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Welp. That sure was Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl. Again via nekro. So....thats probably one of the worst things I've ever seen in my entire life and I think it broke me ever so slightly.


My latest musical venture, brought to you by Nekro.


Played some more Risk of Rain 2 and it looks like they've made some tweaks as well as adding some more detail to the world design from a visual perspective. Lookin foward to where the game goes in the next few months, its still just a swell time.


My top 5 most anticipated games in picture form.


Decided to spend an hour or two monday night just readin microbiology news, a new micro book I started after finishing me phage book and listened to Deus Ex MDs soundtrack. Lovely, and its making me look forward to fall all the more.


Musing on Cyberpunk 2077, I'm relatively excited for it. I've always enjoyed the cyberpunk aesthetic and the Witcher 3 was pretty swell so I'd be up for seeing how CDPR does with it especially now that I've been replaying Deus Ex MD which is still great


Orange lightsaber is best lightsaber.


The most important part of the latest warframe update is further color customization. Fashionframe is endgame and the game got more intense folks.


Man I hope DOOM Eternal turns out good. DOOM 2016 is probably my favorite game of all time and I really want the Titanfall/DOOM mashup this thing increasingly seems to be to just work. Also that CE is...tempting. So tempting.


Bethesdas literally just shit the bed over and over again in this conference. Battle royale in fallout. Its like a parody but its fucking real. And the crowds just terrible. God.


Solid showing from MS. Nothing mindblowing but solid.


I find redlettermedia greatly amusing as per normal. Shame it didn't make it into a game but at least now its on youtube for all to see.


Welp, after me first time in an airbnb I can day its a good experience so far. Should be fine for the next month or two, and then things happen. Good things I do believe.


W o w t w o b l o g s o n t i m e i n a r o w g o r e a d i t i f y o u a r e i n t e r e s t e d i n m e b a b b l i n g a b o u t t h e m p o r t a b l e s. Link in the comments as per the norm.


Rayman legends on switch is a real swell time. And it also makes me sad that its been about 5, 6 years since it came out. I'd rather like another.


I love listening to modern music redone in the chiptune style. There is something so great about how the underlying music shines through despite the massive change in style. This is still very much the Halo Theme I know and love.


I really like Dishonored. Despite its issues its just a good time and that Daud DLC is fantastic. Another thing I like is the stylization and the way the world looks. Took this one at the intro of one of the missions. #screenshottoid


So I've been reading more and more of Thinking Like A Phage and I really like it. Its a good explanation of genetics, phage function and the like thats pretty digestable and informative. Also oozes passion, which is really important for stuff like this.


So. The Messengers pretty good innit? Just got it for switch and I'm having a lovely time.


Streaming Dandelion: Wishes brought to you. The VN. With limo and frosty. Because my time has no real value nor does my mental state.


Been on an audiobook kick as of late, and got a book about the crimea war. Enjoying it, talked to amna about it and he mused it would be interesting to learn more about russia. I agreed and now I have a 40 hour audiobook about russia. Current status:


Something I decided to make, because I found the idea amusing. I'll post one without the added images and a link to the original comic in the comments as well.


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