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And me Railjacks done. Super excited to get it rollin and get into space fights. Just continuously impressed by the warframe teams ambition.


Warframe now has space combat. And good lord is it a fun chaotic time. Gettin online and doing it with buds is such a thrill.


Homemade tomato soup with homemade sourdough bread and Frankensteined cheese. Turned out p good.


And thats semester one wrapped. Flew by, still waitin on grades but its been good to get back into this stuff. Gonna throw myself into research this winter break and then it all starts again.


Everytime I learn more about Toxoplasma gondii, it gets more unnerving. Quite an impressive beastie from a cold clinical point of view.


I sure picked a bad spring to be in school and without a job it would seem. Lordy is it packed full of games that have my attention.


Welp. Discord sure is re-borked today. Not ideal, that. Anywho heres a big ol batch of mac n cheese made in a ninja foodie. Tastes pretty good, specially with some extra cayenne powder.


Oh, look The Old Blood update for Warframe is out. Time to give that a shot. ON STREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


So apparently some Stadia games cost more than their PC counterparts. For a game you don't even really own and will lose if stadia goes bust. Lordy is this system just more and more unappealing.


Yep, calzone 2 was great. Cheese leakage set off the fire alarm but aside from that it tastes great.


After not doing it for months I finally wrote another blog! Its a #cursedmas miracle! Read it if you feel like it! Bonus parasite below. Bump.


Almost wrapped Blasphemous. When its done, I think my games acquisitions for the year is done. Gonna have to get me year in review blog wrapped fore the year explodes and dies.


Saw Knives Out. Enjoyed it a fair bit. Daniel Craig is best girl of the movie.


Playing Blasphemous. And god I hate its awful spike pits. They require way too much precision and when I'm trying to do an item that requires no deaths and you make it so I have to pass over several of them it makes things incredibly frustrating.


Pumpkin pies, made for thanksgiving. Timing constraints made it so that I couldn't figure timing with one and then fine tune it for the second, but hopefully they taste fine. Smell good at least.


A calzone. It demands I add more ingredients next time but its a good calzone regardless barring a few fuck ups.


Been on a cookin kick and been pushing my starters into service more and more. Love these little guys, been a common feature in my kitchen going on three years now. And everybody should make their own.


And thats Outer World's beaten. Ultimately a pretty good game, I had fun with it and I'm glad I seemed to have gotten one of the better endings.


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