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Happy Birthday occams. May the day of your death,breakdown, decomposition and cycling back into the microbial world be far from this current day.


So the Able sisters came to my island, and I was inspired to try my own design. The results were predictable.


Last night we watched two movies. One was Avatar the last airbender by M.night which was terrible and made worse by being a fan of the original show. And the other was Tyler Perrys Boo! 2, which was also terrible. Beer helped though, as did ACNH.


Decided to go out and grab some food from a local joint. Prepared it at home, enjoyed it. Was nice to get out and support a local place.


Welp. Carpenter Brut released a new album-its an OST for a movie I believe, but that hardly matters considering the music so far sounds pretty swell. Just be forewarned the cover arts NSFW. I'll link the bandcamp below.


Beat Yakuza Kiwami. Enjoyed it overall, but kinda left mixed on the story and some combat decisions overall. Guessing Yakuza 0 will remain my gold standard I spose.


A gif I have found that pleases me greatly.


Day 3 of animal crossing. I uh...like the game a lot and I fear for my free time.


Saw Cats 2019 tonight. It was Cats alright. It was...definitely cats.


I got Animal Crossing NH. Lets see how this game be, never played one before.


After playing more of DOOME, musing on it more, and a bit of 2016 to refresh my memory Imma say I think 2016 is better. Gameplays the one thing I think Eternal might be better at but I'm still musing. Probably gonna write up a big thing maybe


Hey look some Yakuza Kiwami streamin. Ya know. If thats your thing.


Looks like Epics getting into games publishing etc, theyre working with Remedy, Design, and the limbo team. I'll link the story below.


After replaying some DOOM 2016 after a bit more DOOME, I feel more confident in saying that I prefer 2016. I definitely like combat tweaks and platforming additions in DOOME, and it would be interesting to see a variant of 2016 with them in it.


Beat DOOME. Full thoughts below, since I figure I'll write a decent amount.


DOOME update: This game, as the youth are wont to say, slaps. Gameplay groove keeps getting better and zipping around fighting demons gets more and more fun as you go along. Its just fantastic chaos that requires juggling enemies effectively.


Gonna play some DOOME, and also stream it because why not. Link in the comments, I make no promises about my actual ability to play well on Ultra-Violence.


DOOME thoughts, gonna write em up more below like the rest of the fellow DOOMchildren.


Got DOOME at last. So far I'm liking it-certainly a different flavor than 2016 and I'm still deciding how I feel about the more arcadey feel and storytelling vs the prior game, but as I settle into the rhythm I'm having fun.


Not a selfie, but hopefully it sates your desire to see my flesh form.


A new Kurzgesagt vid about coronavirus. Worth a watch in case you're curious about the mechanics of the thing, at least as we currently understand them for this virus.


Face to face classes cancelled. Hew boy.


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