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I moved into a new, nicer place closer to work, had a lovely beer at the local bar with family and a few blog-spores managed to sporulate on the front page. Current status:

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A Brutal Legend

Honestly it’s a bit weird to me I haven’t talked about this game yet-it’s a game that has a very special place in my blood pump and its one that came to me during that tumultuous time in most peoples lives where where they...   read


I gots a new blog about Brutal legend up and about for those metal enough to taste of its liquid metal power.


I love the internet. Behold, swine, and tremble before my mighty accumulated microbial images of eukarya and prokarya! MWHAHAHA


Just got enter the gungeon and so far...I like it! Its a fun roguelike and we'll see if it sticks with me well and good but for now I'm having a solid time.


I wrote up my thoughts about Specter Knight and that posted today so go give it a read if you are so inclined so that I feel less dead inside after todays overlong shift.


Welp, grabbed slain back from hell on vita cause it was cheap, I've heard its good and I like me some metal. Guess we'll seeeee soon enough.



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Crowdfunded: HEE HEE HEE!

For this blog there’s many topics to pick from - I could talk about many of the great games I’ve gotten, some of the more disappointing ones, one of the worst decisions I ever made crowdfunding-wise (Ouya), or what I’m sti...   read


So it looks like theres going to be a risk of rain 2 in 3d if this tumblr is legit them. If its all above board I have....conflicting emotions and thoughts. Link in the comments.

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Why The Last of Us fungus is improbable

[Promoted from our blogs: Do you even science, bro?] Cordyceps is a fungal pathogen that attacks insects, using them as food to grow a fungal stalk and spread fungal spores across an area-thereby infecting more hosts. In its most dramatic-a...   read


So I'm currently working on another Microbial Musings blog and hopefully it won't take 50 years like last time but I am putting out feelers for other ideas for games I could talk about. Would appreciate any suggestions if you gots em!


Tonight we watched The Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four. Fantastic four (2005) was far worse than The Fantastic four (1994) which was actually good enough for me to say its good in its own right. Had a lovely time regardless.


Amna inspired and directed me to make a sour dough starter. This is the jar it will be living in.


A festering pustule on society filled with the ills of the unwashed and unloved, spilling its foulness on all the peoples of the world till none remain. A whispered promise, kept to terrible effect and devouring muscle beneath skin #Darksiders3


So I'm on nier automata part B and just recently got back into it after a bit of a hiatus. Its already giving me feels, and Im guessing the end of it will also assualt my feels hard. And the endings after that will as well, harder. Wait why am I doing th-


Also the Caligula Effect is out apparently. Guess thats a thing, will be curious to see what the peoples think about it.


Beginning to remember why I don't play persona 3 for more than a bit before losing interest again. Grinding is already a bit irritating, but then adding in the horrible mechanic wherein losing your main character means games over...just why.


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