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For todays #arbitrarymetaltuesday how about we post a song as a nod to the tide pod challenge and the news media, a nod that is in no way demonstrating my opinion of the news media as a whole no sir.


Welp, beat that there Hollow Knight and got the best ending as well. Much as I enjoyed it I also kind of hate it in some ways. Might see about writing up something on it at some point but glad have bested it.


Mmmm. For gaming type stuff this week, Lawman was kind enough to buy me that there RE7 Season Pass so I'm probably going to stream that, I might put DoW3 through its paces and I continue to chip at Hollow Knight. As well as probably returning HZD.


Theres always something going on in communicord, and most of the time its something that'll take a part of your soul with it.


Been on a jazzzz kick the past few days. Been lovely to get back into the genre, I really need to get some of that on my music device proper and music it up.


After playing warframe for a few weeks and grinding away at the infested, biological creepy warframe-because microbiologist-I finally got it and colored it the same colors as me favorite bacterium. Because obviously.


Streaming thoughts: I have a new mic. Come listen to me use it and play hollow knight. https://www.twitch.tv/gamemaniac3434


I've gone and done a thing, it would seem.


Happy new years all, join me in wishing for it to be prokaryotic and full of fimbrae. Or pili, if thats more your speed.


Hollow Knight is a game I rather like, with some great graphics, good aesthetics and character design as well as some nice music and sound design. And sometimes it pisses me the fuck off difficulty wise.


Finished The Disaster Artist book. It was quite a good book in my opinion, and it was a fascinating look at one of the most interesting and well loved good bad movies of all time as well as the mind behind it. Would definitely recommend it.


Christmas greetings for the morning, hopefully everybody got some stuff they wanted.


Merry Christmas dtoid. May your days be merry and prokaryotic.


So I started reading The Disaster Artist....and its sure a fascinating story so far. Its interesting seeing that the story behind one of the best good bad movies of all time is as bizarre as I would have expected.


Welp. That was The Emoji Movie and Pixels. Both of them were indeed very bad-and regrettably the bad kind of bad, where they're so dull its painful. Interestingly one of them has the last of us in it and both of them were made by Sony. Garbage company.


Its time folks. I'll leave the stream link below and within the next hour or so...so. Watch it if you want to watch the emoji movie and pixels.


Welp. Unless something falls through, this saturday might be the night I livestream The Emoji Movie and Pixels as they slowly fucking kill me and the rest of my bad movie night group since they agreed to participate in this living nightmare. You did this.


A reminder that my blog is up and possibly available for reading! Its like a lootbox really-click the link and it might let you read or you might get a blank page/404 error! The thrill, the rush, the chance at reading my GOTY list-its there for trying!


Welp, gots a new blog up about the games this year wot I liked. Why not trundle over and feed at the trough, and enjoy my last blog before presumably the emoji movie or pixels kills me? And now it actually works possibly maybe!


So in preparation for a thing I'm doing in about a week or so (which will come to fruition hopefully soon, I swear probably) I've been replaying Dead Space 2. I'm having a good time, the church of Unitology is as beautiful as I remember and sounds ace.


So I got the Monster hunter beta downloaded and played variously with strider, malthor, limo and lawman. And I went from a 0 on the interest scale to a full 10-we had a fuckin blast and theres tons of organic events like this. Had a great time.


So I recently got into warframe after not playing it for several years-and back then I didn't play it much. So far...I like it a fair bit actually. Can see it being something to play on and off with friends etc. Plus, color customization! Best colors.


I think this about sums it up. Also I'd love to see some gameplay of Death Stranding soon enough but we'll see. Its weird enough to capture my attention.


#arbitrarymetaltuesday How about something a bit more recent? I haven't made up my mind on this album yet-need to finish it and maybe listen to it a few more times after that. Still so far I'm finding enjoyment in it.


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