DeS: Dota 2's challenge tokens are frustrating loyal players
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Happy birthday WILF. As soon as I figure out how to turn sourdough starter into cake we'll see about ome being made in celebration in a different place and time but on the same plane of existence at least.


How....succulent. Going to move these back to my place now that they're all prepped again.


Just got out of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Bad. Bad is the movie. Just....hrgghhhhhhh.


Played Mario Tennis Aces. Really enjoyed Mario Tennis Aces. Bought Mario Tennis Aces. Play Mario Tennis Aces. With me.


Happy 4th, all. Hope it was a good one, try to catch the fireworks and drink heavily/do your preferred ritual.


Streaming some Vaal Hazak murder starring that there Strider so why not watch with a link in the comments and the joy of christmas day in your heart?


Just watched Guardians of the galaxy. Perty good movie, enjoyed it a fair bit.


Just beat Curse of the Moon. Pretty good, and cause for me to be more excited for Bloodstained. A good time indeedy.


Streaming some Warframe and possibly some other things. Now starring limomaker and his beautiful accents/terrible opinions.


Because limo did it, and because sometimes a blind squirrel finds a nut, I too decided to make a picture collage of things wot interested me at E3. We'll see if Rage 2 manages to impress me but for now I'm in wait n see mode.


Just watched the original Blade Runner. I very much enjoyed it, though I think I'll get more out of it on repeat viewings. I can see what inspired the sequel, which is possibly my favorite movie of all time.


The end of the first week at my new job arrives. I've managed to find a nice apartment, a nice cafe to get lunch at and so far the jobs been going good. Add in being closer to my family and things are going good. All thats left is internet stuff.


E3 this year had a teaser for more DOOM so I'd call it a winner. Ridley was icing on the cake and theres a few scattered goodies around. Yeah there was some drek but theres some of that every year.




Its somewhat interesting to consider what peoples reactions to playing Demons Souls Remastered for the first time ever/in a while would be considering how some people find the pace of DS to be painfully slow. Specially as DeS is far less...friendly.


Relevant to my current mood after that AT&T call failed to resolve the issue, which means I might go a month without proper in-home internet. #arbitrarymetaltuesday


Dealing with AT&T is the 10th circle of hell. I'm just trying to set up service with them, and already I'm having to deal with their horseshit. So I can keep trying to get my internet service started sooner-or I can wait a month. Fuck.


Been playing Mario+Rabbids Kingdom battle. And its more enjoyable than I would have expected. Pretty fun game so far, and now I have luigi so the games improved tenfold. Also #MetroidMonday is something I can totally get behind.


Per recommendations from friends I've decided to grab Mario+Rabbids while its on sale so when it arrives from amazon I'll put it through its paces.


Welp, I haven't really spread it around as of yet but as of now I'm working for that there PC gaming enthusiast, due to that recent run for writers niero put out. If you're interested I'll put a link out to my second article in the comments.


Beat Steamworld Dig 2. While I really liked its graphical style and design, and it made some much needed gameplay improvements, it felt a bit short and like it didn't have as much personality as it could have in terms of the characters. Still liked it tho


In a world without comments, madness rules. Madness and lots of quickposts. Speaking of which that new pokemon stuff. I have incredibly mixed feelings about it and hope they give players options as to how they play the game. I'll give it a chance mayb


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