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Something mildly bugs me about the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer. It's not Lord of the Rings, it ain't Star Wars. It's a feature length series sci-fi/fantasy dick & fart jokes. It's still my favorite but it's really just a sketch comedy alumni flick.


Tough year for Star Trek fans. DC Fontana (writer for much of TOS and TNG), Aron Eisenberg (Nog, DS9) and now René Auberjonois (Odo, DS9) have passed away. I remember when I first heard Mr. House in Fallout New Vegas, I instantly knew it was Auberjonois.


Within this post is why I have to direct my parents to the SE store for a pricier Nier live concert album for Christmas rather than the regular OST (NSFW)


Happy Birthday, Meanderbot! You can have all the root beer!


Tried out some PS3 and Switch games on the QLED set. Nier was never a looker but cleaned up nicely with some tweaks. Astral Chain was, well, if you thought it was big on neon colors before... holy shit. This thing does right by lower res stuff.


My Black Friday/work bonus haul + Fangamer tees/Special Reserve version of Gris. Also got a Dead Cells tee, but I'm wearing that. Killer Seven tee on the left was random mystery option. Had to rebuy my Hollow Knight tee because the other got ripped.


When you're in management, you should never set the expectation that people are leaving early on a holiday and then when the appointed time comes tell certain people they have to stay.


Eorzeans know the soothing evening light of the Sky Macaroni.


I don't think I've ever known a music single to debut within a video game before, but "Almost nothing" from Silent Poets/Okay Kaya did just that and just appeared in iTunes and Google Play.


Got a profitsharing bonus ftom work, so I splurged and got a white PS4 Pro and a Samsung 43" QLED 4kTV. I was dazzled so much by the boost in colors I died a bunch in th FFXIV Nier raid.


PS4 version of Gris is up for pre-order on Limited Run Games. Blasphemous for PS4 Switch as well.


Finished Death Stranding. Set aside a couple hours for that ending. It does quite a bit of unpacking. Overall, I can say this game was the baby of Minecraft and Dark Souls and MGS was left to raise it. Great game, though.


Guid day. They ca' me Fiona 'n' this is ma mukker, Jammy.


The time has come. 18 years of waiting and only racing a forklift against Sonic to pass the time. Ryo returns. Hopefull Joy and Ren do, too. Hopefully we see more of Lan Di than him smirking from a distance this time.


Looked up Silent Poets on Google Play, sample a song and it shuffles in a track from GRIS by Berlinist. I wanted melancholy, not sobbing while driving.


Gonna close out the current Bloggers Wanted tonight. Since some got real personal, it's only fair I share something to that effect as well, it also gives me a chance to talk about the dark knights of Ishgard in FFXIV.


Things that upset Pokémon fans feel like things that made me start to prefer SMT over it. The beastiary hasn't grown to be a burden, asset reuse isn't demonized (well, demons aside) and ensures easier sequels. And the compendium is better than a nursery.


I feel Death Stranding is drawing on the idea that introverts like appreciation minus attention. It's the isolation of Metroid or Dark Souls, but instead of phantom invasions, you just do nice things for other players. And designate places to pee.


Took five tries, but I finally got my 2B glamour pieces from the YoRHa raids. Lace bits of the dress are nude-colored, though, so until thats fixed, it looks odd on characters with other skin colors. I just wanted the boots anyway.


Okay, I think I might have completed a third of the Witcher 3 main story. Now I'm told to gather all my friends and I'm totally sure this won't entail ling-winded favors based on my prior dealings with them.


Finished Star Trek Disco season 2. Better season, good mix of old and new. Captain Pike was great. Lots of character tension, though. Tilly improved. They need to do more lovely Short Treks to break the tension. DS9 deserves a remaster like TNG got.


Decided to go see Terminator: Dark Fate. It's a Frankenstein's monster of the the last four movies. They drew things they liked out of each movie and its decent enough, but it makes T3 feel braver in retrospect.

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People are saying Obsidian's The Outer Worlds should worry Bethesda, but I'd argue they also should be worried about the fact that Nintendo, Sony, CD Projeckt Red and more have taken what they do and do it better.


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