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I have chosen the very best mentor for black magic. Do not cross her or your end may be tragic. Ohohoho!


Completed my Warrior's Shamash Eureka axe. Shamash was the Sumerian God of the sun, morality, justice and truth.


Just as a reminder: Since Bloodstained is hotly anticipated here and some are being made to wait an extra week for their copies on Switch (I double-dipped on PC cuz can't wait), keep posts and images fairly generic and spoiler-free. No bosses or endings.


Catching up my mages. Scholar and Summoner are 50 and I'm pushing White Mage and Black Mage to 50 now as well.


Since people keep asking about a place Dtoid folks gather in FFXIV, I'm setting up a Discord to try and attempt to get something rolling and get linkshell invites out in-game. And settle on LS names. I'll leave a Discord link in the comments.


If there was any question about "whatabout"type people not thinking "straight pride" through, here it is. Did they go to jail? Were they married there? Did Hamburgler oversee this union? This is what happens when you don't peer review your work.


Got Machinist to 70 last Friday. I have yet to find a new glamour for it since 60 mostly because most of their artifact armor is ugly and most aiming gear is also hideous, so I'm sticking to gearhead or cowgirl looks.


It's confusing how Fangamer notifies you your package has been shipped and then that it arrived an hour later.


Productive holiday weekend. Got the third stage of my Eureka Axe done, got Paladin to 50 and Machinist to the mid-60s and did some Alexander raids for steampunk accessories for my Machinist!


Currently, my Machinist is a poor version of Mustadio or Balthier. Next month it gets Bioblaster, Auto-Crossbow, Drill and is more like Edgar AND IT GETS A ROBOT BUDDY. I approve of these changes!


Currently, my Machinist is a poor version of Mustadio or Balthier. Next month it gets Bioblaster, Auto-Crossbow, Drill and is more like Edgar AND IT GETS A ROBOT BUDDY. I approve of these changes!


Today's Live Letter for FFXIV is exciting for fans because it will discuss job changes and new abilities give us a good look at Dancer and Gunbreaker. After that, every major FFXIV forum will likely be an embarassing shitshow of tank/healer meltdows.


I'm not too much for grinding my brains out to get mounts from EX trials in FFXIV, but I did finally obtain the Kirin mount for obtaining all the ARR trial mounts. No, Strider, you can't hunt it for bow parts.


I'm rather amused that the Star Trek DS9 writers think revealing Elim Garak was gay is a shock. The regal condescension in his speech and always hovering around Dr. Bashir made it pretty obvious to me.


Man, all the things I just heard Pikachu say. I had a good time watching Detective Pikachu, which us great since I usually walk away from film adaptations feeling regret.


FFVIIR trailer looks nice, but they did that thing like World of Final Fantasy/Dissidia NT where they sped everything up so everyone speaks an octave higher and it just sounds wrong.

From our community  

Occamsdex: Detective Pikachu edition!

A couple years back, we had a feature known as Occamsdex. It became something of a crowdsourced community feature in which users would choose their favorite Pokémon or other video game creatures for our one-and-only Occams to describ...


Now that Vita's pretty much done, I made sure to get OLED model since I slept on top of my Slim once when I was sick and broke the left stick. Switch has taken many things from Vita, but Mitsuru can't dance there yet.


Okay, with Detective Pikachu almost here, we're gonna revive Occamsdex. You post a pokémon from the movie trailer in the replies and we'll get Occams to describe it's nature in the near future. Given the designs in this movie we may see different results


In anticipation of the new Dancer class in FFXIV Shadowbringers, I've been leveling Bard and now Machinist (which has a cowgirl style I posted yesterday). I like the 50 Bard AF. Nice to get something I don't immediately want to recolor or reskin.


Apparently the far right in Spain thought creating this would help negatively stigmatize the LGBT community there. LGBT folks around the world instantly adopted the gay ghost.


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