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My local diner’s children’s activity mat has an activity that makes me feel very comfortable.


Tonight, while putting my daughter to bed, she said that we should take mommy to a store tomorrow and buy her a special surprise. What store are you thinking, I asked? GameStop, answered my 5 year old daughter.


Been on a real health kick. Running and lifting more. Eating right. Even trying to detox a bit, cutting coffee for green tea and drinking a lot of water. There’s only one unfortunate side effect.


I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy shopping on Amazon and use the service way too much. However, Jeff Bezos appears to be an actual Bond villain. He just creeps me out. This picture of him feasting on an iguana doesn't help.


Shut up Cher. Daylight Savings sucks.


6 months ago I lost my eyeglasses. Today I found them in a place where I have looked for them multiple times. I can think of only one word to describe my situation. DEMENTIA.


Trying to get actual work done at home during a snow storm while my wife and kids are also home due to school cancellations.

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Another Nor’ Easter on Wednesday. I can’t take it anymore.


I found an empty Shamrock Shake in the garbage today. My wife snuck one home and didn’t bring one for me. This is grounds for a divorce right? I’m so angry right now.


I found this randomly at Target. Are they targeting this specifically to LGBTQ community alcoholics?


I’m ready to go home, but my work computer decided to perform a mandatory security update.


Good this chocolate is, yes.


Here’s my day at work in a nutshell. Buying booze on the drive and I’m going to drink until all the brain cells needed to remember today are killed.


My Valentines Day present from the wife. She knows me so well. She told me to use it on a game for my Switch. I think I’m going to give her a taste of my Love Bone tonight.


Today is Valentines Day. It’s also Hump Day. Nice.


I have a new client at work. Every time I have a call with her, I have the urge to poop. Is it possible that her voice is the elusive brown note?


This morning I was reading a magazine that had Old Man Kratos on the cover. My daughter comes in the room and says I look like him. I asked her if that’s a good thing and she said yes.


Watching my 5 year girl tear it up in Mario Kart on my Switch. She’s ridiculously good at it. I taught her well. Feeling proud.


Today I found out that one of my coworkers is leaving, and I’m actually pretty bummed about it. I’m getting soft in my old age.


Tonight I will drink and eat myself silly. As for who wins the Super Bowl.


My DNA ancestry results are in and....... performed a survey to find the country's most hated companies. #20, The Weinstein Company. #5, Electronic Arts.


Interesting moon stuff is happening tonight apparently.


When you show up to work in your fanciest garb for an important client meeting only to find out its cancelled.


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