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Annnnd we're back. Apparently. Thank goodness.


Got some new plants, and for more than decoration this time round.


Started Hyper Light Drifter. Damn if that ain't a pretty game with some good music.


Beat Spiderman. The end of that game sure gave me some e m o t i o n s and what not. Fantastic game and a great game that really understands spiderman and that world. Not flawless of course, but dang if it isn't incredible for a first swing at spiderman.


Going to stream while drinking some beer, probably going to mess with some Space Marine and maybe some other random hooplah. Feel free to join if that sounds interesting.


Happy birthday Dere. Keep spreading bacteria on every surface in the bathroom, you're doing the superior organisms work.


Hey look at that, a new episode of the hottest podcast starring me,Dinosir and Llamamaker is now up and ready for consumption. I mean, if you're into that sort of thing. A bump.


Gallerytoid Episode 4: Dead Space 2

Thats right motherfuckers, after like a thousand years we've returned to light up your life and fill it with our opinions. We ran into some editing snags, but after locking limo in the tower and depriving him of food for long enough he...


So I'm a fan of Ghost. And I'm a fan of Carpenter Brut. And apparently he did a remix of Danse Macabre off of Prequelle. So.....thats a thing I need to listen to. Now.


Welp, I saw this. And legally. Mmmm. I believe I am required to own it.


Going to stream some Code of Princess, as was foretold in the before times. Pardon my doubtlessly terrible abilities at playing it.


Happy birthday Amna and nekkid. You're both swell people and its good having ya around the site.


Just watched Won't You Be My Neighbor, that newish documentary about Mr.Rogers. I'm not crying, you're crying.


Got rocket league for switch. Yeah, pretty enjoyable game that.


Welp beat that there Mario+Rabbids Kingdom battle. That games far better than it has any right to be. And man does it have some teeth too.


Found this at a big arcade thing, made of little lights and what not. Was incredibly difficult to make it meaningfully far but it sure was perty. Few other images and what not in the comments.


Someone else posted this. But this trailer...this trailer fired me up a lot more than the other one. Its beautiful.


So thats what DOOM ETERNAL looks like. Pretty good, looks like they're possibly fans of Titanfall 2 as well. A few minor nitpicks but other than those it looks like a damn good time and I'm eager to tear into it.


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