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Looks like the ESRBs going to start labeling physical boxes if games have transactions. The rest of their statement indicates they still need pushing-some stupid stuff in it-but it looks like theres heat enough to start the ball rolling if nothing else.


Watched Batman and Robin tonight and it was amusing enough to laugh at, and then saw Kung Fury which was great. Not a bad time.


Streaming some....minecraft. Limo made me do it and is playing with me. Watch as he destroys me self confidence and tortures me yet lures me back everytime with his sexy voice. I wish I was strong enough to just say no.

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The Heel-Turn: Atlas Shrugged

[I had a couple of ideas for the heel-turn prompt, but for some reason I never thought of this one. It's a good choice really. What better heel-turn is there than this character, who literally is your ally and turns on you right at the pivo...


Yeah so far Leather Teeth is a thing I'm rather enjoying. Carpenter Bruts probably my favorite muscian of his genre and this ones keeping him in his top spot.


Limo convinced me to buy Minecraft on PS4 and while I was a bit hesitant at first I caved. We then spent the better part of 3 hours building a house with a farm and beach walk up. This games magical.


New Carpenter Brut music? Don't mind if I do.


Today I finally wrote something for bloggers wanted. Going to keep trying to keep a consistent blog/podcast alternation going to give myself myself some brain excercise and feed the seething masses some of my brain fruiting bodies.


Tried Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice after buying it saturday. Hrmmm. Definitely an interesting game in some regards, need to keep mulling it over and beat it before I say anything definitive. Also, the surround sound headphones are paying dividends. Nixon.


Looks like the work weeks going to be a light one this week. I also have Hellblade which I'll try to start and I may try to keep cracking at MHW. Overall I'm not feelin too bad today, and I'm hopeful its a good week. Praise Nixon on this glorious day.


Happy presidents day folks. May it be as Nixon as it possibly can be.


Been a weekend it has. Got my monthly cleaning of the apartment done, got to enjoy some sunshine and warm temps, watched showgirls with friends...yeah....recorded a podcast today with me cohorts and finally got a latte/carwash. Not bad, not bad.


For tonights bad movie night we watched Showgirls-or at least most of it-for LimoMakers pick. One of the most boring movies we've watched so far and honestly that anyone can find it good bad baffles me given how dull and long it goes on.


Been playing yet more Warframe and I spent a bit more money on it. I feel that I've gotten more than 60 dollars worth of time from it and honestly I'm good with throwing some money at it. Finally figured out my fav frame also so I'm in a good mood.


Will be streamin some warframe now, talkin some stuff and words. But now its fridaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Link in the comments.


Its Valentine's day. Romance is in the air, birds are singing, blood is rushing to genitals and hormones are being released, and STDs are spreading with gleeful abandon. Why not celebrate the season by listening to me and limo babble about limbo? Link blw


Mmmm. A weekend of drinking and Catan with the family, a bit of time with the doge and a finishing off of another round of Warframe with Limo wherein we discussed movies, cinematography in games and other random babblings. Not a bad way to spend some time


Just saw Jumnji. Intro wasn't promising but as soon as it was in the jungle it improved massively and luckily the whorish product placement sonys known for was frontloaded and popped up once in the jungle. Enjoyed it a decent amount overall.


Slowly but surely, I am attempting to redeem Limos shit taste and opinions by one notch-I am attempting to get him into MHW more. It seems to be having some success, and I will endeavor to chip away till he is led to the path of the righteous once more.


Going to start streamin some MHW through my computer and what not. Link in the comments if you're interested.


Last night I started out by watching Road House with my bad movie group. I can see why its not well liked-it starts out reasonable but then goes batshit insane and shits the bed for the second half. Then I watched like 3-4 episodes of Pop Team epic..yeah


WELP, after dicking around for the better part of an hour or two I managed to get my PS4 streaming through my PC which means I have more control of that and also I can use my nice mic/headphones. Also, maybe...some Demons Soullls. Maybe.


I have many a friend here, but I'll toss my #shoutouttoid to cloud worshipper Amna. Its great to have someone else who is so on the same wavelength towards their chosen science, love of history and booze as well as sense of humor. Really preciate him.


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