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Was another long ass day, tired from the heat and the systems going wrong constantly. Still at least I came home to this and thats lovely. Lovely. Lovely.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday More Mastadon because its hard not to still be thinking about their Emperor of Sand album even months after it came out. Some good shit.


Been playing more Bloodborne, started making some good progress and what not. I've also decided to get the soundtrack for Bloodborne and the artbook because how can I not by this point.


#Sporesunday Picture of a sectioned spore of Clostridium difficile, which causes intestinal infections and creates a resistant spore that allows it to survive harsh environments and what not. Will link the relevant source and literature below.


I've been playing bloodborne and with some guidance I've found some....interesting stuff. Very interesting.


Playing Bloodborne with Limo tonight and we faced off against vicar Amelia. Tons and tons of health and a healing ability that punishes you for getting distance and isn't easy to interrupt with attacks. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Oh yeah, also #ArbitraryMetalTuesday this one takes me back to a job I had in college. Was really fun, we could be really lazy and found two good friends there. Good stuff.


Welp, decided to start a BB lets play for reasons-apologize for the lack of commentary or random pauses here or there, its a work in progress I should soon have rectified. Will also be streaming on twitch as time goes on.


Welp, this is what we got on deck for tonight. Its about damn fucking time.


Also I normally don't shill for my FP landed stuff but it got lost in the shuffle and...furor of Fridays events so I figured I'd just say it here then drop it-me Division smallpox blog made it to the FP so feel free to check it if so inclined! Link below


Got me PS4 all set up and ready to go, started playing Ratchet and Clanks Remake and Furi-as well as grabbing Until Dawn on PSplus and downloading some random stuff I redownloaded ala Journey and Risk of Rain. BB is in a few days, lookin forward to it

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One last excuse to post more synthwave for your ears...erm I mean about my blog! Posted it yesterday, its about 80s type stuff etc. Feel free to toss in your own 80s themed stuff you like, thank ya!


So I ordered vanilla Bloodborne, but sadly that got canceled by Amazon. So I decided to bite the bullet and go for the GOTY edition-a bit more expensive but it comes with the old hunters DLC. Which never released in the US apparently. Very odd.


Welp, thanks RiffRaff providing a link, sexy, sexy wes *licks lips* and my sick, disturbing love of the 80s/destructoid I decided to get one of these shirts in orange. Had I known it was a thing sooner, I would have grabbed it sooner but I made good.


Welp, my blog about 80s stuff that I like just went live. Feel free to give it a look and contribute your own thoughts or 80s-ish stuff you enjoy as wellllll! Bump for today, something else tomorrow methinks-need to keep spreading the synth love.


Wellllp, got a blog lined up for tomorrow. This video is another subtle hint to the content it will contain.


Welp, got a PS4 on its way so this is a thing thats happenin now folks. Reccomendations for some garmes on the game box appreciated.


Also decided to finally get around to buying Deadbolt and yeah its pretty darn swell. Music is lovely and the gameplay is pretty good.


This version of weight of the world is probably my favorite of the three that come with Nier Automatas soundtrack which is really lovely and definitely worth a purchase. Also #musictoid coincidentally.


Welp, given certain things I'm working on and me feeling in that certain headspace again I think this will hopefully shape up to be a good time.


Beat Nier Automata, got ending E and yeah. Definitely a special game, really enjoyed my time with it after I was able to get past it stomping on my emotions repeatedly.


Welp, got a new blog in the oven. A subtle hint as to what its contents will contain.


Finally finished American Gods a month or so. I devour good books, and especially good fantasy books so that speed pace makes me think that American Gods is definitely both. Now, onto Anasi boys!


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