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Alcohol is good. And I've drank a fair amount of it tonight. So thats nice. AMA but only about alcohol or the brewing process.


Mmmmmm. Thats interesting innit. Though given this part: "The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we’ve made changes to the game. " I'd say that this is only something done till the heat dies down for n


Welp, finally beat that there Cuphead wot came out a few months back. While the second to last boss fight is really not that fun in my opinion, the last fight was visually spectacular and pretty fun so it helped salve the wound. Pretty darn fun game!


Beat Wolfenstein 2. Overall I liked it and had a good time but I am of two minds on it and I have my share of issues. At the end of the day...I thought TNO was overall a better game and I'm going to replay that to see how its held up.


Last night I saw The Wickerman for the first time with friends, and its a movie that is like a sandwich with amazing bread and a boring only mayonnaise center. And sadly we didn't watch the version with the bees scene. Twas still a fun time though.


Just finished a lovely book about microbes that full of beautiful pictures of different facets of microbial life. If you've even a passing interest in cool images or want to get a bit more of a feel for why I like this shit so much, maybe check it out.


Today I found out about beard cream. And then promptly bought said product. What a world we live in folks.


Playing Wolfenstein 2 and my opinion of it continues to improve as I go on. Story is a lot of fun, writing and acting as well as set up is good and the gameplays getting more solid. Definitely a game you need to give time to get rolling to.


As I play more and more Wolfenstein 2, I find it growing on me and improving in the gameplay department. Happy to see that happening, and I'm hopeful as things go on that it continues getting better.


Wolfenstein 2 is batshit insane. Lordy. Thats a good thing in this instance though. A very good thing.


Played more Wolfenstein 2 and...if you haven't gotten it for PC don't yet its got issues. Aside from that...I have issues and they haven't gone away. BJ feels like he has a lot less health than he should and the level design is a fair bit weaker.


Monument Valley 2 just hit android, so thats neat! Probably going to scoop that up.


Welp, Wolfenstein 2 decided to start working randomly. That occuring, I then elected to start playing it and I am rather enjoying it so far. Have a few issues so far but I'm early in.


Happy Birthday Chris and Scruff. Y'all is good peoples and interacting with you is always a hoot of a time. Hope your respective birthdays are goodens.


Giving Extra life one last stream for game day, feel free to participate and donate if you feel like it! Links below


Welp its #catgirl Friday so I'll post something as I do here or there. I'll put it in the comments just in case.


Well. Apparently I should have checked the Steam reviews for Wolfenstein 2 before I bought it for PC, and now because I bought it on GMG I'm stuck with the game for now. This is the second time in two years Bethesdas burned me like this. Fucks sakes.


Going to start streaming and try to put cuphead to rest. Pray for me, I'm on the second to last boss. Link in the comments


Spooky day skeleton day you say? Well who am I to argue.


Makes me a bit sad to see Drinkbox skip the vita for the first time in terms of games in a while though I saw it coming but the game looks good at least. And also I decided to grab that there Wolfenstein 2 so I'll get to see for myself how it be.


Some more information on the Extra life marathon we're doing has been posted on the FP. Feel free to give it a looksie if you get the chance, and I'll post a link to the article in question in the comments.


Just saw Blade Runner 2049. Goddamn. Fucking hell.


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