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I used the Game Awards to endure the evening's FFXIV Endwalker login queue, but lost connection moments later. Thankfully, I had Halo Infinite downloaded, so I gave that a shot a minute or so later. Really liking this laptop so far.


Only made it to level 83 content so far in Endwalker but they really are going all-in with everything in every MSQ from each expansion mattering. Makes me wonder if I should go finish those Stormblood Hildibrand quests.


I was wondering if they'd go there with the moon theme. Now I have the Bayonetta version stuck in my head, though.


It's done! Everyone else might like the Blade's Resolve, but Shoebill still judges and disapproves of all it lays eyes upon.


One DR run away from completing my relic Gunblade in FFXIV. Would have gotten my Dark Knight one, but it had a dozen glowing weapons and Gunbreaker doesn't have many yet.


New laptop. New tablet (Galaxy S7 FE). Did get another PS Direct invite for tomorrow but I expect disappointment. Unless FFXVI is PS5 exclusive (doubtful given Yoshi P is involved) I think I may be able to wait for Spider-Man 2 or Wolverine now.


I am now a cool next gen gamer with my ROG Zephyrus laptop. Guess I'll be passing on the Steam Deck now. This is light enough for a good carrying case and I have a cute grey/blue XB1 controller waiting to be used.


Had my birthday Sunday, but got together with family today. Sister somehow had my missing copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy and I'm happy to have it back. Sadly, no leftovers to take home.


Bandai Namco is reminding me how badly they nickel-and-dimed folks for anime DVDs and soundtracks back in the day. Just getting soundtracks is still messier, though.


Gamestop had $800 bundles for PS5 way early this morning. Scalper prices are not a Black Friday deal. Also not Friday. Give your folks a day off.


I think part of the issue with a live action Cowboy Bebop is that's what Firefly was and it was only half as cool, incomplete and Serenity made all the wrong choices. The Jayne episodes are also hard to watch because Adam Baldwin was just playing himself.


I usually am okay with crossovers, but I feel like Disney and Fortnite have brought it to a very cynical and gross point where sometimes neither side brings anything to the table but skins and cameos. I want crossovers like Witcher/FFXIV x Monster Hunter.


I need that middle sticker. It's by an Esty creator called SageWindfeather. It's in reference to a Stormblood short story on FFXIV's Lodestone site. Tataru and Krile like to drag Estinen into things. Dragoons are often introverts. He's grumpier than Kain.


Live action Cowboy Bebop looks awful, so I just got the Blu Ray of the real show. New soundtrack is apparently good though.


I often don't make purchases out of spite, but if Kena and the Bridge of Spirits gets mentioned in the same insane screed as Metroid Dread, it must be a good time and David Jaffe was probably wrong.


Shang Chi is probably the first time I watched an MCU movie and was a little disappointed to be reminded it was a MCU movie.


Got the FFXIV Cookbook. Gonna ask a family member to make this bacon bread.


DF review of GTA DE seems like a lengthy, polite way of saying "What the fuck?"


Watching the Craig 007 movies as I recover from wisdom tooth removal. Quantum of Solace holds up better when watched soon after Casino Royale, especially if you skip "Another Way To Die" because Jack White shouldn't sing with Alicia Keys.


The wisdom teeth are out. A banana smoothie was had. Now just annoying pain. I also lined up the next two appointments, one conveniently placed at Dec. 3 for an excuse to drop another vacation day for Endwalker. And the the tooth filling, of course


Caught up on all X-Men movies except for all those versions of Deadpool 2. I wouldn't say Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix are bad (well, not as bad as Origins or X-Men III), but I'd take Logan and The Wolverine over them.


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