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I'm convinced my local Boost Mobile exists in a dead zone, because this SIM card seems to work with this phone everywhere else.


Just as a heads-up, but if you're gonna post that "I got vaccinated" stuff while posting the card and such, please block out the "Lot #" or "Batch #" on top of other personal info. I'll explain in the comments.


The YoRHa cosplay in FFXIV is never going to end now. Meanwhile A2 gets no love >.>


Playstation has become the worst parts of Sony that I feel like I always warned people about.


Really like Pac-Man 99. Needs a Ms. Pac-Man mode and just classic stand alone arcade modes, though.


I'm okay. I don't like this wave of hate towards trans kids from state governments. Taking away sports from them is cruel, taking away health care is genocidal. Evil. And they do it without input, just ignoring the humanity of these kids entirely


Also watching more Star Trek after finishing everything TNG. Gonna finish out TOS. Captain Kirk is dangerously close to R. Kelly/Matt Gaetz territory. No wonder Spock hijacked the Enterprise and Bones drinks on the job.


Having no MOBA experience outside of just League of Legends Wild Rift... are matches usually this slow? I kinda like it and maybe its I'm still learning but it feels slow.


I haven't hopped on getting stuff off the PS3/Vita storefronts just yet, but my PS3 is something of a glorified Vita memory card anyway so most of it is backed up to PS3 and PC already. Really just need some stragglers on Classics and PS3 exclusives.


My phone has been completely Metroid-themed. Phendrana Drift (Deep Lake version) ringtone. MP2 Echoes title theme for alarm. Shortened "item get" melody for notifications. Best Samus on home screen.


Tried Symphony of the Night on the new phone. Terrible touch controls. Unplayable unless I pair a controller to the phone.


The Council has tried to find me many times. Each one that has tried has only found the doorway to oblivion, which disappears behind them and then there is only despair and fluffy, hungry kittens. Very hungry. Endless hunger.


Bayonetta 2 is done. Really enjoyed where the story ended up and Alarune on hands and feet muahahaha.


I remember MHW giving us a gorgeous character creator that somehow still produced a downgraded result. Rise loses a bit of detail in its version, but what you make is what you get. And you get to make the dog and feyline, too.


Someone beat me to the idea of opening a discontinued clothing store called Cancel Couture.


You know, crappy as it is, Nintendo taking the "Back in the vault" mentality with a few Mario games doesn't mean we'll never see them again. Sony nuking roughly three generations of gaming, on the other hand, is fucking terrifying.


If the Justice League was a car wreck, the Snyder Cut was watching the same car wreck in super slow motion, with bits of the drivers's day added in, set to "Mandolin Rain" by Bruce Hornsby and The Range.


You know how in MGS V and Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima picks the perfect licensed track for any given scene he feels it applies to? Zack Snyder does the exact opposite.


Finished Bowser's Fury. Well, I still have some cat shines to find, but I can do it another day. Gonna try to finally knock out Bayonetta 2 before Monster Hunter Rise arrives.


It really is frustrating there are politicians out there who want to legislate trans people like me out of existence and have no qualms about making trans and NB kids their primary targets and working up from there with their utterly phony concerns.


Also, Happy Birthday Dtoid! Thanks for continuing to be a wonderful community!


I have Candlekeep Mysteries, a physical copy of Hades and the FFXIV: Scions and Sinners Bluray all headed my way soon. Very excited.


Still obsessively decorating my house in FFXIV. Starting to feel real guilty about how my apartment looks, though. Clearly, I can decorate a space.


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