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On vacation. But made sure my old look got a new job as my retainer (NPC that does fetchquests and sells your stuff). Faeona will watch over my house now.


I can only see Lalafell if I sit down now.


Got tired of being a short catgirl, so now Faeona is Whispering Willow, a 7'3" Roegadyn.


Got tested for covid last week due to a coworker catching it. Test came back negative. 2020 isn't over, though. Gotta keep your guard up.


If you're looking at Carrion for Switch, head over to Limited Run Games. You get an eShop code with a preorder of the physical release.


FFXIV will eventually be free to play up to level 60, including Heavensward content after the 5.3 update in August. Some features will still be disabled, you won't get to make a Viera or Hrothgar, no /tell function, etc. But you get Heavensward and Au Ra.


Ghost of Tsushima has proven to be one of those games where I'll take so many pictures. It's also nice to see so many games of late encourage the player to take time to relax a bit.


Wear your masks folks. I've had to watch coworkers be dumb about this at my warehouse job and it seems like folks just don't care until someone they knew tested positive for Covid-19. Too many Americans just have to be stubborn about this.


Ghost of Tsushima is up there with all the Sony first party stuff on technical merits, but plays more in the direction of BotW and Witcher 3 in how it trusts the player to guide their own experience.


Amazon can't decide when they're sending Ghost of Tsushima to me. First it was mid-August, then next Tuesday and now it's tomorrow. I think this is just emotional manipulation.


I think a big reason Paper Mario has shifted the way it has is less Miyamoto and more Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi needed to be more distinct from each other and not a similar flavor with a different aesthetic.


The question should no longer be "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" The question should be "Is that a hot dog actually a cake in disguise?"


If you have Netflix, there is an excellent documentary called "Disclosure" in which transgender actors make a very thorough breakdown of Hollywood and the media's past and present mishandling of transgender characters and how that is changing.


Finished Borderlands: The-Pre-Sequel! It was a fun time, but pretty stingy on fun class mods. Endgame section dropped too many lasers, too. But I managed to get some nice pistols and shotguns in the end, which go nicer with Athena's style of play.


Been watching clips of the Harley Quinn Show and it does feel like a Mash-Up of Daria and Lego Batman. It's actually amazing that they moved Poison Ivy from a plant dominatrix to Jane Lane and it just works.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel kinda reminds me of Metroid Prime 2: Echos, if only in that the environment of the game is radically different from other entries. Not a bad thing, but enemies are more slippery and that makes me prefer shotguns and lasers now.


Belated(?) E3 predictions of 202X!

Is this late or is it too early? With the lack of an E3 this year, we're currently being drip-fed scattered live streams and announcements. Understandable in the face of 2020 being an utter hellscape. Still, it doesn't mean we can't look to...


Other games in its sphere probably spoiled me, but I got bored with Bioshock within an hour of starting it.


The DC cinematic universe becoming a multiverse is very on-brand.


The E3 202X thing is still in the works. Out sometime this week. I've been struggling with fatigue somewhat. Guess you could say with some old stress gone my mind is looking to fill the void with naps looter games to gradually achieve focus.


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