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UBISOFT can tell the future!

So I was at longs today and I saw this: At first I thought no big deal Untill......... I looked at the back and saw that it said: "Based on the Best selling Ubisoft Video Game" I guess all that money they made off of Assassins Creed ha...


And you thought Sapce Giraffe was Crazy!

Upon poping in my copy of Midway Arcade Treasures for the PS2, I discovered an old William's arcade game that gives Space Giraffe a Run for its money in the OMG WTF IS GOING ON????? department. The Game is called BLASTER


More Game Console Rip Off Video Reviews!!!!!

Watching Dr. Ashen's review of the Vii today made me decide to give you guys some more videos. These are all made by the same guy who did the Vii one. I know many people have seen these, but for the ones who have not, ENJOY!!!!! POPStati...


CAG is having a Donate games to the troops Campaign

The Guys over at www.cheapassgamer.com have started a program to donate video games to the troops in Iraq. They are asking for used un-played games and they say postage is similar to shipping in the U.S. If you are interested, head on ov...


LOST: Via Domus trailer both excites and dissapoints

The main problem is the voice acting, I have spent about 100 hours of my life with the characters of LOST and the sound-alikes just do not do the job. While some, like the voice of Jack are just a little annoyingly different, the biggest ...


Faith and a .45 looks Awesome!

EDIT: I removed the screen shot because of its size Personally, I think this game has much promise. We always ask for games to do new things in new types of environments and new time periods...Well here ya go Full preview via 1UP: http:...


Kid plays Through the Fire and Flames on Ellen

Say what you will, but God bless Ellen for actually bringing some positive views on Video Games on a main steam outlet. LINK: http://kotaku.com/350157/pre+teen-guitar-hero-wails-on-the-ellen-degeneres-show?autoplay=true Via - Kotaku


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