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If y’all know anybody going through a hard time, tell them what they mean to you. Tell them their life is important. This not only saves lives, but is a generally nice thing to do. <3 you Dtoiders


Memes aside, is anyone else excited for #Darksiders3? I adored the first two games. The religion theme is super interesting to me. Gonna be a good birthday present to myself this year.


Just getting a second opinion here. I’m correct to be skeptical of a jar that is only labeled “Sandwich Spread,” right?


Disqus keeps eating my comments to you, so Neronium, this is the best way I know how to communicate with you.


Goku VS Yoda. Who would win in a fight? This came up today at work.


My friend found this old sign for sale on Facebook. I’m thinking it would look nice on my wall.


Look at all these posts that used to have 69 faps and are now at 70. Which one of you delinquints is responsible?


Disqus is putting ads in the middle of the comments section now? Strong dislike.


Disqus is putting ads in the middle of the comments section now? Strong dislike.


Fine Sony, you win. I'll buy a PS4.


Ladies and gentlemen... I give you Twitch chat for the Xbox conference. Also, cocks.


Anyone else immediately inclined to leave any website that locks you out unless you disable Adblock? More explanation in the comments.


PSA: This hot young woman ocean of love sex is on the market, friends. Maybe one of you will be lucky enough to catch here.


@Neronium -- The same thing is happening to me. I can't interact with Disqus anywhere on Dtoid. @Niero -- You can take away our comments section, but you will NEVER silence us!!! ¡Viva la Revolución!


I saw Solo this weekend, and I liked it. Fight me, nerds.


Happy Mother’s Day to all our robot moms. That means you, WILF. Also to our spiritual resplendent black grandmother Occams. PS: Can’t wait for the Dad of War memes this Fathers Day.


Just saw Infinity War. I liked the part where Hulk killed Dumbledore.


I acquired this today. Never heard of it, but I decided to take a risk. Working picture in comments.


I want to play Dad of War so badly, but I have no PS4 and am broke. What do?


My neighbor is either a really bad drummer, or put a cat in the dryer. Who’s to say?


My friend got his Masters degree today. Good job, buddy! <3


Rockstar is at it again. This time they banned a LOT of legitimate players from GTA Online. People are starting to understand my plight.


Hey Switch owners, there have been some reports that using a third party dock can brick your system. I’m not sure if this is the accurate cause, but I’m gonna be safe rather than sorry.


Who here remembers the day when Destructoid was covered in dicks? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Got banned from GTA Online. Never used hacks in my life. **** you, Rockstar, for not even having an appeals process. This isn't how you treat customers. This is how you run a goddam scam.


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