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Gots a new blog up to slither unto your eyes, dig into your brain and sow wondrous seeds. A bump for those of you who wander in later climes than the original time of posting.


The Birth of a Good-Bad Movie night

Well dear children, gather round as I tell you all about one of the most wonderful events one can partake in-that of good bad movie night. Here I thought it would be fun to look back at how my particular group formed and proffer some a...


Alright y'all its time for me to let cuphead beat me down more and put me through my paces. Link in the comments below for me twitch streammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


#arbitrarymetaltuesday you say? Well who am I to resist a bit of indulgence in this hallowed tradition. Heres some more Ghost B.C. for you. Also there might be something tommorow. Something blog shaped.


Decided to preorder this beaut of a vinyl album from fangamer because I like the art and I really like plague knight. Planning on getting a wall display for it so I can use it as some nice wall art. Going to keep sniffing around for more in the same vein


Mmm. Regarding the RE7 DLC I hope its good. Was rather taken with the game even if the second half was noticeably weaker-not enough to tank things of course but still unfortunate. However both of the DLC seem somewhat interesting so we'll see.


Welp, tonights bad movie was Street Fighter. What an enjoyable good bad movie-full of cheese and ham and stupidity.


Welp according to the devs, Cuphead has sold over 1 million copies, which I'll link below because getting that URL thing to work is done through methods I'm not aware of.*Shrug* Great stuff, games lovely and deserves to do well.


MmmmmmmmmmmletshaveanAMAandbumpitonceortwicemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe. Ok last bump.


Decided to give that there cuphead a try on me laptop to see how it did. Ran fairly well, loading times were increased and it didn't seem to run quite as good as my gaming rig but it still ran fine. Heres me laptop specifications.


Nothing like a nice drink with coworkers after a long day of work to blow off some steam. Lovely time.


Why not join me for a cup of [INSERT REAL NAME HERE] right in your ears? And eyes. That or some cuphead. Streammmmmminnnnnnnnnn.


Man oh man...I friggin love science. Someone looked at whales and thought "I wonder what the microbiome of the water they blow out while breathing is" and went out and did it. Lovely.


Streamed more cuphead, had a lovely time. I also got exposed to this song today and damn is it some good stuff. What a lovely game.


Going to stream some more cuphead for a bit, feel free to join me if you're so inclined. Link in the comments below. Bumping for another go.


Bad movie night was a gooden tonight till it wasn't. We watched Dangerous Men which was a delightful bout of insanity 26 years in the making before it came out and then we watched part of Dumb and Dumber to which was....boring.


A fappy birthday to that fucko Mike Martin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FUCKER!!!


Streamed Cuphead on Twitch, had a lovely time. Its a gorgeous game with a fantastic soundtrack and I had a blast streaming it. Also I added a link to the stream below, so you can see the conversation going on in the chat.


Got that there Cuphead last night, and I'm possibly going to stream it tonight and find out how not shit/shit at it I am. EDIT:Streaminnnnnn


Welp, beat that there Metroid Samus Returns. Overall, a good not great game. Still that said, it is a good game in my opinion-I had a lovely time with it and after 13 years of waiting its nice to see it turn out well. Think I'll go for A2MR or Fusion next


Hark, behold-off of the slab rises a beast made of different parts! Words! Images! Punctuation! Paragraphs! My blog is alive...ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!....so go read it maybe. Its about Bloodborne for the second and probably last time.


Man did it get a bit...spooky in here all of a suddden?


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