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Do not worry. We will not let the annoying orange back on Destructoid.


So... if I'm getting this right, both the Brothers Grimm and Disney decided to make the Baba Yaga into the Fairy Godmother.


Started the community Halloween tarot readings tonight. There were thirteen questions in all. I'm probably gonna hand off a few readings to Occams because he expressed some interest. We'll make a few posts out of this, I think.


Had a dream about a little crow figurine and then saw one on Etsy one day and now I am enamored with crows like my stepmother was with koalas. Sign of age, I guess.


To start the relic weapons in FFXIV Endwalker, you are forced to endure Hildebrand quests to unlock them. I am having "fun."


Made a secondary Twitter recently. It literally let every deeply deranged anti-vaxxer into my new feed, so that's fun to prune. Anyway, up early, so early breakfast and early voting so I can hopefully exist without being labeled an obscenity by the right.


All these years later, we find ways to keep Dragula relevant.


I thought Silent Hill 2 was already a movie. I could spoil Silent Hill 2 just by saying that movie's name.


Give us a Pokémon (any gen) to submit to Occams for definition and/or ask a spoopy game question and pick a tarot deck for divination. These posts will go up in to weeks to come. Tarot by Halloween, Occamsdex in the weeks before Scarlet/Violet.(Last Bump


Gaming is back to tanking in FFXIV and easy mode settings in Nier games since tendonitis has returned to take most of my left arm.


She-Hulk finale was very She-Hulk. Aside from one episode that dragged a little, it's the best Marvel show since all the ones canceled on Netflix & joins the ranks of legacy MCU characters like Wolverine, Deadpool and the Defenders in knowing what sex is.


How long until Ghost of Tsushima PS5 gets a remake?


M3gan sort of exemplifies why I've given up on horror movies, but then, Final Destination had already sealed that.


Upon finishing Labyrinth, I have concluded Toby would have been better off with Jareth.


The state of music apps is infuriating, but Amazon Music is only mildly incompetent in hiding purchased music on your phone and a look at your SD card on PC makes it easy to sort out. Also grown fond of BlackPlayer EX.


What you see here is Jon Stewart calmly stating the truth. This AG of Arkansas just does that Southern headrattle, which is a tell she has and knows nothing. Her sources are ADF, Heritage Foundation & the Family Research Council. Hate groups.


Thought I might go through Del Toro's movies this month, but I don't recall much of the original Labyrinth aside from "Magic Dance" and David Bowie stealing a baby, so gonna start with that ahead of Pan's Labyrinth.


AI Yoko Taro would just rip off Animal Crossing to kill Tom Nook.


Ended up grabbing Xia Hunt's Children of Litha tarot deck. Basically full of sexy monster people and then animals in nature scenes. One of the best quality indie decks I've seen, too.


Chromatic Fates is one of my favorite tarot decks. The folks behind that collaborated with Wyrmwood Gaming for a more Halloween-themed series called The Corrupted Tarot. It opts to depict reversals rather darkly. This is Strength by Xia Hunt.


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