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The new Switch video capture feature is quite limited, but it's a start, I suppose. The editing tool, on the other hand, is way more accessible than PS4's.


Samurai Level 70 in the bag and since it shares Monk's gear it's already built up nicely and loaded up with materia. This also means I can clear out some gear for both jobs I no longer need. Now it's Ninja's turn!


With so many people in Cloud costumes running around,I thought I'd toss together a glamour to offset that trend.


A coworker is on probation with HR because he loves to horse around. He recently obstructed people from clocking back in for laughs, so I talked with the supervisor, who talked to him. The the guy cries about it to me & takes 2 days off. The rest of us:


Opened the Switch eShop and was a bit overwhelmed. I can only handle so much awesomeness.


I just knew this screenshot would work out well in Prisma.


I hate a 10+ hour shift followed by another 10+ hour shift. With the aftermath of all the hurricanes and floodings, I suppose it can't be helped that all these medical supplies are needed, but the lack of care from my co-workers is becoming grating.


The other week, I became a level 60 Ninja and this weekend I followed that up with a level 60 Samurai. Not much Destiny 2 today, but I did restore the base on Titan. And I bought Thumper on Switch.


Am I the only one that finds the FIFA 18 cover weird and scary. It's like the real guy is the uncanny valley version of himself, letting out a hollow shriek that could only be made by the undead skeleton within him yearning to be free.


Well, I guess I have Destiny 2 now. My "bonus" from work was pretty meager for what would be annual profit-sharing. But now I have this, Mario Bros. And a steelbook copy of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered.


Turns out the Nintendo arcade games on Switch are being handled by Hamster Corporation. Same folks that make the SNK arcade ports, so it has similar bells and whistles. It's also why Mario Bros. Is $7.99. Garou and Metal Slug 3 are also that much.


Today in Niyahn News, I upgraded level 60 Ninja stuff and became the savior of Tonberries. They are now free of rancor, begrudge no one and the only gay NPC couple I know of in Eorzea could not be more relieved.


I have this theory that if you do have a "thicker skin" then you probably don't need to post over a dozen replies to a thread to get that idea across.


First episode of Star Trek Discovery felt like DS9 era Trek with a way bigger budget. Unapologetically political. Ethically shady choices with good intentions. Bickering crewmen. Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is going to be a facinating lead.


If there is one thing nice I can say about spambots, it's that they have really helped Google translate Indonesian into English extremely well.


I have my annual bonus (finally) coming this week and my head is spinning. I'm thinking a FFXIV/Overwatch-worthy laptop. A replacement Vita. Storage. Cute boots and cardigans. Or save money. Saving is also good.


Almost done with Samus Returns. While I normally hate moments that take Samus' characterization out of the hands of the player mid-game, I can say there was this moment where she acted only how we would have felt anyway.


Can I at least have several months before the House and Senate try to kill my mother again?


Current Ninja status: Trying to blend in a the fashion sense of a rogue.


Apparently Stan Lee doesn't follow Marvel's comics due to his eyesight. He found out they made Cap a member of Hydra during a panel at Dragon Con today. I'm imagining heads rolled inside Marvel not long after.


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