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Apparently I declared war on Mr. Potato Head and I was not informed. Twitch thinks I spell woman as "womxn" but Twitch never asked me. I don't even remember Lola Bunny, but I have been accused of cancelling her boobs. I'm always the last to know.


I don't really like Yuffie much. The DLC I wanted for FFVIIR was an awkward, young adult Sephiroth going to Wall Market and the folks there taking him under their wings to to mold him into the unflappable dom daddy he became for Cloud.


Maybe this chocobo is nothing. Maybe it's everything. Warkness.


EA Play is concerned I turned off Auto Renew. So concerned it reminds my PS4 every three minutes and my notifications will be disabled until the the expiration of the subscription expires. Checked it out. Nothing there I want to play.


I'm no fool. I like my materia where it is, thank you very much.


Feeling a bit better. Bruised bones will be an annoyance for weeks most likely but I can walk fine at least. Healing will come.


February just seems to want to beat me up. Been mildly accident prone this month. Bruised shins, packing material in my eye, cardboard cutting me, etc. Had some kind of fatigue attack last week, too. Staying in and treating myself today. Send fairies.


Maxed out all combat jobs to 80 in FFXIV, got the Amaro mount for the achievement. An Amaro is like a green humpbacked chocobo. While on the mount, "On Our Fates Alight" plays, which sounds like something out of FFX-2.


Recent stuff that came in. Return to the Obra Dinn coming soon, too!


Much to the dismay of Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will see abolishment of belts from player inventories.


This is pathetic. A thousand people gathered here today to worship a rat.


I think I'm a chronic double/triple dipper now because I've gone most of my adult life w/ jobs that lay off people on a whim and had to sell my games to stay afloat. Fear of losing stuff. I have 3 copies of VA-11 Hall-A, which I only just got around to.


Sure, everyone likes the giant lady. But it's really just a bunch of short people looking at me silently, sometimes whispering "mommy" and slowly orbiting my waistline. Sometimes they speak and I refuse to step on them.


Finally getting around to watching Harley Quinn in full on HBO Max rather that hacked up YT clips and it's really good over all. Helped me laugh a lot in these crazy weeks.


Cocaine Mitch sounds like it has the potential for an Occams band name.


I know Sterling said it today, but I have been thinking for a while how all these dystopian/apocalyptic games will have to work harder to compete with reality. I'll still allow Deus Ex, Resident Evil, Doom and SMT, it's just they look preferable to today.


My fangamer t-shirts have been stuck in Arizona for the last 3 weeks. Finally arrived yesterday. Snake: "Kept you waiting, huh?"


I now have 35 tabletop gaming dice. Got glow-in-the-dark ones to make sure I don't lose them all too quickly. It's also the strategy I took on to not lose guitar picks.


YouTube discovered you could ban bigots, conspiracy theorists and seditionists as well as remove their content today. I've known this since I moderated FFXI sites.


Gonna focus on getting Hyrule Warriors and the first Ori game done first, but I've begun inching toward my resolution to familiarize myself with DnD and CC2020 TTRPGs. Got my 5e books today, but man is character creation in BG1 decrepit by contrast.


Finished Wonder Woman 1984. It was... okay. Just okay. Not Dawn of Justice bad but just kinda eh overall. I'm not mad, but not wowed. Gadot got carried hard by Wiig and Pascal. They were the MVPs.


If there is an ache inside for something Cyberpunk that functions, Humble Bundle has the old 2020 TTRPG books and novels up for grabs.


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