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Welp, after seeing Bladerunner 2049 limo resolved to watch all of Denis Villenues movies with me since it was my first by him. And tonight we watched Prisoners. Fucking hell, brutal movie but it was really excellent, well conceived and well acted.


Been playing Yakuza 0 and after getting back into real estate I'm hooked on that. A darn lovely game so far.


International Women's day, so have a Samus.


Favorites of mine are Driftloon, Sylveon (top) and venipede.


Looks like some scientists at UC Berkeley have managed to engineer yeast that produce THC and other cannabinoids. I'll link the story below, its some darn neat stuff with some interesting application potential.


Happy birthday limo. Despite the fact that you not being a scientist means you cannot be the objective best friend of the site, due to the laws of our reality, you're pretty close and I treasure our friendship greatly. Have a gooden.


Playing warframe and yeah, that new alert thing is neat-I can see it being a good addition but also potentially annoying-time will tell. Also I found out that I had a kubrow pallete and it has orange and yellow. So. I obviously made use of that.


Jeremy soule announced he hasn't been contacted yet about making music for TES6. Might be something, might be nothing. I'll link the story below.


Watch me suck at Rocket League! Link in the comments


Welp, found out the last DLC for Hollow Knight adds a little story stuff apparently, so I decided to seek it out. Dunno if Imma beat it considering what it is, but I'm going to give it a shot. Need to hunt down a boss or two first though...


Going to stream some Yakuza zero for the second time. Seems interesting so far, going to keep digging into it.


The things you stumble upon when you google memes that are innocuous words too.


Some interesting news out of that direct. I'll pick through the announcements and game in due time, I'm sure. Shame the Metroid Prime Trilogy didn't show up but that was only ever a rumor so I'm not upset. Ah well, in due time.


After being made to feel emotions about the whole Apex Legends Titanfall 3 thing, decided to release a blog about said feelings that I may give them form and chase them off for a time. Feel free to check it out or leave it be as you please.


And thats a full run of RE2 done. Still crystallizing me thoughts on it and I'm going to mess with some of the other things it has to offer but despite some irritations and complaints I overall still like the game a good amount.


Streaming some RE2make again-going to see if I can polish off the second run of one campaign and what not.


Hey look, the measles virus. A highly contagious disease that can kill people and cause serious illness, that also has an effective and safe vaccine available to treat it. Wonder what thats doing here...


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