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Brought my Switch to work to play RE4 on break. Joycons are 20 miles away. Oh well... Va-11 Hall-A is still an option.


Castlevania Anniversary Collection is up on Limited Run Games for Switch and PS4. Grabbed this version.


I feel called out. I have revolver ammo but no revolver.


Got this small anthology of Poison Ivy stories the other day. Definitely feel Pam is a better character when the seductress aspect is very minor, but I think she's even better as antihero/protagonist than supervillain.


While the first person perspective helps navigating a world full of narrow corridors, RE7 and RE8 make that perspective hard to appreciate when they can't decide between fight or flight and don't make boss arenas all that clear.


Apple lawyers going after itch.io in the petty slapfight between them and Epic for Fortnite V-Bucks revenue means I can't take their LGBTQIA stances seriously. Attacking itch.io is attacking LGBT creators in a very big way.


Finally getting around to watching The Mandolorian. Pretty good so far, but as with most things about bounty hunters, the bounty hunting quickly takes a backseat. I think only Cowboy Bebop was at least somewhat consistent about that line of work.


I don't have much to add to the current discourse save for this: If you see a problem, you can come to the community team and talk about it. You don't have to go at things alone.


Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.


Only played a little of the new Pokémon Snap. So far, it feels like it's still focused on scoring portraits when it could be just a bit more educational about other ways of framing pictures. Huge missed opportunity.


I milked act one dry of quests in Nier Replicant. I am still overprepared and destroying things. Gotta make Kainé proud.


For years there were some people that moaned about a "lack of zombies" in RE. Now a vampire giantess is chasing us and everyone is here for it. I'm definitely okay with vampires and werewolves finally getting a turn.


Well, Pokémon Snap is shipped but Amazon says it comes on the 12th or 14th. Usually I read this as Star Trek "buffer time." It will probably be here today or tomorrow.


Falcon and the Winter Soldier was phenomenally bad. So many mistakes made in that show. Maybe the movies can treat it like the older MCU show. Too many antagonists, all undercooked or undermined to the point resolutions feel inauthentic.


In a Platinum sort of mood. Should go with the FF1 Fighter haircut since it its kinda Bayonetta... but then I'd want guns in my shoes.


Rewatching Mortal Komatsu Annihilation for the first time in forever and I think it just exists to make the first movie look much, much better. Annihilation even looks like straight-to-home-video knock-off.


Watched Birds of Prey and Godzilla: King of Monsters. Birds of Prey was the better of the two. Probably because it had actual characters in it. Certainly different takes on the characters, but I felt it worked out well. Really liked Black Canary.


One of the things I enjoy about Yoko Taro's games is that he's as subtle as a sledgehammer about what games he likes. There are areas in Nier games that should really just be called "I really love Ico" or "Basically, Resident Evil."


I want to be in a coma until like Friday and Nier Replicant is out.


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