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Welp, just finished a 32 hour book on the rise and fall of Prussia named The Iron Kingdom. Was a damn interesting look at how germany came about and the politics of things as it evolved, finishing up at around the end of WW2 with prussias final demise.


Been playing that there Metroid Samus Returns quite a bit the past few days. Its going to take finishing it and a bit of chewing over before I give final thoughts but so far I think its a good game-has its issues but its also a good time.


Celebrate Samus Returns being a good game and us getting more 2D metroid. Read my new blog. Drink some hallucinogenic musroom urine from a moose. Kill your family. Read my blog again.


Schooled: Metroidvania Atmospherium

I am a man who likes his Metroids. I’ve had a fondness for this franchise for years and I was ruminating on discussing it with a brand new sidescrolling game upon us in the form of Samus Returns. With the Schooled Bloggers wanted...


WELP, decided to write a thing for that bloggers wanted wot is going on this month. So something tomorrow dealing with Metroid and then next week the thrilling conclusion to my Bloodborne series. And after that something else I suppose.


1516 Hot take: The Reinheitsgebot was a regulation that limited the creativity of beers and was ultimately a net negative that still casts somewhat of a shadow on craft beers today.


Got Metroid. Am playing Metroid. Am happy with Metroid.


Welp, me Metroid is apparently arriving today for realsies so that should hopefully be a good time. Also replayed fusion a bit in anticipation, and that's still a lovely game. Got me a bit more excited for a new one.


So apparently the Superstar Saga Remake, if the wiki is to believed, won't let you switch between mario and luigi, is moving advanced moves to a selection screen rather than being based on inputs and unique characters are replaced with older ones. Mmm.


Been playing shantae and the pirates curse. So far, its pretty good! I'm also a fan of their visual design and character stuff for the most part here. Also a band I like released a new music video. See if you can puzzle who it is out from this clue.


Welp. I was told that Metroid would be getting delayed by amazon, and that it would arrive by 8. It didn't so....yeah. bleh.


My amazon order updated, so now I'm getting Metroid tommorow instead of next week.


I hope Mario deals with his addiction to Amanita muscaria, gets his life together and gets back into his plumbing career before he destroys his life forever.


Just looked it up to see if it was offical platformwise, and apparently DQ Builders 2 is skipping the vita this time around. Sadness. As for the direct...was ok. Terrible narrators didn't really help the presentation but some games looked neat.


A reminder that I wrote a blog wot you can read about the Bloodbornes. Also got my games sorted this month. Got one preordered for Friday, that being Metroid, and one preordered for a few weeks off which is a game that exists.


Today we learn important life advice about life type things. From me and Rico, two true heroes.


I wrote up a blog about Bloodborne, praising and criticizing aspects of its various systems that you can read RIGHT NOW. At least part one. Reading it will gain insight and, so they say, swine on the inside, although no one remembers what that truly means


Been playing Hover again. Lovely game to just kind of zone out while playing and jump on stuff and run around. Going to attempt to unlock the other areas and see about getting to the end of the game to find new stuff to climb on.


Beat Dying Light: The following. Writing quality had dropped pretty hard in the DLC before then so I suppose the ending being not overly well executed in my opinion fits well enough. Ah well, buggy was fun enough to drive around.


Welp, beat Undertale and got the best ending through the methods with which you get that ending and promptly deleted it. Had a great time, game made me laugh a lot and overall I think its a very good game. Well worth me time.

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Been playing Undertale on me vita and having a good time as its progressed. Backtracked a bit and found the Tem village which was certainly a thing that may or may not have reminded me of Nekro. Amusing extra area.


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