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After Thanksgiving brunch at IHOP (odd Thanksgiving family meal, but my stepmother came down with the flu and thus could not make a meal or attend), I awaited the spawn of Ixion in FFXIV and played Skyrim for several hours. I got my electric horse.


It's a shame the Dark Brotherhood doesn't keep bananas on them in the Switch version of Skyrim.


And now, my actual Bard Performance of "Recollection."


Ajit Pai should have his shoes stolen and every inch of his home covered with Legos. And fire ants. And wasps.


Just remembered my new FFXIV Samurai/Monk armor was very much pulled from FFT's female Samurai. I'm hoping that if FFT-themed stuff drops from Rabanastre, then FFXII judge gear drops from future Invalice raids. I mean, how could they not do that?


They let bards actually play harps in FFXIV. The unwashed went on to play "Song of Storms" or "Wonderwall." Being a more refined minstrel, I played "Recollection."


Today in FFXIV I fought Ixion for his horns and ran Rabanatre again and got Invalician Samurai pants. In Skyrim I was apparently at a rock concert. I also had cake and ice cream.


Finished Wolfenstein: The New Order. That just kinda ends, doesn’t it? Moving on to Old Blood next. Also have Skyrim on Switch now, about to get those shouts on.


I'm now currently at 31 "has no games" one the Nintendo Switch.


The ESRB is to gaming what the RIAA & MPAA are to music and film. They're ratings boards run by lobbyists and owned by lobbyists. The ESA is the ESRB. They're not going to stop lootboxes or entertain petitions. The ESA works in the interest of AAA.


Ran the Royal City of Rabanatre raid in FFXIV Sunday night. Went okay, I was clearly learning a few things, but I got a Invalician Samurai's Dogi. Fun time. And yes, they play FF Tactics music as you make your way under FFXII's Rabanatre.


Finished Mario Odyssey last night. Well, I have 201 moons and many more to go, but I loved the ending. Also watched Doctor Strange, which is probably the most sloppy Marvel movie yet.


Doom is really good on Switch, but I have to remember to keep it below earshot of the front office.


This is a very complicated and wrong image made by someone that wants to sell people video games.


Yesterday was nice to come home to, look at social media and the news and some change and real pushing back against the bullshit we've had to deal with this last year. Lots of work left to do but the fire is already pretty fierce.


Just got through chapter 8 of The New Order. It's nice to go through a knifey stealth level and then run around with an unlimited ammo mech at the end. This series still has that Rambo element down.


The New Order is a good time so far. Nazis are dead. Robot Nazis are dead. I broke your shit, Hitler, now these choppers are mine.


Got Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood as a twofer pack. I'll be shooting lots of "very fine people" in these two games.


Pictured: How Monster Hunter teaches you how to play Monster Hunter. It will give you menial tasks and you will either grasp the meaning behind them or get really really pissed off. It teaches you mechanics, but does not always tell you it is.


I am now a very belated backer for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


Sony should really stop Jim Ryan from speaking on their behalf. He says the dumbest shit since Don Mattrick.


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