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Looks like Epics getting into games publishing etc, theyre working with Remedy, Design, and the limbo team. I'll link the story below.


After replaying some DOOM 2016 after a bit more DOOME, I feel more confident in saying that I prefer 2016. I definitely like combat tweaks and platforming additions in DOOME, and it would be interesting to see a variant of 2016 with them in it.


Beat DOOME. Full thoughts below, since I figure I'll write a decent amount.


DOOME update: This game, as the youth are wont to say, slaps. Gameplay groove keeps getting better and zipping around fighting demons gets more and more fun as you go along. Its just fantastic chaos that requires juggling enemies effectively.


Gonna play some DOOME, and also stream it because why not. Link in the comments, I make no promises about my actual ability to play well on Ultra-Violence.


DOOME thoughts, gonna write em up more below like the rest of the fellow DOOMchildren.


Got DOOME at last. So far I'm liking it-certainly a different flavor than 2016 and I'm still deciding how I feel about the more arcadey feel and storytelling vs the prior game, but as I settle into the rhythm I'm having fun.


Not a selfie, but hopefully it sates your desire to see my flesh form.


A new Kurzgesagt vid about coronavirus. Worth a watch in case you're curious about the mechanics of the thing, at least as we currently understand them for this virus.


Face to face classes cancelled. Hew boy.


Pre-ordered DOOME. I know I really shouldn't, and I should just wait but I'm just a man and I need this fucking game damnit.


Streamin some Yakuza Kiwami. Check it out if ya want.


Went into the library to return a book, and grab one new book. Wandered into the micro section and...uh. Came out with 3.


As if anyone expected anything different from me.


Welp. Classes canceled the week after next week and online till the 10th. Fuckin wild stuff.


Happy birthday, to the big rat that makes all of da rules of dtoid. Nekro. Have a good beer.


DOOM 2016 is, in my eyes, the best FPS of 2016 and possibly of the past decade, if not all past decades. And its my favorite game of all time. Thank you and good night.


Decided to grab Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2 on sale. I don't plan on playing both of them too quick but for 11 a pop (I own 0) I figure why not grab em since they're on me to play list. Lookin forward to it.


Welp. Looks like them there sentients are invading next month in Warframe. Gonna have to get all ready to smash em.


One of the most enjoyable things about recent happenings on the Twitters is the DOOMslayer/Isabelle memes. So far I've be rather fond of most of them, and its a v wholesome.


Been enjoying MHW Iceborne a reasonable amount. Aside from Barioth whos an annoying pain in the ass, all the monsters that are new to me have been fun times, specially Glavenus and Brachydios.


Apparently Netflix has a hardcore documentary about bacterial sex. Is it any good?


For any of you concerned about that there new coronavirus, I'd recommend this video. Covers it well. Tl;dr, its not a cause of no concern but its not a world ending pandemic and influenzas a scarier bug.


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