and promotion. Total horse shit.


I made the wife a double Moscow Mule. I'm either getting lucky or she's going to pass out on the couch, leaving the whole bed to myself. Either way, I win.


You know what doesn't have pesticides in it? Bacon. Therefore, bacon is better for you than kale.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you all get lit, one way, or another. I know I will.


I booted up Destiny 2 last night after a three month hiatus. I played for 3 hours.


Let's go ahead and desecrate an ancient Mayan cave that's called an ‘opening to the underworld’ that's been untouched for 1,000 YEARS. What can possibly go wrong?


I’ve been on a conference call for over 2 hours.


I had a little free time during lunch, so I decided to create this superior version to Amazon's lame commercial. You're welcome.


I’m a believer that alcohol is the cause and solution to all my problems. Cold coming on? Fix it with a Hot Toddy.


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able to think

Im sad MLP Friendship is Magic is over but glad it ended before it went Need to watch the rest of it as I only got to season Thankfully the whole series is up on TPB in Not so thankfully its Thank God for my 1gB


There was another one of those Splatoon live shows today, and KK Slider made a guest appearance at the


Tried to buy xbox game pass for They need a code, but my phone number has changed since I last used the account so I updated The updating process takes 30 In that time I cant make any purchases on the So

Kyle Yadlosky

Welcome home my

Chris Hovermale

Getting really curious about Downloading PSN Remind me to share my thoughts later~


Terry in Smash is just Ken with a hat


Very serene song with a heartfelt Love the good vibes I get from hearing #musictoid | Gryffin, Slander, Calle Lehmann - All You Need To Know


#Spooptober #ScaryShit #PopRocksHorrorStory

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