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Note to self: Editing in the dtoid editor is non-advisable as you might lose about 20 minutes of editing work. Bleh.


Streaming....something. A beer will be involved. And thats all I can say for the time being.


Welp, startin tomorrow I work the weekend. With luck I'll get out reasonably early and so on. Still after next week Christmas vacation arrives.


Welp Fortunas out on consoles. Seems like its gonna be a good ol time.


Welp. Beat SOMA. Pretty darn good children.


That obsidian thing...mmmmm. That looks good.


That Ultra Deluxe trailer...lovely. Just so lovely.


Lets get padoru in here folks. Courtesy of the lovely Descruff, for he is the goodest of boys.


In the spirit of smarwatch posting ala nekro, I gots my Gear S3 in today and so far I like it. Just messin round with it as of now and getting stuff set up.


Playin some Risk of Rain and then maybe some AC origins again. Feel free to join me in me stream if you're so inclined.


Decided, for whatever reason (blame Gus) to start playing Fallout 4 again for a stream. While exploring the glowing sea-my favorite location in some ways-I organically stumbled upon a little story. I still don't have it in me to hate this game entirely.


Going to buy a new gallon jar, temp gauge and stainless steel filter funnel for my kombucha production. Because as of the past few days, Kombucha has taken control of my life.


Welp. Decided to grab a new smartwatch from Samsung as it was on sale for black friday. Tis somewhat amusing to consider the fact that its costing me less than the pebble steel I bought around 3 years ago, but it offers a fair bit more.


I've enjoyed Malcom Gladwell for a while. He looks at some interesting phenomena and makes some compelling cases for stuff he puts forth. And this one is very interesting, at least to me.


Its been 100 years since WW1's armistice day. A war that consumed millions of lives and violently tore apart Europe as well as dramatically reshaping the world in a bevy of ways that still resonate to this day. A war we'd be wise to keep in our memories.


Grabbed AC Origins. Guess we'll see how it be.


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