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Oh, look The Old Blood update for Warframe is out. Time to give that a shot. ON STREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


And thats Outer World's beaten. Ultimately a pretty good game, I had fun with it and I'm glad I seemed to have gotten one of the better endings.


Streaming some MHW. Feel free to join me if so inclined. Image related.


Read a recent piece on scientific publishing of papers and an increasingly parasitic relationship with publishers of papers. Found it interesting, and its something on me mind as I get closer to being able to write up my own papers.


Well. That latest spat of MS announcements is...not overly encouraging is it. Hrmm.


And done. Pretty good book in my estimation, cool overview of winemaking etc.


Decided to make some chocolate chip cookies via Babish's method. Not bad.


N7 day. Eh, why not toss out an image of best ME girl Tali. Don't @ me.


Just got a 100 dollar fine for non up to date registration. Yaaay.


Happy birthday chris. You're a darn good writer and part of the site, and its always good to interact with ya. Go have a nice sour beer and enjoy the day.


You know what would be great? If everyone got a padoru avatar for December. That would sure be a neat idea that everyone should totally do. Or else.


That Bloodstained patch goes a good way to making the game look better-better details and generally brighter. Just in time for me to beat the final boss. Lovely game, overall. Now back to The Outer Worlds and Blasphemous which I just grabbed today.


Alright folks, we're starting our stream for DnD-Extralife edition. We'll be streaming via prins channel, and I'll try to link the extra life site when it stops breaking.


Planning on waiting for the PC version of Death Stranding before I consider imbibing. Part of its version preference and part of its wanting to let reactions cool and solidfy as well as increase in number so I get a better feel on it.


Its a beautiful day in hell. And you are a terrible honkslayer. Honk and Tear. Until it is done.


Happy Halloween everybody. Make sure to keep your skeletons close to hand for maximum spooks.


Hey everybody. Just as a reminder, Extra Life is coming up on Nov 2nd. We're getting things set up, so keep your eyes peeled for a schedule etc. I'll also link our team page in the comments. Bump because the time is soon upon us for the thing.


A lovely #mermay before the cold and snow arrive to devour the last vestiges of nice weather for a time.


So yeah. That there Outer Worlds is a good game innit.


Imma grab that there Outer Worlds on PC via that MSpass dealie. Lookin forward to giving it a shot and at a real cheap entry point as well.


Its a true testament to bethesdas talents for making games and handling PR that Fallout 76 is still in the news almost every other week with some new disaster-in addition to their other fuck ups. Bet blizzard appreciates the distraction.


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