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I love you Nintendo Switch. You make flying tolerable.


Not looking forward to flying today with an infant and 5-year-old in tow. Only a few things are worse than air travel with children.


Started the holiday indulging a bit early this year.

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Pilots get to have all the fun.


Heard a pack of coyote howling in the back woods tonight. Startled the shit out of me.


I’ve been holding onto Super Mario Odyssey now for over a week. Not going to play until I leave for my trip to Florida next week. It’s the gaming equivalent to ‘edging.’


My status today at the office.


I'm good all week, then the wife decides to order Chinese food and I lose total self control. What is it with Chinese food that makes me eat like I've been trapped on a desert island for 10 years?


My father in law and I close. Sometimes too close. He just gave me a very detailed account of his current hernia situation.


I tried to pull this over the shoulder sweater look yesterday. I just had this impromptu urge to do it. It was warm and felt like the right thing to do. My Italian cousins would say that this look is 'molto sportivo.' The wife said I looked like a douche.


Suing someone is not fun, but I have a great attorney, so I’m feeling confident.


Helping to clean out the MIL’s garage. Found this delightful surprise. I think I know what it is, but anyone want to guess?


After 9 years of marriage, my wife knows me like an open book.


The feds released a list of movies saved on Osama Bin Laden's laptop which was seized by Navy Seals during their raid. Among the movies found was a copy of 2009's Street Fighter IV: The Ties that Bind. Clearly, this is proof that the man was a monster.


I used to love Halloween. Then I had 2 daughters. Now I see how terrifying this holiday really is.

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During my run today, my iPhone switched into car mode. I was running THAT FAST! Or my piece of shit iPhone was malfunctioning again. Nah, I was running fast.


My office building is filled with psychopaths. Today in the stall next to, a man was talking on his phone mid movement, which is bad enough, but I’m pretty sure he was also eating his lunch. What the hell?


I walked in and heard angels singing.


My daughter tore it up on the soccer field today. Scored 2 goals. So proud of her. Also, no injuries, so no need for the magic cold spray.


It is 50 degrees outside and the AC is blasting at the office. I will never poke fun at my female colleagues again when they complain about it being cold. I'm going to ask if I can borrow one of their quilts.


Living in the countryside is very similar to this, except the New Yorkers come not just to look at the leaves, but pick pumpkins and apples. They help the local businesses by spending all their money too, so take the good with the bad.


I'm literally (LITERALLY) the only person in the office today. It was nice at first. Got everything done with no distractions. I'm surprised that I'm saying this, but I actually feel lonely.


I found this year's Halloween costume. I think it will go over very well at my daughter's school parade.


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