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Can't sleep when I'm excited for something, which is the FFXIV update this week, yet can't stay awake when I want to play it. Body and brain only seem to cooperate at work right now. It's weird how I get frazzled after finishing games.


I suppose in the FFXIV 5.4 update a corpse should be left well alone. I might finally be able to have something that approaches a Lady Marie of the Astral Clock Tower glamour.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is my first Yakuza game and I'm pretty happy with it. It's also pretty cool how it goes from goofy moments to serious crime drama to making a good effort to explain how people become marginalized and why they must be protected.


Persona fans claiming Neo TWEWY is a rip-off are gonna lose their minds when they hear about Shin Megami Tensei.


Miles Morales done. Lovely game and a great follow-up to the previous game. I actually think Miles Morales is more fun to play than Peter Parker,so I hope they find a good balance for the next Spider-Man game.


I have once again leveled up. But due to the pandemic I'm not having a birthday dinner with family and asked them to send a pizza. It worked! I also decided I stopped aging 12 years ago.


Ghostrunner in Switch is doable in the sense Doom was. It retains the worst trait of games in the lat three generations - tiny-ass fonts.


Funny thing about PS5 is the only reason I'd want it is for faster load times in FFXIV.


Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin seems cool so far, but it appears the voice over audio was compressed on Switch while other audio isn't. Sounds fine for portable play, but sticks out when you dock it and play on TV.


So, I've made some fair headway into Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster. Its a good remaster, but does little else but add an Easy Mode. My only complaint would be that demon skill inheritance remains as RNG as it did in the original versions.


Game 1 of 20 til PS5 done. Volume was a wonderful experience. Not many games out there pay homage to MGS VR Missions, but Volume does a great job of it while telling an interesting Robin Hood-meets-cyberpunk VR story. Guest starting Jim Sterling!


I hope the $69.99 price point on PS5 and XBsX proves very unpopular. I mean, if I can just get the PS4 or XB1 version of the game and get the upgrades anyway, I'm just gonna do that when I get a PS5. PS4 Miles Morales is $20 less.


Dunno how far I'll get in the import of Nocturne HD without English but demon negotiation is the same either way.


Dunno why I didn't look it up first, but I imported SMT III Nocturne not realizing it wouldn't have English subtitles. Oh well, guess its just for collecting, then.


Blood of Zeus is okay, but its no Castlevania. I do like that they show storyboard stuff and art concepts during the credits, though. Hades is more interesting.


Decided I should really focus on finishing at least 20 PS4 games before I can get a PS5. Double dipped games and remasters don't count unless I never played the original. Miles Morales and Cyberpunk can count toward the total. Short games can count.


Looks like Atlus is going to have the same approach to social media sharing with the SMTIII Nocturne remaster as Persona 5. This is of course without checking the internet for several years.


I've survived a couple rounds with Red Chocobos, but future updates will probably have them to more evil things.


Watched Bill and Ted Face the Music today. For an unexpected and unasked trilogy closer, its one of the better ones I've seen.


I did the vote last week. It was that or the salon. People were crying six months ago they hadn't been to the salon in *weeks.* I dont want to be that close to people so maybe I'll go for Shanoa length. It will take about six or seven years.


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