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Happy Birthday Wes and Panda. Hopefully its full of things you like, deprived of things you dont, and involves a desirable amount of booze or sweets.


So last night after being inspired to do so by me lab prof, I decided to make homemade pretzels and beer cheese. I'll post pics below.


Welp. Looks like Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed to september. I'll toss a link to the tweet in the comments.


So a bunch of DOOME music was just officially tossed onto youtube apparently and....good lord some of the tracks are just blindingly good. I need DOOME so fucking bad.


A very interesting and weird album. I'll echo the comments on it and note that its like someone turned a panic/anxiety attack into an album. Headphones recommended. #arbitrarymetaltuesdays


My playstation thing is in the comments because the photo thing seems to hate me trying to upload images.


Welp, finally beat the final boss of the ringed city dlc for Dark Souls 3, which means that I've effectively beaten DS3 at last. Good stuff.


So Icebornes finally made it to PC after months of waiting. Annnnd.....as you might expect its apparently got a lotta issues for some people. Has a mixed review ratio on steam and some people are saying its made the entire game unplayable.


After a week of Ring Fit, I can safely say that Ring Fit is real good. Been helping me stay consistent in excercise and its a good workout full of stretches etc.


And I beat that there Super Metroid. Pretty darn good game overall, nice to finally have played basically all of the Metroids. Feels good.


Got ring fit adventure. Played it. And yeah I liked it, was quite a workout. Gonna try to keep at it.


Hey lookie there. Its a blog full of the games I liked enough to award arbitrary awards that, much like the futile works of man, are ultimately meaningless in comparison to the works of microbes in a vast uncaring universe. Go read it maybe.


Gamemaniac's Sporulating GOTY list 2019

Twas a quieter year than other ones, this year. Still, it happens-next year appears to be overstuffed to bursting during the spring season so things may change but this year was a relatively quiet one for me gameswise, least as far as ...


Gots to get a GOTY thing done soon enough I suppose. After that and another blog, perhaps a things of the decade is in order. Been quite a ride...


Happy birthday Riffraff. May it be full of cats and less full of Toxoplasma gondii.


Hey look its part two of my streaming blog. On a different day no less-feel free to read that if you were so inclined. And a bump.


Welp, decided to grab Ring Fit adventures. It sounds like a lot of people like it and more exercise should theoretically keep my alive longer so I'm willing to give it a shot.


Saw Midway. It sure was a movie that was alright. Not much more than that.


Increasingly I'm musing on writing some thoughts on Outer World's. Its been rattling around in my brainbox since I played it. Should get me GOTY blog out first though.


And thats Christmas over with. Padoru and festivities will now cease from me. Back to the normal fish. To all that joined in, your participation in the padoru legion is commended. To all who didn't, your heresy is on file.


Merry Christmas everybody. Hope its treating you well and you got some neat stuffs what suits yer fancy.


A hairy spider/cut bloodborne boss. For youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


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