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Framed Review- Man on the run

You're just a normal private dick, smoking a cig in your office, when suddenly the cops appear and knock down your door. You've never commited a crime in your life, you think. Why are they after me? Armed with only a mysterious briefca...


Bayonetta 2 Demo impressions

You begin this demo standing atop of a jet fighter. And not just any jet fighter, but a jet fighter careening through a city desperately trying to stay in flight while you are reducing monstrous angels to clouds of feathers and viscer...



Oh hey, they're revealing Megaman's final smash, I wonder if it's something cool... Wait, what? Is that X? The X that they had never touched even for Marvel Vs. Capcom? Yes, that's definitely X. Wow, that's pretty cool of Nintendo to add ...


Alternatives to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Next friday, we will finally see the official release of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4, with its red-headed stepcousin the Xbox One to follow. Kinda crazy that we're seeing the official kick-off to the next generation after an abnorm...


Phil Fish: Absolute manchild or elaborate prank?

So Phil Fish had a self-destructive Twitter meltdown. Again.� This time around, he got so mad that he decided to go "fuck this," shut down his Twitter, completely cancel the development of Fez II, and completely quit video games entirely....


The Legend of Zelda symphony: a quickie blog

I saw this wonderful concert at the Mann Center last year, and it was the highlight of a summer that was otherwise a bit forgettable. And this concert was kind of a special thing for me at the time. For one, it was the first concert that I ...


About boxcollectorone of us since 4:06 PM on 02.07.2013

An aspiring artist from bumfuck nowhere, Pennsylvania. I lurked on this site prior to joining, and I hope to do something with my time on this earth until I shed my mortal coil. but for now, let's waste some time.

I've been doing artwork on the side for a while, but I have only recently started sharing it around outside of family and friends(and also obscure forums). Hopefully I'll turn out to be a valued member of the site.