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Do I really have a stomach bug? No. Does my boss need to know I just don't feel like coming in today? Also no. If I can't use my vacation time, I will use the sick time in its stead. Also my attendance is consistent enough to get away with it.


Rarely say this about modern anime but this looks like crap, plus it's an adaptation so corners will be cut and a likely a lot of Taro's design quirks vanish with it, reduced to cute androids who cry and never realize the opening line.


She held the demonic cheese wheel in her many-fingered hand and uttered the incantation that would bring all bread to life.


I don't mind the song itself, but this is still the most tonally inappropriate Star Trek intro, especially after some poor alien dude is scorched to death.


I asked for an SMT Pixie in pulp art. I said Nocturne. It took Pixie and stretched her over Minako from Persona 3. Look great, though.


Didn't succeed in doing much game completion over the summer (that big tarot study/card binge thing) but I'm back on Nier Replicant. Hope this comes to Switch, too. Kainé should swear everywhere.


Working with someone that is a poster child of future tattoo regrets. It's like in a matter of weeks he's become a smorgasbord of cultural appropriation. I wish him the best of luck in finding some lesbian neonazi sailors to meditate with.


I think "Various Daylife" is proof SE needs to hire someone to name things better.


Rewatched The Little Mermaid (1989). Ariel has an abusive dad who smashes her stuff & she's wed at 16. Prince Eric looks well past 18. He also eats fish, which may be Ariel's friends. The Triton/Ursula beef isn't explained well.


The AI art thing is a bit overdone but I did get something to not turn out nightmarish


I arrived at the controversy of Thor: Love & Thunder and... that was it? That's what the meltdown was over? Just that little bit? Not even like half a second? Multiverse of Madness lingered longer and in a pretty ordinary capacity. This was just cute.


Crap week. Much tired. Thankfully the latest episodes of Lower Decks and She-Hulk were a total blast, so I feel a touch better. Here is a puppy in a raincoat.


About to start The Rings of Power. Also, I'm learning people who hate movies and TV watch with motion smoothing on.


It's very weird to me how short-lived arcades actually were and yet movie theaters are still a thing. I mean, arcades were very social environments that sold snacks and spread illness, too. We let them die, the old box office model can, too.


Those look cool. They also look like a choking hazard. I like coffee-flavored hard candy so I'm deeply conflicted about dice looking like it.


Long day at work ended with finding two decks I ordered turned out to be bootlegs and some of the gimmick cards were damaged. Getting refunded. Due to every card in the deck being a naked lady and her skeleton partner, look up HaeNuLi.


Mad I have to work a 11.5 hour shift today, so I bought this cute tarot bag. Well, the one with silver embroidery, not gold. Also Kung Pao Chicken.


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