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Welp, beat DQB2. I had my issues with it and I might prefer the story of the first buuuut theres tons of QoL improvements and overall its a really charming and enjoyable game. Curious what that epilogues going to add.


Just watched Arrival. Pretty damn good.


New Shantae revealed, looks pretty good to me so far visually. Hopefully its a good time and includes a certain...character of interest to me. But for now its at least good to get more confirmation that their character design remains on point.


Played entirely too much DQB2 yesterday, but spent most of the time progressing the story so I have a feeling I'll be reaching the climax of proceedings in due course. Hopefully that epilogue arrives sooner than later.


Ive been playing lots of DQB2 and we're at the crack cocaine portion of proceedings. I've spent a fair bit of time just building up a farm on the hub island and man is it addictive. Haven't even hit the second island yet.


Welp, my last days about wrapped up. Always weird to leave a job but especially so when its a job you really liked with coworkers you really like. Tis a hard thing but I'm ready to take some time, mentally prep and enjoy a bit of a break before school.


Almost done with the first island in DQB2. Lovely game so far, looking forward to seeing where things go from here.


Happy birthday trigger. You're a darn good artist and I appreciate ya.


Until watching part of Jims video I didn't realize that Youngbloods had microtransactions and cosmetic shit. And man is that just greaaat. Fucking glad I was uninterested from the start for this game. Can't wait for how they dick with DOOM.


Mmm. Starting my last week or so of work, before it ends and I take a month off before school. Feels a little weird, and its a bit sad because I like my job but I'm getting more and more ready for school as time goes on.


Its incredible to me how effectively bethesdas soiled their own reputation over and over again when it feels like not that long ago they were still the toast of the town. They were never perfect but man have things gone downhill especially lately.


Mmm. So as of now I'm thinkin about writing more. To that end I'd like some suggestions of games that might make good fodder for micro musings, so toss me some ideas if you have em.


Also phone background via zombiecorps. Does good work, haven't changed it for a while.


Would you look at that, its time for more suffering at the hands of Dandelion. Link in the comments, watch as we pop the bunny boy cherry and get into the dating part of the game I assume.


Beat the messenger last night. Overall I liked the game but the second half of the game is definitely a momentum killer and I think some design decisions made there were not advisable. I'll get into a bit more detail in the comments on that.


Welp managed to get GOG galaxy 2.0 downloaded and etc. Looking forward to toying around with it, seems to be pretty neat as of now.


Well cover me with buboes and wall me up inside my home to contain the spread of infection while I slowly starve and then die, I gots a new blog up! Its about them there microbes, iffin that would be of interest to ye. One more bump.


Microbial Musings: Dishonored

Rats. Even saying that name brings to mind disease, plague, and filth. Its something that seems almost, whether it be through some genetic imperative or a cultural one but regardless of origin its a creature many of us-at least in th...


Finished up Midnight in Chernobyl. Found it to be a pretty good book and after the show piqued my interest it was neat to learn all of what happened in detail without the embellishments or changes the show needed to throw in.


Playing the Messenger and yeah I see what people were talking about regarding the later part of the game. Going to try to beat it still but its kind of dragging.


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