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I hope this isnt Chris's blood. Kainé, you go on ahead. I'll be studying... this.


I tried to rationalize Code Vein, but then played the demo for the character creation, created a cute cybergoth vampire and upon realizing I have plenty of games like this to finish, put it on my Black Friday list.


Got all the main paths done in Nier Automata. Definitely one of the best games of the generation.


On the C path of Nier Automata now. The game haa an interesting sense of pace and getting to see the story from different character perspectives has made for a good time.


Google's answer to Apple Arcade is the exact reason I've been against "Netflix/Spotify for videogames." You own nothing and developers get very little unless they make a timesink. Not to mention, it makes devs even more faceless & publishers like that.


Bloggers Wanted will be returning this month and ahead of October to give extra time for the topic. Pic unrelated, I just liked it.


Playing Nier Automata in preparation for the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raids in FFXIV. I like the customization and the weird juxtaposition of themes, but hate the corpse retrieval mechanic that threatens the loss of your chip build.


I closed the FFXIV Self Destructoid server this morning mostly due to my failure to grow it as well as inactivity. Plus once you join the game you kinda find your own guild and get sucked into their Discord. So it was a nice, but really redundant, idea.


I've mostly been messing with character creation in various games all day. MHW Iceborne let me make my character tired of it all. She looks how I feel on Mondays.


In the future, vending machines are spiteful.


Finished my Dark Knight's Cronus Lux greatsword in FFXIV, named for Kronus, the king of the Titans and god of time. And also because it glows. Kylo Ren wishes his lightsaber was this cool.


It's been a rough week. Seeing this made my day, though. I'm gonna have to track this issue down.


Hello Dark Knight my new main. Tendonitis won again. There will be much less Monking. I have to scale back the punching. And now I must embrace The Blackest Night. A pure delight, as well as the sound of Quietus.


The reviews are in. My Hollow Knight Scarab's Grotto tee has a 100% approval rating from co-workers, friends, gaming strangers, family and even people who don't know what it is and just think it's pretty.


Kevin Smith is directing and writing the new He-Man cartoon. So now it will just be Adam and Skeletor arguing about Star Wars. And then they fuck.


Playing Doom 3 and wow, no wonder this place went to shit. People just leave passwords everywhere for anyone to find.


I developed tendonitis in my left hand so I've had to scale back gaming a little and rest as much as I can since we're in our busy season at work. It stinks because I wanted to do Eden's Gate savage-tier raids in FFXIV, but casual play is better for now.


Finally settled on a new look, just shifted away from red to various shades of purple. I spent lots of gil at the stylist NPC constantly changing my mind. He bought a yacht later, I think.


I have chosen my side. I was already leaning Black Eagles, but then I looked up the romance options and it supported my choice.


Working on my Monk this week in FFXIV. Also trying out a kinda new look. Goth kitty?


Reached level 80 Machinist (the job is almost literally FFVI Edgar) and reunited a mother with her son. All hail Automaton Queen!


Back to being a cowgirl. A funky cowgirl from another dimension, even.


I think SE wants my Samurai to be a scary bird.


I like my new Dark Knight artifact armor. It's very Cecil Harvey when the helmet is visible, but the edgiest dark knights turn off visible helmets.


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