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Last night me n the bad movie peoples watched Cool Cat Saves the Kids. My life is complete and I can die happy now, because that movie is something special that must be seen before death.


Been grinding my way through GOW4 like crazy, need to step back and take a break. Its quite good though, and I'm almost done with the final boss of an optional quest line of bosses. Shes...a doozy so yeah thats going to take some time and swears.




Streamin some warframe with that there strider. Link in the comments you swine. Now with at least 12 times the daily recommended dose of spiders!


I like orange and yellow, the colors of my favorite bacterium. And would like a switch of that coloration. Found a place that apparently had some issues a year ago, but resolved them and it'll let me color my switch like this so...sold.


Continuing on in Dad Of War, I am still rather enjoying myself. I've been noticing little bits of set up here or there as well as some interesting reveals and I found a new character who I find enjoyable to interact and listen to. A good time so far.


If everything in this video holds makes me sad. So very sad. And lowers my opinion of Square Enix even more than the previous known treatment of Eidos Montreal had.


So I played an hour or two of Dad of War and...yeah. Yeah this ones a special one, glad I overcame my initial disinterest and gave it a shot. So far its rather enjoyable and I'm excited to see where things are going.


Welp. Despite some initial disinterest, all the chatter about GoW and a 50 dollar gift card have finally convinced me to give the new one a go. Hopefully its a good time, I'm willing to give it its chance. Might stream too. Picture somewhat related.


Streaming some MK8 with that FUCKER limo. Watch it and wriggle in ecstasy at his voice before reacting to my voice like you've been hit with a bucket of cold water during coitus.


To any-one who thinks I'm a Pathogenic Eukaryote.......... I took this Yesturday. Sure it's not the best indicator but should probably tell you something.


Happy birthday Occams. Your weirdness is an inspiration and your words are always welcome. You're a lovely sack of meat and bones and you help make this place as wonderful as it can be.


Streaaamin some MHW, also starring scrustle.


Today I done released a blog for this months band of bloggers. Why don't you follow suit? Sharr your deepest, darkest, dragon-est fantasies and ravings before this month runs screaming into the woods with your left kidney never to be seen again.


Band of Bloggers: Devourer of Dragons

First off, I want to thank LaTerry for taking up the mantle and putting in the effort to resurrect Band of Bloggers. Twas a thing before my time, but more prompts to write blogs and more topics to write about will doubtless be a boon t...


Science can never go too far. Come now, don't attempt to limit science by the confines of petty human morality and your limited human imagination. We have galaxies to dissect and prokarytoic glory to spread. TO PROVE IT, SCIENCE STREAM IN COMMENTS.


#arbitrarymetalThursday since now I have an excuse to share this one, I've been listening to Firepower which is a recent album by that there Judas Priest. Is good, is good.


Been a long damn week, but its finally over as I got out earlier than normal and I have no work tomorrow. Going to just enjoy my free time, keep playing stardew valley because that games pure unadulterated cocaine and play with limo, bad as he is at games


Hrmmm. Been a busy few weeks so I haven't kept my blogs going out as planned but I'll see about getting back on track next week and flogging limo till he gets to finishing editing of the podcast. Streaming again, some stardew valley in the comments below


Going to be streaming some Warframe once more, this time starring strider who is new and fresh meat to it. Link is in the comments as it always is.


Grabbed some metal wall art, courtesy of the prompting of limo. Lovely and I'll post the previews in the comments, not here yet sadly.


Just got Stardew Valley on me Switch. Oh dear. I can already tell this is a deep rabbit hole to fall down, and there's fungus somewhere down there.


I had this as my avatar here for a small time, but went back to my normal one quickly enough. Still using it on discord though, thanks to panda initiating the trend and that there descruff providing the face. Its spread cannot be halted. #DeScrufftoid


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