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This is how I feel when I eat the lunch that I brought into work then crash a team meeting so I can eat the superior catering they ordered.


Worked like a dog all day trying to launch a project that was an emergency last night only to be postponed indefinitely by end of day today. Unlike my company's clients, booze never lets me down.


I officially regret giving my personal cell phone number to a client.


The woman working the deli counter at my usual lunch spot always calls me 'papi.' Last time someone called me that, it was of a 'sexual' nature during my younger years. Is she trying to tell me something? Is this why she gives me free pickles? Confused.


Was at a function earlier in the day. Was really confused and somewhat worried that all these strangers knew my name. Then I realized I was wearing a name tag. I'm so exhausted right now.


He's a good son with a wicked dick and balls punch.


To the psychopath disturbing my 45 minute poop at work, by talking on his speaker phone in the men's room.


In a shared workspace today with a new employee. He's nice, but his breath is so rank, I'm on the verge of puking every time he exhales... and yet, I'm not even angry. Actually, I'm impressed.


When the wife and I go out and order buffalo wings, she eats all the drummettes and leaves me with all the wings. This is grounds for a divorce, right?


I just spent way too much on a new bed.


Good idea. Bullets have no effect and will only make it more angry.


If there is one good thing that comes out of hurricane Irma, its this sign language interpreter.


COMMUNITY POLL!!! Some random guy at the gym has a large Transformers logo tattooed on his calf. COOL or LAME?


Day's finally over and I have a 3-day weekend ahead of me. Time to slip into something comfortable and play some Destiny 2.


I don't eat at Taco Bell, but my wife does. I gave her orders to only order these until further notice.


The last "First Day of School" for me was 16 years ago, and yet I still get anxious this time of year. Scarred for life.


Another reason to never leave the house.


Why do I even bother with Fantasy Football?


I'm intrigued by my wife's breast pump. Wondering what other things this device can "pump?" It's going to be an interesting weekend.


Stepped out this morning and found this shit growing in my front garden. What is it? Looks like vomit, but it's some kind of fungus. I'm afraid to disturb it. Isn't this how most body snatcher type movies start?


On my paternity leave, bonding with my newborn, spending quality time with my older daughter and supporting all my wife's needs. Today, I went to 5 pharmacies looking for a very particular type of nipple cream. Nursing is not for the faint of heart.


Took the dog out this morning and I froze my coin purse off. The end of summer suck.


I know these guys are tough, and can both easily kick my ass, but why do they both insist on wearing women's sunglasses?


At the hospital with my wife and newborn. Both are well, healthy, happy, and resting. I'm watching TV, on a brand new LED, with an SD feed, like a CAVEMAN. I'm going to light a campfire for full effect. #firstworldproblems


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