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Almost done with Samus Returns. While I normally hate moments that take Samus' characterization out of the hands of the player mid-game, I can say there was this moment where she acted only how we would have felt anyway.


Can I at least have several months before the House and Senate try to kill my mother again?


Current Ninja status: Trying to blend in a the fashion sense of a rogue.


Apparently Stan Lee doesn't follow Marvel's comics due to his eyesight. He found out they made Cap a member of Hydra during a panel at Dragon Con today. I'm imagining heads rolled inside Marvel not long after.


Impressions of Samus Returns: I bash things with the arm canon a lot. These Amiibo are huge and amazing. Reversible Game Boy cover made me smile. Nice touch. No MP2:Echoes intro theme on CD is a little disappointing, as that is the best MP theme.


My impressions of Octopath Traveler so far: I want an FFVI remake done like this.


I *hack* feel *wheeze* so *spit* much *cough* better. So fun when recovery sucks more than coming down with sinus infections.


Currently 52 Ninja. Still need a dog that eats strangers.


Sinus infections are the worst. I seem rather susceptible to getting one when there's big shifts in season. I heart declare there should be no more seasons.


I am now 80% more ninja-like in appearance, the other 20% is held ransom for level 50. Now I need a dog that eats strangers. Also, I would have preferred real pants.


I'm now a level 50 Botanist. Was hoping to be a level 45 Ninja as well, but had to settle for 43 for now. Also watched the first episode of FFXIV: Dad of Light. The in-game scenes lie. Lalafells can't sit in your lap. They are potatoes. You eat them.


Glad I passed on Forma 8 on PSN and got it on Switch. Even though the Flash price would have been nice, the protagonist is fairly small and on Vita it would be extremely tiny


Glad I passed on Forma 8 on PSN and got it on Switch. Even though the Flash price would have been nice, the protagonist is fairly small and on Vita it would be extremely tiny


I am now a ninja. This is totally ninja clothing.


The temp I complained about 2 weeks ago? Oblivious to current events, she wore a t-shirt with a confederate flag on it 2x this week, then started started some shit w/ a Dominican coworker. She also didn't verify addresses... on packages going to Houston.


Okay, fine. I'm giving Mario + Rabbids a chance. Still, hey should have made a game where Samus makes Rabbids extinct, then kills Bubsy and Knack.


I would get Mario + Rabbids, but it has Rabbids in it.


It seems like Dissidia NT's biggest mistake was aiming for the MOBA crowd and moving away from its more Smash/Power Stone qualities. That and the ungodly bad UI.


Nintendo wants to destroy my funds. Given how cheap everything becomes in time for PS4 and Xbox One, I can't really be bothered to worry about fall releases there. Etrian Odyssey V, Mario Odyssey, Samus Returns, Fire Emblem Warriors, Pokken DX. Argh.


Blizzard doesn't want me to have Mercy's 2017 Summer Games skin, just all the others. I guess I will save these coins for Witch Mercy.


Inflating the price of crafted event quest items on the last day of an event is kind of mean, so I'm happy to sell my crafts at a far more reasonable price. I will continue to fill Eorzea with Moonfaire bathing suits. Buy value. Buy quality. Buy Niyahn.


My Corrin P2 Amiibo was supposed to arrive today,but Amazon decided it was set Labor Day instead, when FedEx isn't open. So the arrival date is now "whenever."


Last night in Overwatch, I noticed a trend of people quitting out the second the other team was ahead by one point. Why even play anything if that's the case? Farming lot boxes by hoping you get dropped into a leading team is pretty pathetic.


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