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Beat Ori and The Blind Forest. Man is the final chase scene aggravating and annoying. I think its a pretty game with good music and its fun enough but the difficulty is just really a pain and it has a lotta problems there imo. Specially the last chase....


Beat Darkwood. A very interesting interesting game and a unique experience. Would reccomend it if you're in the market for something a little janky but still fun and also fuckkkked up.


After seeing it everywhere, decided to try MH Rise (I think theres a PC version so I was planning on waiting on that) and yeah its relatively enjoyable. Still coming to grips with the gameplay but I can see some potential for fun combos with the wirebugs.


I wanna be snarky but jesus this is just another beyond the pale moment. People trying to rip apart our democracy because it didn't benefit their chosen cantidate. They're assaulting a fuckin government building. And the person inciting this barely lost.


Will it happen again? Let us see. Let us see.


10 more episodes and hours of 13 reasons why left. Fucking hell why did I let limo rope me into this.


Started Darkwood after somebody gifted it to me. Its...an intriguingly weird and interesting game, thats for sure.


Beat Metro Exodus. Pretty good time, flawed but has a lot of personality and I enjoyed myself. Also building up a train is a good thing in my book. Also beat Return of the Obra Dinn-pretty enjoyable as well. Fun puzzle game, enjoyably challenging.


Last night we watched Silent Night Deadly Night 2, and lordy it was a good time. The main actor gives a fantastic performance and it's kinda amusing knowing they had to put this together with parts from the first movie and film more. And Mazes and monster


Started up Metro: Exodus. And yeah, so far pretty enjoyable-has its jank but its about as charming as the others and so far I'm diggin the atmosphere.


Beat Prey. Overall, satisfied with the game. Still chewing on it overall, but I had a good time and more games like it are a boon to the industry methinks. Still think the name choice was big dumb and gave the game bad press it didn't need but eh.


Started Prey. So far, relatively enjoyable. Might bite bioshocks style a tad much at times but theres worse games to emulate and its a fun time so far.


Soon, in a few days, 2020 will lie dead at our feet. Who knows what the next year holds, but with any luck it'll be mildly better. All I can say is good fucking riddens to 2020.


Got one big gift for this crimbus. Also sweatpants. Satisfied.


Well there ya go. Unsurprisingly ring fit and AC were high up. Need to get back on ring fit, get back to my regular schedule.


Welp. Stardew has the hooks in again. Away we go.


Still need to make me GOTY list. But Wasteland 3 is my GOTY.


Welp, consistently making it to the final boss of hades. Been having a good time with the game so far-as noted I'm generally not able to get into roguelikes but this ones been an exception. Very good.


How far we've come since then, eh. I'll likely still end up grabbing the game but at this point what I've heard of it makes it sound like a deep discount experience after it gets patched up.


Despite normally not being able to get into roguelikes, I decided to grab Hades. Especially in the light of them not grinding their employees into dust, and yeah so far its pretty good.


After years of bad launches, I've been kinda burned enough times to at least try to wait on games and not go for them day one. Glad I did that with Cyberpunk 2077, since it seems like the games got a lotta issues. Tis a shame but its not uncommon I guess.


Made Chicken Parm. Turned out well, was happy with it.


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