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My senator just sent me his pitch chock full of politically correct words for "internment camp." I told him to go fuck himself and that his resignation would be the real improvement


I hate those insight sucking bastards in Bloodborne.


Today I learned that Ann Coulter is sometimes called by her actual name, which is Skeletor.


Looks like Rathalos is appearing in FFXIV at the game's current level 70 cap as post-game content and Behemoth is also post-story in MHW. Neither were stated to be in the games for a limited time, though.


Started the new Octopath demo with H'aanit, the Huntress! Can't wait for the full release!


Left work early yesterday because I developed a cold. I got that good Nyquil/Dayquil stuff so hopefully I'll have this beat before going back to work Monday. Also, Hollow Knight is the Dark Souls of cute.


Today at work, our VP fired one of our most productive workers for glancing at his phone. Oddly, same worker consistently failed to observe safety protocols for operating forklifts but that was okay. Safety = meh. Phone = fired. Hello priorities.


George Lucas recently talked about the ideas he had for his version of Star Wars 7-9 and it was more or less the themes we're exploring now (maybe this "chosen one" hero worship stuff is a bad thing), but with more midichlorian-level nonsense driving it.


Daemon X Machina looks neat, but are there gods from these machines and did Adam Jensen ask for this?


Tested out Fortnite Switch. Framerate isn't quite tuned to where it needs to be, but this version is early and it is pretty stable otherwise. Epic is good at tuning this stuff, so it's bound to improve.


Can't use my Epic account on Switch because it's linked to my PSN. Sony just lost E3.


The most important thing about Snake being back in Smash is codec conversations!


Lesbian heroines, samurai games, more single player shooters, a fairy From Software game, My Friend Pedro and Nintendo still has their Direct left! Pretty happy with E3 so far!


Net Neutrality is hitting a critical point. As exciting as E3 is, be sure to go bother your local representatives about it again.


E3 is coming fast, so I have stocked up on the right gifs.


Find the code, redeem at Enjoy green space cow milk.


I have another code to give away tonight. This one will be for a movie featuring space samurai.


I was told to be at work at 9am today. I had to be at the podiatrist's office at 9am and he takes his sweet time so I'm going to be fashionably late today.


Okay late with this, but an NA Switch code for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon can be found in the image below. I didn't need it since I got impatient and bought it anyway. Edit: Claimed. Game over.


I have redeem codes for games and movies I don't need. Photo uploads in my phone are borked, though, so watch for them late in the evenings.


Didn't do much gaming outside of daily/weekly FFXIV stuff, trying out some early parts of Nier and then messing with ReShade, very happy that FFXIV finally pops visually on my laptop screen, though. I'll put more screens inside.


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