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Samara turned me down, said I was too ruthless. So I blew up a Batarian system and told Martin Sheen to shove his cigarette down his piehole. Now the Reapers are here because no one listens.


Been watching Trese. Like it so far. Gives me some SMT Devil Summoner vibes.


Got another set of tarot cards. This is the Star Spinner Tarot, which is themed around fairy tales and does a rather diverse take featuring many cultures, body types and LGBTQ+ themes. Very cute set. There are four versions of Lovers in the deck.


Team Ninja has always had an issue with making heroes. Ryu and the DOA guys aren't interesting. William is anime Geralt. Materia and Spiritus are bargain bin Cosmos and CHAOS. FE Warriors twins? Crap. Jack sucks. They peaked at Linkle.


Ever lose your debit card, cancel it and then find it? Having one of those days. Missed breakfast, going carefully through the packed lunch. Got a Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda in there, at least.


My Warrior of Light would like to apply for the lead role of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy.


Ubisoft making a game based on Avatar checks out because to me they are about as relevant to me as James Cameron.


Went out to the Edward McKays on the way home from work. Found a copy of FFT A2 there and brought it home. There was a copy of Pokémon Conquest for $120 and Pokémon Soul Silver was like $320. This is why I just do SMT now.


This Devil card is far and away my favorite tarot card design. I Liked the Mystic Mondays set so much I grabbed another set just for the sake of collecting.


Your Pokémon have been collected, paired up and forwarded to Occams. The fate of some E3 questions lies with what he decides they said about them.


I did blind tarot card draws on all E3 predictions before starting to draft for the feature. Here's the deck I'm using.


Looking a bit too evil for the choices I'm making, but okay.


Okay, it's time to collect community questions for E3 predictions. Give me one question and one Pokémon and the generation it comes from.


2nd Pfizer dose done. 5G installed. LOADING. LOADING. LOADING...


Going from ME1 to ME2 is still a dramatic night and day difference.


I'm Commander Shepard and those deaths were not a "tactical decision." I just see racists as expendable.


Hi, I'm Prettier Aloy and welcome to my Ted Talk about the Great Vagina Bone Extinction that began with Tokyo Mirage Sessions.


I don't really try to make many of my characters super-pretty now. I just go for "grumpy and tired, yet approachable" people like my current Shepard.


NiaThePixie wasn't holding up as a PSN/Switch ID, now TomorrowIsMine :)


"Savage raiders are grizzled, battle-hardened warriors that have faced great adversity and come out of the other side stronger" was something someone said to me on the FFXIV subreddit and I couldn't stop laughing after that. Like, okay Worf.


Soken had a rough year, having to be isolated in a hospital for several months during the pandemic to his have cancer treatments. He beat it into remission, so he can let his freak flag fly as far as I'm concerned.


Friendly reminder that with Dante that SMT Nocturne canonically replaces DMC2.


I still have to do Delubrum Reginae seven more times to complete the the current step in my FFXIV Resistance Weapon. Who needs sleep anyway?


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