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Wasteland 3 is still my GOTY for last year, recent awards stuff has made muse again. Liked Hades a lot, and Ghostrunner a lot too but Wasteland 3 is still sticking in my brain hard which tends to be indicative. Need to get around to a second playthrough.


#indietoid for Shantae Half Genie Hero. For completely innocent reasons unrelated to any of the bosses maybe. (I'll throw a real one in the comments)


Happy birthday Limo. Your opinions are rancid and you seem to enjoy torturing me for some reason, but I always enjoy hanging out and chatting shit about stuffs.vhope its a good day for ya.


New gen has just kinda reinforced my decision to just build a new rig (mostly) and stay away from consoles for the foreseeable future that aren't nintendo related.


I have entered the iron age in Valheim. Gots me a swamp to conquer, a big ass boat to haul iron across the sea. What a lovely game this is.


#waifuwednesday Got a gif o me mermaid Luci, so I'll share that in the comments since its too large for the photo uploader to handle.


With recent news, I assume Pyra fanart will increase in volume by 6900% and I'm here for that. Image semi related and also #waifuwednesday or something


Valheim is enjoyable. Pretty early on, needs a lotta work but its a fun crafting building game. Music is pretty good too.


Started replaying RE7 because the dlc and RE8 murmuring has gotten me back in the mood for it. And its pretty good still, unsurprisingly. Lotta personality and fun area designwork both in terms of the details and how things are set up.


After not doing it for a long while, finally got to beating the RE7 DLC. Enjoyed Not A Hero, especially the conclusion. And End of Zoe is just a special kind of weird and campy that I also adored. Good stuff, feel like I'm ready for 8.


Beat Ori and The Will o the Wisps. I have some minor gripes but ultimately I liked it a fair bit and it's a marked improvement on its predecessor. Good stuff.


On monday, the first day of my last class filled semester starts. I'm likely looking at a december graduation if all goes well, but it still feels kinda weird to be here.


Since dragons are apparently a thing tonight. Dragon. And also an excuse to share another thing trigger made for me.


Played Ori and The Will o the wisps last night for a while (gonna do more tonight) and had some thoughts below


Welp, Ori and the Will O the Wisps is on sale so I grabbed it. I had my issues with the first one but I've been looking for something new and I did like the first so I'm willing to give the next one a shot.


Glad to see the Packers continue to be true to form. Can be a frustrating team to watch, thats for sure.


Mushroom 11 is a beautiful game with weird visuals and an interesting background at almost all times. It also has good music and an interesting creature to play as. Its also... immensely frustrating. Lordy can physics based games be a nightmare.


We've a long way to go, and theres a lot of shit that needs to get done so the pressure is going to have to be kept on the new administration and current batch of politicians. But goddamn does it feel good to finally have...like...a real president again.


Got me Yetee metroid shirt. Am very pleased with it.


After beating most of the games I got for crimbus, I returned to Hades. And yeah I'm still impressed with a lot about it. The story and storytelling is really good, and the gameplay is a good time that offers a good amount of variety in how tools work.


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