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#arbitrarymetaltuesday why not a cover eh? Been getting into Opus Eponymous a lot more than the first few go's, having a good time. It even has phallus as a lyric in one song at one point which I found amusing.


Limo and I will be throwing ourselves at the mercy of the man who notoriously cried "fuck the oscars" and be playing A Way Out shortly. So join us for that, if we can get everything working which is never guranteed.


Heck yeah, I can't wait to binge this like crazy.


Found this yesterday. Find it pretty enjoyable.


Welp, thats a Hat in Time done, coinciding with me internet getting fixed. Apparently a cord in the mechanical cut and broken somehow? Anywho, yeah I enjoyed Hat in Time-bit short but I enjoyed it the whole way through so tis fine.


So my internet went out for no reason near as I can tell. And despite my best attempts, its going to require a tech to come out and take a look at things. Great.


Welp its the last #mermay and day of the year. Must be a sign, but regardless heres hopin next years a better one. Been a year of ups and downs for me, but overall it wasn't 2016 so I'll take it. Via Triggerpigking, felt it was worthy of another share.


This image was found online and shared with me. I thought it might be enjoyable to some round here, source in the comments.


After letting smash sit for a bit while I dive into Diablo 3, I've solidifed some thoughts on smash. Ultimately I enjoy the gameplay, music, visuals and etc (have yet to try online) but I'm really not a fan of WoL.


So for Christmas I got that there Diablo 3 on switch in addition to some other stuffs. And I gots to say, thats a swell game it is-really been having a good time with it.


Welp, christmas is over. Time to go back to intense degeneracy and sinfulness till the new year, maybe a black sabbath or two. Credit for the avatars-this one and one I'll only use on dec 31st for reasons that will be obvious-goes to nekro. A good boy.


May your heart organs swell with christmas cheer,may your days always be #mermay and your mermaids of correct size, may your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again. Merry Christmas.


Merry christmas everyone. Hope its full of good things for you to stuff your gifthole full of, and heres hoping that next years a better one. Also #mermay because best girl, best day and I use her as a christmas avatar all the time. Holiday spirit n such.


Watched Into The Spiderverse tonight. Yeah, pretty enjoyable. Between this and the spiderman game its been fun to get into spiderman again.


Welp, played some MTG Arena. And despite the fact that it doesn't have a lot of the decks and what not from the prior iteration-gimme them eldrazi damnit-Im enjoying it again. Played with Bass who beat the shit out of me three times in a row because obv.


Oh dang, another blog out from me with my games of the year and what not. Why not read it, leave your own and agree with my picks heartily/demand my destruction for my picks? It'll cost ye nothing but a little time and some microbes and maybe an organ.


Note to self: Editing in the dtoid editor is non-advisable as you might lose about 20 minutes of editing work. Bleh.


Streaming....something. A beer will be involved. And thats all I can say for the time being.


Welp, startin tomorrow I work the weekend. With luck I'll get out reasonably early and so on. Still after next week Christmas vacation arrives.


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