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Petitioning Enthusiast Gaming to make me the loving, merciful viceroy of Destructoid.


Whoever writes the English item descriptions, quest and achievement titles at Square Enix, you are a treasure.



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Garou: Mark of the Wolves set me on collecting SNK fighters for Switch and picking up both Ultra Street Fighters. Now Ryu and Ken have joined my KISS tribute cover band. That's a pretty Tekken ending now that I think about it.


I was actually expecting Nintendo to go remaster/DX crazy, but it looks like they're just plotting them out slowly on the calender as needed. I'm okay with this.


Citing the length of time since more information for a thing just announced at E3 this week is not a strong point. There are tons of games to sift through, even a favorite series can get lost in the mix when Metroid or Final Fantasy things are happening.


Got Metroid Samus Returns CE, the Metroid Amiibo and best girl Urbosa. Dragon Jesus was already tapped out and I don't care about Chrom.


Every time I watch Puyo Tetris replays, I'm noticing that my strategies are very good, it's just my brain doesn't operate at maximum warp. Barry Allen would have trouble keeping up with some of these players.


I think someone at Nintendo sat down with Sakamoto and Mercury Steam and wrote on the design concepts in big red letters: "Keep cinematic/emotional/waifu bullshit out of Metroid." Seeing it in action gives me hope, though there still are concerns to have.


Nintendo spoke of plans for two kinds of Metroid as far back as E3 2014 and nobody listened to them then, so no, neither game shown today is in response to the whining over Federation Force.


It had just occurred to me in making a comment that Monster Hunter World had a subdued fade-in for its title, not one with flames, sparks and molten explosions. So I'm now really suspicious of it. Also, no cat people or hardy, jovial village people.


Monster Hunter and Naughty Dog stuff from Sony looked cool enough, but otherwise "here's stuff you mostly know about... and stuff you already have, now with VR, but you don't care about that/Pro so no 60 FPS optimization for you." was their conference.


Got most of this week off from work, starting tomorrow. Basically, just in time to deal whatever shitfit people toss over Nintendo tomorrow. Until then, thinking of my happy place. Martian Manhunter has the right idea.


Heavensward all done now, even the endings after the endings. I've even got equipment ready waiting for the Samurai job. Don't really have an interest in Red Mage yet. FFXI version was pretty dull. Even their "awesome solo" was a snorefest.


I know I'm mostly preaching to the choir back here, but don't hesitate to flag comments from fragile, belligerent assholes. E3 never ceases to remind me that raging against the *idea* of Female Link or even Linklw is a very weird and sad hill to die on.


People who leave coffee pots full but turn the heating pads off at work deserve a special place in hell.


Behold the Kinna Axe, one of the better weapons you can get in FFXIV without flushing months of your life down the toilet. Things are now ever more squishy to me.


Okay. Who the fuck asked for a new Bubsy game? The SNES/Genesis game almost ruined my childhood. The 3D one threatened the joy of my college years, now he's back to destroy fun for all ages. Save us, Mario and Sonic. Save us!


This morning I learned that when you log out inside your room in FFXIV, you're booted out of the house entirely when you log back in. I'm glad this doesn't happen to me when I go to bed and later wake up.

FP: 8===D

Bloggers Wanted: Changes

These days, the game you buy at launch may not be the game you have months or years after release. For multiplayer titles, this is almost to be expected, even before the internet was something everyone had access to, you had fighting games ...   read


Since I couldn't get that post done last night and little time to make it before work today, I think I'll see about rounding up post-conference E3 report cards instead. Also, here is a happy catgirl warrior in her newly-furnished room.


I'm going to try something different with my E3 tarot readings this year. It's gonna be tight due to my schedule, but I'll make an AMA style post later and you can post your wishes there, then I'll respond to as many as I can between tonight and Thursday.


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