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The more I play Yakuza Kiwami 2, the more I'm liking it. Need to keep unlocking stuff and trying to get better at it, but I feel like I'm getting the hang of the combat abd pulling off more complex stuff.


Since Halos come up again a few times, and since I have no interest in Halo 4 onwards, heres a ranking list of the series for me, starting with me favorite and ending with my least liked: 2>1>ODST>>>>Reach>>>3


After having not played the demo for a month or so, I booted up the ghostrunner demo and found that it had been updated with new UI stuff, some mechanical tweaks,and a new level explaining the set-up. I then proceeded to play through it like 3 or 4 times.


Decided to do some baking for a family event and made some bread bowls. After one failed batch, second batch performed admirably.


Welp. Sites apparently decently borked at the moment, people are signed in as other people and etc etc.


Happy Birthday Mike, you're good people and a big part of what makes this community great.


So far Kiwami 2 am good. Likin it a lot better than Kiwami.


Hey look. Another year older. A few days ago. And a waffle maker richer.


Beat System Shock 2 again. Despite its flaws and the ending being...not ideal in certain regards, I still think its a pretty darn good game. Hoping the System Shock Remake eventually comes together. I dunno if I want a third one though, seems perfunctory.


Scotch and beer. This can only end so well.


Welp, gave me first poster presentation at a big conference for micro. Was nervous but I think it went well and I got some compliments on my data and conclusions even. Tired.


Beat Wasteland 3. A very good game imo, and I still think its probably gonna end up as my GOTY. Gonna chew on it.


Pro-Tip: Don't watch cooking/baking videos when you're stuck at school hungry and unable to easily get food due to time constraints and campus shutdown. On a completely unrelated note I think Imma try making garlic knots soon.


I wasn't expecting season 1 of 13 reasons why to be as bad as it is. Two episodes in and its...real not good.


Had a field trip today. Been about 7 hours of work and still gotta keep chewing away. Tired but looking forward to gorging myself on food afterwards.


The trees turn colors. The air turns crisp. The sun retreats sooner. Sometimes it rains a lot, the sky is grey more often. And the skeletons emerge from their hiding places to prepare the land for the sacred day. Its fall in my part of the world friends.


Mmmm. Iunno that I'm feeling the Demons Souls Remake. It just looks and sounds off to me, and a lotta the aesthetic changes aren't really my bag. Think I'll probably consider skipping it. (Apparently its not coming to PC, that was an error unfortunately)


Started up Inmost and much to my surprise the game remembered my demo progress and allowed me to pick up where I left off. So far, is v enjoyable. Lotta good atmosphere and the storys compelling so far.


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