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Do you ever feel bad when playing a game in a way clearly not intended? I am grossly over-leveled in FFXV, and as a result, do not ever really need to switch weapons or use spells. I am having fun, but sometimes I wonder if I should try the systems more.


I think about this a lot. Why has Katamari Damacy never come to PC?


Managed to get a translated copy of Super Robot Wars J for the GBA. How have I never played these games before?


It really seems like Final Fantasy XV is a game that added a lot over time. I should really play it finally.


Alright, Project Octopath Traveler demo is pretty dope.


I hate it when I come up short in FF14 boss encounters. I was sucking on Shinryu last night.


Indoctrination, and why I love it

Sometimes I feel like a bit of an old man. I am in my early 30's, and have a long history with gaming from the NES onward. Specifically I have a long-running history with Japanese RPGs that take way too long to beat, have some piss-po...


Forgot to bring my Switch and 3DS to work tonight. Wanted to try those demos announced from the Nintendo Direct. Dammit.


Let's Talk Nintendo

So Nintendo has found themselves in an odd spot. For the first time in their long history with video games, they are taking a beating in revenue. It seems that modern concepts of game design, such as using the internet, has eluded them unti...


Bravely Default Demo Is What Demos Should Be

Bravely Default feels less like a demo, and more like a game made as proof of concept. Now this is not to say the game feels unpolished, quite the opposite actually. It isn't like that video Squaresoft made way back when showing Final Fanta...


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