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Going to start AC Origins and see what thats all about. Feel free to join me in me stream, and also be aware that we're still collecting donations for Extra Life if you're able to lend a hand. Once more into the breach.


I've enjoyed Malcom Gladwell for a while. He looks at some interesting phenomena and makes some compelling cases for stuff he puts forth. And this one is very interesting, at least to me.


Its been 100 years since WW1's armistice day. A war that consumed millions of lives and violently tore apart Europe as well as dramatically reshaping the world in a bevy of ways that still resonate to this day. A war we'd be wise to keep in our memories.


Grabbed AC Origins. Guess we'll see how it be.


I trundle closer and closer to finishing up grad school applications. By this time next year, I'll hopefully be back in the swing of the school thing and doing scientific research.


Happy Birthday Scrufff and Chris. You're pretty swell fellas, and its always nice to interact with ya.


Going to be doing my 12 hour or so stream of Demons Souls for Extra Life startin now. Links below, hope you can pop in and/or donate something if you're able to. Nearly 5 hour bump.


My ears are ringing and my legs are killing me. I also stink of other peoples weed. And I'm on fuckin cloud 9. Amazing show, great crowd and a fucking awesome time. Glad I took the plunge.


Been waiting to use this as an avatar, but figured I'd just share it and use it later after a month of being different. Comissioned Triggerpigking to do it and I think its a pretty darn good job.


How adorable. A little reminder that though halloween leaves us now, it will never truly leave us. With occasional outbreaks of festive thoughts and swollen lymph nodes as a reminder. To never lose our fear. Or else.


Happy Halloween folks. Have a spooky scary spider embryo.

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Kombucha stage 3, bottling. Time for carbonation after filtering from the pineapple/kombucha bottles.


Stage 2 of kombucha prep is underway. Pineapple, don't let me down now.


Welp. Guess I'm going to see Ghost BC live soon enough. Thats exciting and...makes me a bit nervous since I'll be going alone but I decided to just go for it.


Tonight Gus and I spent more than an hour designing a dream house for no particular reason. We got a good plan going and it was far more enjoyable and zen than I would have expected. Good times.


Gallerytoid Episode 5: Hotline Miami

Here we have another episode of Gallerytoid, ready to gorge on.  In this episode we find ourselves discussing Hotline Miami, get derailed by a discussion of the trials and tribulations of Dinosirs TV adventures and so on. I also ...


AMA but only about microbiology. Also vaccinate yourself and the people around you. Or else. Bump for the morning shift.


Can't stop listening to this song. Really addictive music and a perty good video.


Watched Mandy. Hell of a trip, twas a really bizzare and also deeply captivating movie. Need to chew on it more methinks.


Wrote a blog about that there RE4 for Band of Bloggers, so give it a read if you're so inclined and consider writing a thing if ya haven't for the theme. Bump, with an added image of a smiley face! Thats actually a cross section of a parasitic roundworm.


A world without youtube. A strange and surreal thing, that. Especially considering what the world would be like without a YouTube after so long of it being integrated into our lives and societal fabric.


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