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In between Smash unlocks, there has been darkness. Got my level 60 Chaos artifact gear and now to 70 and more darkness and edginess begins!


After seeing the Sonic movie posters, Monster Hunter isn't looking so bad.


Vice president of my company says I should come to work. We're getting a 'wintery mix" atop all the snow, which makes for slushy dangeroud driving, so I'm inclined to use a paid floater day, stay home and play more Smash.


I like how Obsidian sort of just came out and said "We created Fallout and made the better ones" in The Outer Worlds trailer.


Faye Maelstrom and her loyal steed, Canada Dry, have come Valentine to do things.


Becoming the knight Eorzea deserves, but hoping to ditch this leopard print armor soon since it doesn't scream "darkness."


On your birthday you should treat yourself, so I now have the blade of a moth god.


Yes, I paid $30 for the SDS Fenrir mount. I also look awesome on it and it plays the song. Totally worth it


FromSoft's Dérciné is out now for PS4 at $30, which would be great if three absolutely unnecessary peripherals were not required to play it.


One of the annoying things about execs and management at my job is they will force a new process on the warehouse that murders productivity, retract it for a year, then try it all over again a year later, clearly having learned nothing.


Currently rotating God of War and Diablo III as I get back to the FFXIV grind. I finally settled on a new hairdo and glamour armor.


Got The Last of US and the Left Behind DLC done. Not sure I found the end all that great (because Joel will Joel), but I enjoyed it otherwise. I liked how the whole survival system was a series of trade-offs. Gave it the right amount of tension.

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I's late on this month's Bloggers Wanted. It will be up Thursday evening, but I will leave a hint for now.


Go do that vote thing today! Preferably for someone that is not supporting children in cages.


You'd think with all the emphasis on service subscriptions and season passes these things would talk to each other and patch in new content automatically. Rather than do a manual search on PSN, but then, Dissidia NT is "DFFNT."


I've been thinking of a treat to give you. Shall I give you despair? Happy Halloween!


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