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How fascinatingly bizzare, the things one finds wandering around certain stores.


#panadatoid Because Pandas number 1, forever. You're a real swell person and whenever we talk its a lovely time. Hope ya feel better bout stuffs sooner than later.


And streamin. Doing some REmake to honor this spooky month. Come join me, if so inclined. Maybe ask me about bacteria, or other microbes. Maybe hit subscribe, smash that like button and leave a comment on my webzone.


Happy Birthday Mike. May you have many more, that you may be properly brought to justice for your numerous crimes against humanity and dogs. You monster.


And we're back in business-Kombucha SCOBY round 2.


Hey look, two fermentation vessels full of stuff to make beer. How.....interesting.


Beat HLD. Gorgeous game, gorgeous soundtrack, fun combat and navigation. I did like the story and world, but I did feel it could have used a bit more story and detail-maybe also could have served to be a bit more polished here or there. Still real gud.


Need to follow more artists on twitter, theres some fun stuff on there.


My oh my...it appears things have gotten a mite bit spookier, a bit before the hallowed month.


Going to stream some RoR. So join me, as I near a quarter of a century on this rock.


Annnnd we're back. Apparently. Thank goodness.


Got some new plants, and for more than decoration this time round.


Started Hyper Light Drifter. Damn if that ain't a pretty game with some good music.


Beat Spiderman. The end of that game sure gave me some e m o t i o n s and what not. Fantastic game and a great game that really understands spiderman and that world. Not flawless of course, but dang if it isn't incredible for a first swing at spiderman.


Going to stream while drinking some beer, probably going to mess with some Space Marine and maybe some other random hooplah. Feel free to join if that sounds interesting.


Happy birthday Dere. Keep spreading bacteria on every surface in the bathroom, you're doing the superior organisms work.


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