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I seldom concern myself with Polygon, but saying crunch is good is unconscionable.


Watched Moana this morning. Lovely movie from start to finish.


I may be in lust with the leader of the Mining guild. What are you looking at?


I've been crafting/gatherering pretty much the whole of the last week in FFXIV. I had to make Botany sexy.


Apparently Amazon is killing American jobs by giving Americans jobs, so I killed a job and gave a job to someone to ship me a Corrin P2 Amiibo.


This feels like something a Hanzo fans would wear. Also, in Eorzea catgirls wear dogs.


Breaking news: Sloth condemns Neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists faster than a rancid sweet potato wearing a blonde wig.


It's 2017 and Noel and Liam Gallagher *still* insult musicians far more talented than they are? Can't they just go back to wallowing in obscurity?


I offer to help a coworker pick up his car during lunch break. A temp asks if I can drive her to my lunch spot. I say okay. Oh, and she has no money today, so I'm buying her lunch, too. Coworker gets ride with someone. I'm stuck with the freeloader.


I think I need a Switch-sized PS Vita. Starting to feel spoiled by all the retro games Switch is already bathing in. Sonic Mania only furthers the case. I need Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on this thing.


I have farmed many virtual potatoes, made olive oil and table salt, bought cheap fish and all to compete with other players in producing quest items other players will use toward bathing suits. Made 400k in total gil soon after getting my new footwear!


If we're going to have another Nintendo game that follows a calendar, I think KK Slider should show up in Splatoon on Sundays.


Dipping that Oats and Honey granola bar in applesauce was a good choice. So was picking up crafting in FFXIV. Sometimes you need to take a break from action and interact with a game's world in a new way. And to profit from quest items like battered fish.


Last night, the ladies from my linkshell decided the world needed a super sentai bikini squad. We also demanded Ultros face us in combat but he shuffled away.


One thing I learned from Lucioball tonight is Americans still don't know soccer. Also, got my Mercy 2016 Summer games skin tonight!


Kinda sad when people don't learn how to move on.


I'm trying to stay optimistic and saying we're only looking at another Cold War. It's also kinda sad that it's probably China that will be the adult in the room and put the current situation on ice.


Moonlit Faire in FFXIV and Summer Games in Overwatch on the same day. Glad I got my bathing suit in FFXIV. Okay, it's like the fourth one, really, I've already glammed part of it into my Culinarian ensemble. Yes, it would be better to wear an apron.


Getting closer to getting much of the True Griffin set done for Monk. Sadly, server maintenance hits just after work, so I can't go make the gil to get more tonight. So I will play Splatoon 2 and paint the town whatever color I have at the time.


Bungie apparently wants Destiny players to develop a sleep disorder.


Roxas, Axel and Xion are sociopaths and they seem more like genuine friends than Sora, Riku and Kairi.


My earlier QP was an excerpt from a looped recording that played in the distant background of a level with this song playing through the level. Just plain mad ramblings that gave it an appropriate level of creepiness. It's my favorite Gunvalkyrie track.


The tender swine and porcupine have gone their separate ways and neither one has spoken for a thousand years and days.


Because its Catgirl Friday and I still like my Monk Artifact 3 gear even though I'm working on a 320 set. And it's a decent relaxing shot.


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