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I'm glad I leveled up a Monk. Sometimes it's just more satisfying and cathartic to see your character punching the crap out of their enemies. I definitely needed that yesterday. I imagined the enemies had orange spray-on tans and toupees.


Got my full Aka Mhigan tank gear done along with a couple accessories from normal Omega Deltascape. Now to upgrade Monk. Also shortened the hair.


I have faced Exdeath, shrunken him down and made him my pet.


This weekend I fought a strange man in red on a big bridge and got some Ala Mhigan gear and weapons. And there were naps, lots of sweet, sweet naps.


The movie Player One is about a futuristic VR gaming dystopia where people can only imagine and play as Warner Bros. movie properties from the 1980s to 2016.


One of those moments my guild's name matched up perfectly with the punny musical reference to a quest. They did mean the Cake song, too, because it was quest about a Warrior guy smitten with this Warrior girl he couldn't really impress & wasn't into him.


I wish more people heeded the wisdom of this song at times. It shares the same sentiment as that Disney song, but with a drummer instead of an animated sorceress.


Behold the Warrior of Light, savior or Eorzea, liberator of Ala Mhigo and drinker of root beer! Finished the main story to Stormblood and got Warrior to 70 cap, now I can relax for a bit, do little things. Maybe start crafting.... nah.


I think Lois and Clark have been getting parenting and sarcasm lessons from Alfred Pennyworth.


Bummed could not get the steelcase version of FFXII HD, but then, how often do we actually seen a white cover with Amano's iconography on a western release? Not since FFXI and its expansions or FFXV steelcase.


Got level 70 Monk tonight and faced the Lakshmi primal in FFXIV. Now I gotta get Warrior caught up in just three levels, finish Stormblood and then I can ease off and level Samurai and Astrologian a bit more casually. And get back to my other games.


I always found it weird that people hate Vaan for not being the real character focus of FFXII, particularly when Matsuno pulls that "real, hidden truth behind the history" bit in almost every game he touches. Vaan told us not to believe Ondore, after all.


Took forever to make a set of monk gear that showed arms and legs, as they my weapons. When I punch the earth, I send rolling shockwaves.


I think the problem with a radio station that plays everything from the last 50 years is that following up Aretha Franklin with Nirvana is just a terrible idea. It doesn't flow.


"I haven't liked Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy %20" is still a hip thing to say, it seems. It also seems to arbitrarily start with VII and any entry after.


It is time to liberate Doma... after sleep, then 11 hours of work. Got Warrior and Monk to 67 so either one can do it. I also like to think I wore this look better than Snow Villiers, plus I'm in a better game :p


I think my only problem with the Castlevania anime is there isn't more of it yet.


Who knew Trevor Belmont had the same middle name as Garcia Hotspur?


Had a group in FFXIV where my healer lost it over a tank making a bad, but survivable pull in the Castrum level (the one you need to clear to unlock Red Mage and Samurai). I ended up tanking the boss as Monk as they argued bitterly >.>;

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Hit 60 Monk in FFXIV tonight. Threw on all my fancy 60 gear I saved up for, vanitied over most of it with Garo/Makai Manhandler gear and then went Super Saiyan on some catguy to save other catgirls from him.


When I was a kid, my sister got upset over all the attention I got for having a cyst in my brain and needing to go to the hospital for surgery. She wanted attention, too. She grew out of this phase, making her a better person than Notch.


Went out and got Cave Story+ for Switch and Ever Oasis for 3DS today. Nintendo has been on a roll with content of late. I also appreciate Nicalis making these Switch releases extra special. I got the Curly Brace keychain!


So the new map mode in BotW tracks all your steps and where you die for up to 200 hours of play. At over 115 hours in my original game, there are huge gaps in my map


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