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The Warrior of Light is no longer a homeless catgirl. The House of Niyahn has been built!


To make Bayonetta doable on breaks at work, katanas make her less naked.


Participating in fashion contests, playing minigames and Triple Triad finally netted me this glowing green katana. Trying to find a new look for warrior, but I can't help seeking out new stuff for Samurai and Red Mage.


We have dispatched additional catgirls to punch the spambots into submission.


I have nothing against accordions, but if you're going to replace the melodic quality of a flute with something else, you don't pick an accordion.


Better view of my Red Mage, though in the rain. Lately I've been back on Warrior smashing things with axes so I can afford stuff for the in-game housing I want.


I like that the Shadow of the Colossus remake is still hand-animated, though it lacks the surreal visual quality cel-shading gave it on PS2. The bosses seem easier than I remember. Maybe it's all that mounting and stabbing from Monster Hunter games.


Just as a Shirogane housing plot is within my grasp in FFXIV, Spectrum Internet decides this is the ideal time to shit the bed and die.


Wanted to try out Dandara while I was at work today but it's not unlocked on eShop yet. 😐


Took some doing but I caught up Red Mage to il340 so I can have a third job option for FFXIV's Savage/Extreme content. I threw together a new glamour outfit for the job. Shiny sword for coolness, biker shorts because I loathe creepy /tells from strangers.


Poked at Dissidia NT some over vacation. Only got to the first two branches in the story, but it already seems like Shantotto and Y'shtola are getting a fair bit of the spotlight. And no one will let Squall go it alone.


On vacation for the rest of this week. Tried to see if a laptop was in my budget, but I'm going to have to wait through March for that. I need something else to play FFXIV on so it stops hogging the PS4. Picked up the SNES Classic, though!


Beat Kefka. FFXIV's Sigmascape was fun and I walked away with items for shoe upgrades, which I didn't expect. Gonna start upgrading Samurai and Monk first.


So fun to actually go into FFXIV stuff blind for a change. Phantom Trains, pictomancy, ???, Kefka!


Turns out if you don't put your Hunter through all the lighting & makeup options they will not look as gorgeous when the game pushes out the low rez in-game version. This is why I went for black eyeshadow and a dark red bob haircut. Mine feels consistent.


My Hunter, Cyndel, and her Palico friend Dartanyan. Also pictured: Not Guildmarm.


The Handler isn't Guildmarm, Capcom. Guildmarm is nerdy, funny and sweet. The Handler is just like "Go do things so we can study them." You can put paid DLC Guildmarm costumes on Handler, but she's still not Guildmarm.


Cyndel has gotten older and she would like a nap.


Well, I pulled some stuff I clearly wasn't going to play on PS4 right now and got $80 in credit at Gamestop for it so I now have MHW and preordered Bayonetta 2+1, DKC:TF, FFXIV Royal Edition and SMT: Strange Journey Redux!


May have to wait til next week for MHW due to low funds, but then I'm not terribly excited to have my hunting shackled to a home console where it must compete with FFXIV, Dissidia and Overwatch for attention.


Reddit is teaching me that there is a place on the internet with a lower threshold for intelligence and pearl-clutching then Tumblr and Twitter combined.


As of Furi, I think I have more sweary Switch games than I do PS4 ones.


You would think with all the success PS4 has seen Sony could be bothered to improve access to the Playstation store,


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