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Goddamnit. That Notre Dame news is just such a fuckin tragedy. Fuck.


Tonight we watched Neil Breens newest film, Twisted Pair. And it was quite the experience. Almost a religious experience, one could say.


Gonna stream some warframe with zombie, feel free to join if you are interested.


Managed to snag all the unlockable characters in RoR2 so I'm looking forward to toying around with them in the times to come. Been havin a lovely time with the game so far.


Welp, thats Yakuza 0 beat. Pretty darn good game, very much enjoyed the story and characters s. Going to take a fair bit o time before I dig into the next one but yeah this some good stuff.


Yeah. Risk of Rain 2 is probably going to be a game I sink quite a bit of time into. So far I've just fallen in love with it, and I'm looking forward to toying around with more stuff and unlocking more-it scratches the same itch as Risk of Rain easily.


Hey lookie there. Another image of the best girl, commissioned from that there art person Triggerpigking. Does good works, in my opinion. Does good works indeed.


Gonna stream RoR2 again, feel free to hop in if you're interested in seeing me die multiple times probably.


Welp, after digging into Risk of Rain 2 for a bit alone and then with Amna, I think its safe to say I'm probably hooked on this game already. Managed to unlock an extra character as of tonight, hoping to get my favorite character from the previous game.


Welp, as I suspected I would do I just grabbed RoR2 immediately. Plan on streaming later tonight, but after me first run I'm still getting my sea legs, so to speak. I can see myself losing a lot of time with this thing. EDIT: And we're rolling, link below


Going to be doing a bit of streaming. Probably going to play Yakuza 0 or warframe depending on how I feel after the beeeer. Had to scupper the old blood because I forgot to install it and it'll kill the stream.


Coincidentally this here #mermay or #monstergirlmonday lines up in timing with the announcement of Shantae 5. Which seems neat, but it doesn't have the best girl THEN INTO THE SEA WITH IT. Also the timing lines up with some other relevant thing. Hmmmm...


Welp, tonight for the MtG tourney, me and Renaud played and then me and bass played. Heres some actual footage of how all of the matches I played went for me. I...uh...might need to do some deck tweaking.




Welp, after seeing Bladerunner 2049 limo resolved to watch all of Denis Villenues movies with me since it was my first by him. And tonight we watched Prisoners. Fucking hell, brutal movie but it was really excellent, well conceived and well acted.


Been playing Yakuza 0 and after getting back into real estate I'm hooked on that. A darn lovely game so far.


International Women's day, so have a Samus.


Favorites of mine are Driftloon, Sylveon (top) and venipede.


Looks like some scientists at UC Berkeley have managed to engineer yeast that produce THC and other cannabinoids. I'll link the story below, its some darn neat stuff with some interesting application potential.


Happy birthday limo. Despite the fact that you not being a scientist means you cannot be the objective best friend of the site, due to the laws of our reality, you're pretty close and I treasure our friendship greatly. Have a gooden.


Playing warframe and yeah, that new alert thing is neat-I can see it being a good addition but also potentially annoying-time will tell. Also I found out that I had a kubrow pallete and it has orange and yellow. So. I obviously made use of that.


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