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Stage 3 of my Eureka Weapon is nearly complete (I'm just picky about the stats I want to apply to it and that is all RNG). I also got a pretty new haircut.


Finished Gris. Simply amazing from start to finish. It missed the cut for game awards in 2018. If people forget it in 2019, that will be a damn shame.


I don't blame anyone for getting teary-eyed over Link's Awakening getting a remake. Killing Island was one of the most robust and intimate places you could explore on Game Boy and one of the most emotive Zelda games. Always liked it more than LttP.


Is anyone here going to be affected by the NA data center changes in FFXIV? I'm kinda curious because most who play here seem to be on Aether. If that changes heavily we could finally kind of pick an unofficial Dtoid spot come April.


Merged my Fortnite accounts so it will be a couple weeks and I can play on PS4 again. In the meantime, Apex Legends seems pretty fun so far. I like the Ping system but wish Squads were not forced and that it had a solo BR mode.


Just found out Hori makes fairly decent L joycons with an actual D-pad on them. I needed a replacement and it's a nice cheaper replacement ($25), just know it comes at the expense of HD rumble and it comes in Mario and Zelda flavors.


FFXV event coming to FFXIV in April. Regalia mount!


Were it not for the hub town, I might like Anthem. The characters are fine but how can you give me a Iron Man suit then expect me to walk around slowly?


Yoko Taro is helping with the next set of 24-player raids in FFXIV "YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse." I don't quite know how to process this madness.


Solid Snake remembers events in PS1, but Sora and his friends remember in PS2, PSP and 3DS game remasters. Snake just keeps it real.


Okay, so with decades of 2D and 3D platformers out there now, KH3 decides to ignore all of them and even its own perfectly fine platforming mechanics to implement time-limited, QTE-based pixel-hunting in a 360 degree 3D space during FREEFALL to platform.


You can tell they cut corners on Olympus in KH3 because it's built on what's left of James Woods career.


Anyone know what to do when you can't get Chrome to boot up on Windows 10? Tried reinstalling and... nothing.


What is the point of asking me where Carmen Sandiego is if the new show shows me where she is all the time? Isn't her whole gig stealing shit to teach children geography and sell encyclopedias? Next they're going to always show me where Waldo is.


This post may contain explicit violence and Gorn.


I got my Quaintrelle's hat. I also now know Ifrit's Eruption skill. The RNG on learning primal skills is kinda ridiculous.


I've made it known I didn't really like the Blue Mage armor much, but I think this updated look is a little Zatanna, a little Velvet Room and a little JoJo. There actually a more JoJo-ish hat to be hat, but I can't afford it right now.


Capped out Blue Mage this weekend. I managed to grab over 30 of the spells so far and those found in the level 50 content are a little more difficult to learn, but it's working as intended and getting people like me to unlock or finish older content.


He-Man and his friends want you to be good, awesome people. And anger people who throw away razors in response to commercials, I guess.


1000 Needles? Together we have 2000. Pay up all the gil you owe now and I won't call my friends to make it 10,000 Needles. You don't want to become a pincushion, do you? DO YOU!?


Because I wasn't a fan of the dorky Blue Mage armor, I planned out my look last night on Red Mage before the job released this morning, I just like the FFXI/FFTA Blue Mage look better than the FFV one. Shame we get a cane and not a scimitar, though.


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