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Awwww yessssss. Shame the physical versions already sold out but I'm digging these two new songs Ghost has released. I kinda hope they do a full album like this.


Yeah MHW on PC was a real good decision. Decided to roll with switchaxe this time, and the games still just a darn fun time. Just lovely.


Your reminder, that parasites like cordyceps exist and are one of the more beautiful/horrific forms of life on earth. It'll never cease to amaze me how varied life can get. Might post more weird shit more regularly.


W e l p. MHW is 50% off on steam so I decided to snag it and start afresh there. Been tiring of sony so I'm migrating back to my PC for most things. Kinda looking forward to playing it fresh, and I'll likely be able to make good progress before Iceborne.


Beat AC origins. And...yeah I rather liked it! I have my problems with it-story doesn't take enough time to breathe and develop things, writing is poor here or there despite my fav protag since 2-but overall I had a good time.


Currently trying to track down Prime 1 and 2, and maybe Hunters though I'm unaware of whether or not I still have that one to kind of regather all of the metroid games I've owned. Its my favorite nintendo franchise so I figured why not.


SNES is online. I get to play Super Metroid for the first time. I'm very happy about this.


And thats the first day of the semester wrapped. Felt good. Its going to be pretty hard but it felt good to be back in that setting, see some old teachers again and further organize my lab. Looking forward to it a fair bit.


Finally got around to watching Venom. And it sure was...meh? Wasn't the worst thing I've seen but by now the scales warped for me. Reminded me a lot of Catwoman weirdly enough.


So theres a song on that new king gizzard and the lizard wizard called superbug. And it's about antibiotic resistance. And phage. And none of you told me. NONE OF YOU TOLD ME.


Well. Given recent developments, glad I didn't bother grabbing Ion Fury. Don't see myself doing so in future either, plenty of other games on the horizon anyways.


Gonna stream some DOOM etc, try to get back into a pattern of doing this every once in a while.


Whenever I go back to give DOOM 2016 a replay, I'm reminded of just what a damn fine game it is. Its still probably my favorite game generally, and it just demands surround sound headphones and my full attention. Really hope DOOME turns out well...


For warframes second season of nightwave the theme was infestation. This was obviously to my tastes and I violently lunged at it to try to get all the goodies asap. And as of today, I finally got new operator armor. Lovely lovely, and colored like myxos.


Just watched Howard the Duck. And it sure wasn't good. That said we've watched a lot worse than it by this point, and honestly if it wasn't for the George Lucas connection it would be another throwaway 80's movie.


Happy Birthday Amna. your friendship is incredibly valuable to me, and I deeply appreciate chattin with ya about science, baking, murder, cooking and podcasts with. Hope you can celebrate with a nice sour beer, or some inferior alcohol sooner than later.


Past few days have been good. Been reading a ton to get ready for meeting my prof this wed. Hefty science papers, and while they're a bit intimidating in some regard they're also pumping me up to do some science. Been 3 years comin, 7 if ye count school.


Welp, beat DQB2. I had my issues with it and I might prefer the story of the first buuuut theres tons of QoL improvements and overall its a really charming and enjoyable game. Curious what that epilogues going to add.


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