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Decided to purchase Ace Combat 7. Inspired by an airshow, and a curiosity about a franchise I've never touched.


So, mordid curiosity question. Whats a game that you love or loved that really wowed you or changed your perception of what games or a series of games could be in a positive way,and how did it do that.


#fishfriday and a happy (late) birthday to gundy, the best purveyor of lewd friends anyone could ask for.


Today, I got news of a new Metroid that's a sequel to my first Metroid game and I got a commission from my favorite artist whose commissions opened for literally a few minutes before snapping shut. Its been a good day.




Drank a lot with my dad last night. Got a hangover today. Went out and watched military airplanes fly around. Its been an interesting weekend so far.


Apparently Salt and Sanctuary 2 is gonna be a thing-Salt and Sacrifice. I'd like more salt and sanctuary so I'm down whenever its out (turns out it is coming to PC)


So yeah, No Mans Sky is a good time so far. Been fun explorin, and making my way towards that dang living ship.


Welp, found out No Mans Sky has living ships. So now I own it. Also it was on sale.


Beat Pillars of Eternity. Overall I enjoyed and had a good time with it, though I muse on if I would have enjoyed it more on easy mode combatwise. Regardless yeah I had a good time and eventually I'll probably grab Deadfire.


Relevant. To....Iunno something probably. I just felt like posting it.


Since the announcement of Dying Light 2s release date, I've decided to get back into Dying Light and lordy is it a fun time. It might have one of my favorite parkour systems in a game that's trying to be somewhat grounded and I've been doin stuff at night


Played Little Nightmares. I find myself somewhat frustrated with it, because I liked its presentation, music, and found the gameplay/puzzles to be enjoyable. But I really wanted the game to give me more in terms of lore, story, etc.


Best fight scene ever. Am I doing it right.


Found out I had Abzu from a previous humble bundle ages ago, so I decided to download and play that. And yeah I enjoyed it-always a fan of ocean iconography, had some fun sections. I prefer Journey but eh, thats a hard act to beat.


So yeah. Pillars of Eternity is good, which is no doubt an unsurprising statement to anyone whos played it. Been having a good time and its had some fun twists and turns.


I have been playing Pillars of Eternity and aside from the jank, I'm getting into it and having a good time. Giving me a base to build up is always a good way to get me addicted.


Got Noita. An interesting and chaotic game.


Beat RE8 and overall, its pretty good. I have my issues with it, mainly in terms of some story gripes and length of two of the areas but overall I rather enjoyed my time with it. I'd say its on par with 7, maybe a bit better or worse in some areas.


So I'm a fair bit of the way through RE8 and yeah its very good. I have my quibbles, but overall its been enjoyable and its clear a lotta works gone into it. Characters have all been fun so far too.


Started RE8 (Law was very kind and got it for me) and yeah, so far I like it. Fun designs, characters, and the gameplay is good.


Experimenting with pizza-thin crust. Normal sourdough recipe and rise time but made pizzas with a fourth of the dough. Successful-need to try with cold fermented to try to get bubbly crust.


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