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Living in the countryside is very similar to this, except the New Yorkers come not just to look at the leaves, but pick pumpkins and apples. They help the local businesses by spending all their money too, so take the good with the bad.


I'm literally (LITERALLY) the only person in the office today. It was nice at first. Got everything done with no distractions. I'm surprised that I'm saying this, but I actually feel lonely.


I found this year's Halloween costume. I think it will go over very well at my daughter's school parade.


Fun fact. On day's I work from home, I sleep in a little bit, skipping the shower in the morning. I then take an extended shower during lunch. I'm a genius.


Staring at this poster at the local diner and I can't help but think that Marilyn Monroe is queefing a laser. I have a dirty mind.


The guys at my gym love wearing tights under their shorts. When did this become a thing?


Oh, that's right. I had asparagus for lunch.


I would say it's the first chilly morning of the fall. Chilly, not cold, yet all the girls today showed up like like this.


Got urgent email from client. Please review attached and provide estimate ASAP. However, no attachment, responded to email and got out of office. That was 3 hours ago.


Today the mother in law invited us over for an old school Sunday supper. Tried new meatball recipe. Wasn't impressed. Sorry I'm Sicilian. When it comes to meatballs I don't fuck around.


When you had a long day and you're exhausted, and you just want to go to bed, but you need to play Destiny 2 just for a few more minutes.


Rest In Peace Hugh Hefner. I've ruined many of your magazines before the internet.


To the psychopath in the next stall that interrupted my morning poop at the office so that he could talk to Siri on his iPhone.


Logged in this morning to see my inbox flooded with email from clients and management immediately thinking something went wrong over the weekend. They were actually giving us kudos for all the hard work. May just call it a day and go home.


Welp, I officially over did it at the local Oktoberfest... Again. I can't help myself. Prost.


I'm going on 2 hours max of sleep after dealing with a fussy 3 week old and an all of a sudden scared of monsters 5 year old. Coffee is not going to cut it today.


This is how I feel when I eat the lunch that I brought into work then crash a team meeting so I can eat the superior catering they ordered.


Worked like a dog all day trying to launch a project that was an emergency last night only to be postponed indefinitely by end of day today. Unlike my company's clients, booze never lets me down.


I officially regret giving my personal cell phone number to a client.


The woman working the deli counter at my usual lunch spot always calls me 'papi.' Last time someone called me that, it was of a 'sexual' nature during my younger years. Is she trying to tell me something? Is this why she gives me free pickles? Confused.


Was at a function earlier in the day. Was really confused and somewhat worried that all these strangers knew my name. Then I realized I was wearing a name tag. I'm so exhausted right now.


He's a good son with a wicked dick and balls punch.


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